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Summer Memories

I remember summer days in the province,

When I would stroll along the sandy beach,

And watch the dancing sun as it rises,

With an ice candy in one hand and the other.

What fond memories,

Happy thoughts of my precious childhood…

Mango and Monggo Ice Candy

Longing For…

I do not know why I’ve been having food cravings lately. I know I’m fat, but I ain’t pregnant. Hahaha! And guess what I’ve been longing for? One extremely sour, Sinigang na Baboy with a side of jalapeno peppers drenched in yummy-stinky fish sauce. Ayayay, heaven on a plate! Oh golly, good luck to high blood pressure…

Sour Pork Stew Close Up

 Happy Week End Everyone!

On A Happier Note

Everything that happens to you is your teacher. The secret is to learn to sit at the feet of your own life and be taught by it. 

I was able to take a day off yesterday, it’s some sort of bonus for doing an across the state audit on a week end. Miss Elle suggested that I take Wednesday and Thursday off, but that was far too generous. Since I needed to present my report by Friday. So I agreed on a Wednesday off, and she said it was fine.

Wednesday off was perfect, as I had an interview in the city at 1:00 pm. And it’s not work related, but an appointment with a citizenship officer. Half hour after my said interview, I was done and started walking back towards Market Street. I have a lunch date with mother at this resto they called, Mixt Greens. It was simple, yet the concept and the place itself was fabulous. It was a healthier alternative for what would normally be fast food lunch. I absolutely enjoyed my Maui Salad, with coriander crusted seared Ahi Tuna. Now, isn’t that delish?

After a good hour of lunch, we then took a bus to Fillmore Street. Mom wanted to check this shop they called Nest, that sells all this wonderful home decors. In twenty minutes, mother had managed to swipe her credit card. She bought this beautiful quilt and some throws that should blend well in the living room. I, on the other hand had managed to keep my purchase at bare minimum that it didn’t even require me to swipe my card. I just bought a pair of hemp slippers and this turquoise beaded choker. I am such a sucker for comfy slippers and colorful accesories!

Another hour of walking and shopping, I finally told Mom that my legs are tired. She asked if I wanted to call it a day, but I had some other things in mind. I begged her to take me to Boudin Bakery, and she sure did. I was not about to leave San Francisco without having Clam Chowder inside a Sourdough Bread Bowl. And it was absolutely tasty! I finished the whole serving and even bought four more for dearest Nicho and my siblings. After that, Mom suggested that we head for the Seafood Market at Pier 39. She bought ten (10) enormous cooked crabs to go, for dinner. Now, can someone please hand me my high blood pressure pills!

It was one awesome day, that I got to spend with my beloved mother. These past couple days been truly tough for all of us, and we needed a good recess. It was a nice day to be out, and somehow we’re able to leave our sorrows behind. And what’s most important, is that we both made each other smile even for just a day.


Saturday Craving

I did not expect to be up by 8 AM, but I was. I just had this sudden craving for donuts, the Krispy Kreme glazed ones. So I cleaned up a bit, put my sweaters on and drove to the nearby donut shop. I then grab a bold cup of coffee and ate some while in the car. Like I said before, patience has never been my virtue. Hahahah!

Love Those Glazed Donuts

Cheers To Cozy Saturdays…

Yesterday, I had the chance to snuggle in bed way pass 9 o’clock. It was raining outside and the winds blowing like crazy, so I decided to sleep a little longer. Then I heard a knock at about 10 AM, guess who? It was my Dad all geared up and ready to explore the downtown farmers market. I thought the weather would discourage him from going, but guess not. So I cleaned myself up and put some warm clothes on (fresh out of the dryer).  Surprisingly the farmers market is holding up there stalls besides the strong winds. With twenty bucks in my pocket, we started our shopping. We got ourselves some sweet tangerines, fresh honey, organic brown eggs, whole wheat breads, drop dead sweet berries (to my surprise) and a some veggies for lunch. We got all that and I still have my twenty bucks, untouched and nicely folded. Hahahaha! Dad offered to pay for all my purchases, so why not right?

And when we got home, Dad started his thing in the kitchen. He offered to cook us lunch, so we’re in for a treat. He’s making us some Grilled Porterhouse Steak with Buttered Veggies. Just the sound of it is enough to make me salivate. If there’s one thing Dad know best, that would be satisfying ones taste buds (and not counting the calories). Hahahaha! And when he was done cooking, he went back to his car and grabbed a bottle of red wine which was one perfect pair. Lunch was absolutely delightful and then, we had some Banana with Nutella for dessert. Since we forgot to get us some Banana Cream Pie from Nations.

Dad left after lunch, for he had some other plans for the day. But before he left he handed me a gift basket, something he got me from Napa Valley the other day (my old man is sweet, hahaha) — an assortment of cheeses and my most favorite sparkling wine. A Brut Rose, which I think has this wonderful balance. It’s fruity but not too sweet, it’s pink and has this subtle hint of berries, roses and peach. What can I say, even in wine, my taste is definitely queer.  I had two full glasses, as I was reading Anne of Green Gables (that I got for a quarter from second hand store). What a lovely Saturday this is!

Cozy Saturday

Comfort Food, Are You Serious?

Hey, it is comfort food for me…

Cheezy Sticks

Yummy Flakes



Cheez It

And for desert…

Moo Goodness

And after eating all these, I was pretty comfy…

Eat A Bowl Of Soup

There’s nothing better than a bowl of hot soup when it’s cold outside and feeling a bit under the weather. And as I was flipping thru the pages of Rachel Ray’s magazine, I stumble into a Beef and Lemongrass Soup recipe. It was so darn easy, that I quickly drove myself to the nearby grocery store and grab me some lemon grass and angel hair pasta. The soup totally hit the spot, that Ted and my siblings were left craving for more…

Beef and Lemongrass Soup

Screw Diet

Last night, my sister called and asked me to buy some rice after work. Got out of the office around 6:30 PM and headed for the nearby Filipino store. It was a small place and they only carry a few items, but I figured they should have rice for sale. Soon as I was inside the establishment, I smelled something cooking. If my senses serves me right, it’s daeng na bangus I smell and that delish crispy pata. And true enough, I was right — they’re indeed whipping that up in their kitchen.

Being the nosy bee that I am, I went to the back end of the store. I was surprised to see that they have this take out place. Saw an array of meat and fish products, and a fryer. It didn’t took me long to decide what I’ll have for dinner — daeng na bangus and crispy pata it is!

I rushed home to cook some rice, diced some tomatoes and mixed in some shrimp paste. And soon as my siblings heard me making noise in the kitchen, they got out of there bedrooms and went straight to the dining table. There was no need for me to yell, kakain na! They just grabbed a plate and sat down ready to dig in.

It was a gluttonous supper, I ate more than my limit. I was suppose to only have a cup of rice or two at the very most. But I was in food heaven, and my siblings loved it as well. After dinner, what’s left is fish skin and bones. It was one of those nights when we’d say, screw diet!

Crispy Pata

The Early Birds

My Dad came in early this morning, as in super early. The rooster have yet to cock-a-doodle-do and he’s already at my doorstep. I seriously thought he was a thief, at freaking 4 AM? Are you kidding me? Dad was all ready, alive and kicking at midmorning. Hail Caesar to my old man! Like he would always preach when we were kids, the early bird catches the worm. But what the heck, I don’t eat worms and nor am I born an early bird. And certainly not on week ends!

But since my old man was up, I decided to cut my beauty rest short to get ready and fixed him a cup of coffee. My Dad and I are on a mission today, trying to look for garlic greens (like spring onion) which happen to be both our favorite. Sauteed in onion, pork, tofu and oyster sauce — es absolutamente delicioso! So here we are at 5 AM at the local farmers market, trying to look for garlic greens; which seems like a needle in a hay stack. But we eventually found some, fresh from the Salinas farmlands. There was only one vendor selling it and we bought the whole box. Looks like Dad was right, the early birds sure catches the worm!

I can’t wait till lunch time. I am so ready for my garlic greens…

Cost Me Shop At Costco

I’ve been getting lots of phone calls from family members. “When are you going to Costco?” Lately, I haven’t had the time to shop. A bit busy at work and then there’s also my side jobs. So it’s really hard for me to go some place that’s not along the way. On top of that,  I’ve been trying to finish most of the stuff in my pantry. I really don’t want seeing food in the garbage.

But since I’ve been getting so many request from family members and my pantry almost empty, I decided to drive to Costco and finally get this shopping done. I left work at 5 PM and was on the phone for a good half hour taking orders and request. I had a long lists, now I regret ever asking. What did I get myself into?  

Costco, like Ikea is one of my favorite places to shop. There’s so much to buy, but never enough money in my checking account or credit card to satisfy my purchasing quirk. Told myself that I was only buying a couple bottles of wine, some whole chicken, a sushi platter (really craving for it), salad veggies, eggs and fruit juices. But I ended buying books, about five of them (my reason? they’re priced less than bookstores and I have a $2 off coupon). Add some clothes — a fleece jacket and a couple shirts. Of course, there’s the stuff for the cats and some laundry items. Then there’s stuff for my nephew — cookies, juices, yoghurt, chips and gallons of fresh milk. There’s also Dad’s stuff, mostly meats, microwaveable dinners and seafoods. Mom? She made me buy items to decorate the bathroom, and ask that it be color coordinated (she’s a pain, promise!). And just when I thought I was done, my sister called asking that I buy dinner. So I grabbed some pizza and ready-to-eat pasta dish from the deli section. I am tired and I’m definitely not cooking! Lines were long as expected, but fast. So after a 15 minute wait, I was at the cash register. Grand total? I didn’t bother looking at the receipt. Why? Cause I’m not paying for it. Why do you think I volunteered to do the shopping? Cause Dad is paying for everything. Let’s charged it to his American Express. Hahahah!

Just Kibitzing: Try Yalumba Muscat NV Wine, it’s absolutely delicious. Sweet as candied raisins and figs. There’s also EOS Tears of Dew Moscato, that has a hint of apples and apricots in it. They’re both dessert wines and equally good. I can definitely vouch for this two, promise!