Week End Indulgence


( Written last March 23, 2007; from my Friendster blog ) 

I’ve hated the city for the past couple years, probably because of the traffic, one way streets, expensive parking fees ($4 per hour, its insane!) and not to mention — the steep roads like Lombard Street that makes my car engine go wild (Thank God! I am driving an automatic car). I live in suburbia and love the comfort and serenity. It wasn’t until a couple months ago that I had a glimpse of the city again, since I’ve been driving my mother to work in San Francisco. These short glimpses of the city are giving me the boost to start living and spare some time just for myself. I look forward to every other Saturdays, I get to exhale after a long and hectic work day. There’s a huge difference about the city on the week ends, everything seems to slow down. I can walk or drive, without worrying about drivers honking there horns or people bumping into each other. I can leave the power suit behind and wear comfortable sweat pants, oversized cotton shirts and walking shoes.


I like walking around the Marina Yacht Club, looking towards Alcatraz Island and then cross the Golden Gate Bridge and back. Lunch in Sausalito, shopping along Moscone Center and  Market Street, an hour at the Flower Market to smell nature’s bounty (love the scent of fresh flowers), coffee at Peet’s and then I drive up to either Twin Peaks or Golden Gate Highlands to enjoy the sight. Book hunting at Black Oak Bookshop and City Lights; then grab some fresh produce at the local farmers market near Pier 39. And if I’m not exhausted from all these activities, I’d drive by the Fior d’ Italia and enjoy a sumptuous Insalata di Calamari and Osso Buco, less the glass of wine. Last stop would be Ghirardelli Square to buy some chocolates for my nephew and then drive back to suburbia. It sounds like a lot of activity for one day, but I lose track of time when I’m in my “week end” mode.


Going out in company of others is favorable. But it’s not a vile idea either to wander alone. As a matter of fact, I like it better traveling on my own; less worries, distraction and no excess baggage. I am all that matters, my time, my choice and my life. For a change, I only think of myself and nothing else! A bit selfish I suppose, but it feels good inside.


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