Catalina Express

I took some time off from work and the rest of the world. For someone who has lots of things on their plate, the word “break” does not exist. I’d like to think that I deserve it, but I am my worst critic and always find myself unworthy. But after long hours of work, practically immersing myself through piles of paper works and financial files – my state of mind gave in and found my body, fatigued. My boss had to intervene and decided that a vacation is a requisite. He didn’t listen to my “buts” and “ifs.”

The first day was weird; I woke up same time as always. Took my bathrobe and headed for the shower. But halfway bathing, I realized that I don’t have to be at work. That I can stay in bed the rest of the day and not do anything productive. Funny how my life has turned into a routine, everything runs on a schedule and eight hours of labor is not enough.

But since Thursday morning was warm and inviting. I decided to walk at the park, two blocks away from my house. Had my daily dose of caffeine and fluoxetine, holiday has started! The park was green and natural; it felt intimate under broad daylight. A few people walking with their dogs, seniors doing tai chi, hot guys doing their jogs and children being there silly self at the playground. In my head, it says ” I can get use to this.” Later that day, I grabbed my bags and flew down south to Catalina Islands.

The island was not even close to my so-called paradise. But since this was all unplanned and expenses a bit tight, Catalina Islands was not a bad idea at all. I can just paint the sands white and imagine more coconut trees along the coast. It was a retreat, like I was traveling to Monaco. Seriously, that is what it feels like. An imaginary European get-away for the nomadic vagabond! With very short notice to make reservations, I was lucky to get into the Pavilion Lodge. I was surprised of the view from the room, only a couple meters away from the water with a fancy scene of the casino and the harbor. Of course, I didn’t waste time and I explored the island. I rented a golf cart, grabbed my bag and delved into the narrow alleys. I also signed up for the inland motor tour and discovered the countryside of the island. I felt like singing “Home on the Range” while I gaze the islands natural wonder.

The next day I decided to be slothful. Savor the free continental breakfast, grab a book and basked under the sun by Descanso Beach. Later in the day, I met a couple and had lunch with them. Believe it or not, our conversation started out of curiosity over the book I was reading. They’re very nice people from the East Coast and happen to be on their first year anniversary trip. My day ended with dinner at Catalina Country Club and there I met some Japanese tourist (turned friends) from the inland motor tour. Had a couple drinks with them, sparked by exchange of stories about trips in America and Europe. It was a lovely evening, met some new friends (they personally gave me an invitation to visit Japan), the seafood was scrumptious, the sunset was perfect; it was marvelous experience.

I couldn’t believe that my two-day holiday was over, I bid farewell to the Islands to catch an early flight back to San Francisco. By 11 AM, I was back to the suburbs where I live. It was a brief recess from my assiduous lifestyle, but it was by all means — a delightful experience.


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