Catalina Express

I took some time off from work and the rest of the world. For someone who has lots of things on their plate, the word “break” does not exist. I’d like to think that I deserve it, but I am my worst critic and always find myself unworthy. But after long hours of work, practically immersing myself through piles of paper works and financial files – my state of mind gave in and found my body, fatigued. My boss had to intervene and decided that a vacation is a requisite. He didn’t listen to my “buts” and “ifs.”

The first day was weird; I woke up same time as always. Took my bathrobe and headed for the shower. But halfway bathing, I realized that I don’t have to be at work. That I can stay in bed the rest of the day and not do anything productive. Funny how my life has turned into a routine, everything runs on a schedule and eight hours of labor is not enough.

But since Thursday morning was warm and inviting. I decided to walk at the park, two blocks away from my house. Had my daily dose of caffeine and fluoxetine, holiday has started! The park was green and natural; it felt intimate under broad daylight. A few people walking with their dogs, seniors doing tai chi, hot guys doing their jogs and children being there silly self at the playground. In my head, it says ” I can get use to this.” Later that day, I grabbed my bags and flew down south to Catalina Islands.

The island was not even close to my so-called paradise. But since this was all unplanned and expenses a bit tight, Catalina Islands was not a bad idea at all. I can just paint the sands white and imagine more coconut trees along the coast. It was a retreat, like I was traveling to Monaco. Seriously, that is what it feels like. An imaginary European get-away for the nomadic vagabond! With very short notice to make reservations, I was lucky to get into the Pavilion Lodge. I was surprised of the view from the room, only a couple meters away from the water with a fancy scene of the casino and the harbor. Of course, I didn’t waste time and I explored the island. I rented a golf cart, grabbed my bag and delved into the narrow alleys. I also signed up for the inland motor tour and discovered the countryside of the island. I felt like singing “Home on the Range” while I gaze the islands natural wonder.

The next day I decided to be slothful. Savor the free continental breakfast, grab a book and basked under the sun by Descanso Beach. Later in the day, I met a couple and had lunch with them. Believe it or not, our conversation started out of curiosity over the book I was reading. They’re very nice people from the East Coast and happen to be on their first year anniversary trip. My day ended with dinner at Catalina Country Club and there I met some Japanese tourist (turned friends) from the inland motor tour. Had a couple drinks with them, sparked by exchange of stories about trips in America and Europe. It was a lovely evening, met some new friends (they personally gave me an invitation to visit Japan), the seafood was scrumptious, the sunset was perfect; it was marvelous experience.

I couldn’t believe that my two-day holiday was over, I bid farewell to the Islands to catch an early flight back to San Francisco. By 11 AM, I was back to the suburbs where I live. It was a brief recess from my assiduous lifestyle, but it was by all means — a delightful experience.


April Fool

( Written last March 26, 2007, from my Friendster blog ) 

I know it’s still March, but I may not have a chance to post additional “blogs” this coming April. I expect for it to be a busy month with the year end tax filing due this April 15th, travel from north to south and back, work load that I’m dying to get over and home projects that I’ve been putting last on the list of my priorities. I need to stop procrastinating and get things accomplished.


APRIL FOOL “True Vegas” FASHION. My mother has been bugging me for the longest time to take a break and go on a trip with her to Las Vegas. So after going through my schedule, I am able to take a Friday off and drive her down south. We’d probably be meeting friends and family while we trek down LAX. I do not look forward to gambling, but I’m crossing my fingers that we’d be able to reserve tickets to watch Cirque du Soleil (either KA, Mystere or Zumanity). What if I just watch Chippendales or Thunder from Down Under? (LOL)


A FOOL FOR CATS. There’s been a decline in the number of cat shows in the region (add the dirty game of politics, no wonder!). Most of the Northwest shows are held up in Washington and Oregon area, unfortunately I do not have 10-14 hours (one way) to spare just driving in the middle of country road (no pun intended to WA and OR residents). I’ve decided drive down south is best (more politics as expected), it’s practical and time-saving (6-7 hours drive is better than 10-14, right?). Still undecided if I am going to the cat show in Pleasanton, we’ll see. Then April 13, I’ll be showing Cuddle Bug (Devon Rex) in Costa Mesa and picking up our future stud; Dave Koz (hoping and praying that he’ll sire lovely kittens for our cattery). The 21st, I’ll be flying to Salt Lake City (if weather permits), UT and the 28th drive down again to Yucca Valley. Very busy week ends!


A FOOL PLEDGED ACCOUNTANT. With the deadline for tax filing coming this April 15th, means that I need to work double time on getting our records and reporting done. I’ve been begging our director that we file for an extension, but (darn him) he wanted things done on schedule; so we can get our budget allocation for this quarter. I hope this means a salary raise for me (wish, wish wish). Nice try, but I don’t think this is going to happen anytime soon!


FOOL UNDER THE LOVERS MOON. You heard it from me, Sardonic Nell is dating again. As disparate (not desperate) as this may sound; but I met him online and then again through gay advocacy meetings. Sounds “meant to be?” — naaah, I don’t think so. We’re still getting to know each other, he seems bubbly and extroverted. The kind of person I want for now (just being real, Ok?). My family hasn’t met him yet (which is driving them crazy), but they seem happy for me.

FOOL OF CRAP. I need to rearrange things inside the house, specially the garage that looks more like a storage unit rather than a cattery (room for my beloved cats). I’m making time for it this April and I hope to get things organize in time. I’d like the cats to have ample space to play and explore. Then there’s the front yard that really needs some work done. We’ve decided to do the landscaping ourselves (the price quotation presented by the landscape contractor was totally out of reach). We would need some rolls of grass; couple potted plants, decorative stones, solar lights for the walkway and bricks for borders — voila! Actually it’s really a lot of work plus I’ll be getting my “pedicured” hands dirty, but I’m sure it will be a huge relief when it’s done. I feel like am a walking DIY person!


APRIL’S FOOL OF SURPRISE. I’m not pertaining to the month, but my sister (she’s named after the month). She finally had the courage to tell my parents that she’s pregnant for the second time (more like the n-th time). To my surprise, both my mom and dad took the news well. They seemed relaxed when they heard my sister’s revelation. I’m praying for a baby girl this time and name her LEILAH. Do I sound like an excited uncle or what? And it’s my sisters’ birthday too, April 15th. Looking forward to a Sushi Feast; either Todai or Ray’s Sushi Bar, my sisters treat (of course).

SOUL-FOOL. Mister X surprised me with tickets for John Legends concert this coming April 7th at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley. Corrine Bailey Rae would be performing as well. Can’t wait…

Week End Indulgence


( Written last March 23, 2007; from my Friendster blog ) 

I’ve hated the city for the past couple years, probably because of the traffic, one way streets, expensive parking fees ($4 per hour, its insane!) and not to mention — the steep roads like Lombard Street that makes my car engine go wild (Thank God! I am driving an automatic car). I live in suburbia and love the comfort and serenity. It wasn’t until a couple months ago that I had a glimpse of the city again, since I’ve been driving my mother to work in San Francisco. These short glimpses of the city are giving me the boost to start living and spare some time just for myself. I look forward to every other Saturdays, I get to exhale after a long and hectic work day. There’s a huge difference about the city on the week ends, everything seems to slow down. I can walk or drive, without worrying about drivers honking there horns or people bumping into each other. I can leave the power suit behind and wear comfortable sweat pants, oversized cotton shirts and walking shoes.


I like walking around the Marina Yacht Club, looking towards Alcatraz Island and then cross the Golden Gate Bridge and back. Lunch in Sausalito, shopping along Moscone Center and  Market Street, an hour at the Flower Market to smell nature’s bounty (love the scent of fresh flowers), coffee at Peet’s and then I drive up to either Twin Peaks or Golden Gate Highlands to enjoy the sight. Book hunting at Black Oak Bookshop and City Lights; then grab some fresh produce at the local farmers market near Pier 39. And if I’m not exhausted from all these activities, I’d drive by the Fior d’ Italia and enjoy a sumptuous Insalata di Calamari and Osso Buco, less the glass of wine. Last stop would be Ghirardelli Square to buy some chocolates for my nephew and then drive back to suburbia. It sounds like a lot of activity for one day, but I lose track of time when I’m in my “week end” mode.


Going out in company of others is favorable. But it’s not a vile idea either to wander alone. As a matter of fact, I like it better traveling on my own; less worries, distraction and no excess baggage. I am all that matters, my time, my choice and my life. For a change, I only think of myself and nothing else! A bit selfish I suppose, but it feels good inside.

Coming out of the Closet


 ( Written last March 19, 2007 from my original Friendster blog )

I’ve been asked quite a few times how I came out of the closet.  I was like, what closet? Seriously, there’s no date, time, place or a special event. You see, I was very open about my sexual orientation since day one. Consider me one of the “obvious” type, the one with effeminate mannerisms; I was the “abnormal” among the so called “normal.”  I can relate myself more to girls than with boys; from preference with toys, books, activities and even my opinions were different.  However, I was not amused by women’s clothing; I was happy dressed like an ordinary guy. My demeanor was enough to showcase my “queerness,” there was no need to turn myself into a drag queen.  It was my choice to dress like the rest.

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Open Book

 ( Written last March 16, 2007 from my original Friendster blog )

My life has always been an open book. Ask me a question and I’ll give you an answer. I think life is easier that way. Some people may consider this vulgarity  indecency, but that’s a personal opinion. Keeping things inside would only cause distress, then a problem, then depression and the worse — panic attacks or maybe even land in a psychiatric ward. Having gone through all these (not including the psychiatric ward =), taught me a valuable lesson; a much better way to live. We should let our emotions show, say or do the things we feel. Shout to the world, unleash our undertainties and live a stress free life!