Taking Some Action

When I watched the documentary, The Inconvenient Truth. I knew for a fact that I needed to get involve and take some much needed action. Global warming is something we can’t ignore. It is happening and will continue to do so if we don’t make the necessary changes. To be honest, it isn’t that hard to do the necessary alterations. And it’s nothing drastic, that’s for sure. Every little thing we do can help and it would make such a big difference. I hate to sound like I’m preaching, but we have to remember — we only have ONE PLANET to live!

So here are some stuff that we can  do to help stop or decrease the effects of global warming. For more information, please visit We Can Solve It and Climate Crisis. Thank you for reading and I hope you too, will take some action.

  Turn down the heat and air conditioning when you aren’t home

Choose energy efficient appliances

Warm up your home with insulation

Change your home’s air filters

Make the switch to compact florescent bulbs

Wash your clothes with cold water

Switch to green power

Take public transportation

Find a carpool buddy at least once a week

Pump up your tires

Go ride a bike or take a walk

Turn off computers and monitors when not in use

Use a power strip

Spread the word on Global Warming 

Let's Go Green


The Wee Wee Question

Here I was reading Jessica Zafra’s book in bed, Twisted 8. While my nephew was watching this show called, Wonder Pets. Suddenly, he turned the television volume down and said. ” Yaya, how do you pee? Standing up and sitting down like my mommy. “ I was shocked in disbelief, that I gave him an evil stare. But then he repeated the question, ” Yaya, why are you not answering? ” Oh golly, should I really respond to this? Finally, I just said to him ” I pee with my other leg up, just like a dog.” And we both ended laughing out loud together. Hahahah!

Cutie Face

The Real Issue

I went to our early Monday morning LGBT meeting, at this cafe in downtown Hayward. Soon as we got ourselves settled and grabbed ourselves a cup of coffee, Steve (a fellow Filipino) mentioned this scandal that’s been all over You Tube and newspapers in the Philippines. Call me weird or fashionably unaware, but I honestly didn’t know what he was talking about. So I found myself unable to react.

Two hours after, I got home and right away I searched gay sex scandal cebu. And there I was, watching and reading all about it. I felt horrified and I could not contain my rage. I was absolutely disgusted by what I saw, not by the surgery, but the people feasting over a certain man’s misery. What’s the crowd doing in the operating room? What right does a person have to take a video of what was supposed to be a private medical procedure? Is this really how a doctor, a nurse, or a human being should behave? Has the human race gone mad and uncivilize?

I would like to believe that this didn’t happen. I’d like to think that this was just one ghastly reverie. But then again, the videos right there getting more hits after another. This wasn’t a gay scandal, the word gay does not justify this horrific incident. Does it really take a gay person to commit something disgraceful? I dare not comment about the churches stand on this matter either, all I know is — My God is a loving God, who never looks down at his children, gay or straight. And I will not let the church define my faith, period.

Gay or straight, we have to realize that someone’s life was ruined by this awful event. And that anyone (gay or straight), can be that person lying on the surgical table with these so called professionals who will make a mockery of someones distress. To some, this may be just an unfortunate event. But I beg to differ, for this is a crime againts our fundamental rights as human beings. I’ve always been a strong believer that the care of human life, rights and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good and civilized government and it’s people. And if ours couldn’t do that, then we are all doomed.

I am hoping, praying and pleading that justice would prevail, and that our government would take a stand, and our court of laws, impartial. Justice is for everyone, be it gay or straight! 

Gay Memorabilia

That Innermost Nature

I’ve never given it so much thought. Dad was the one that convinced me to take the final step of naturalization. Two month after, I was called for fingerprinting. And then the interview came, still I didn’t think much about it. But when I set foot inside the Masonic Center in San Francisco. Finally, realization came — that I will soon be an American citizen.

I’ll be brave to admit that I was holding back the tears. The ceremony was huge, but extremely ardent. There was this whole different aura in the building, the melodramatic kind. And maybe that’s the reason why I turned all emotional. After the event, I decided leave the hall right away to meet a friend downtown. A quick lunch and then I headed for home. It was in the train when it finally hit me, I am now a naturalized American.

While waiting for my second train ride, a question came into mind. Am I really an American now? Hmmm, a question I couldn’t seem to find an answer. And then later that night, I called up my Lola in Spain to share the news, as well as my confusion. She laid my puzzlement and doubts to rest. I couldn’t ask for a better response. She said…

” Anak, it is only your citizenship that change. But certainly not the color of you skin! “



And We’re Talking Again

It was twelve days ago, when Mom decided to do the silent treatment. I did gave her distance and the time she needed to snap out of her shell. And on a cold Wednesday morning, she decided to call me. I answered my phone and she asked me this question on how to make my artichoke pimiento dip. In my head I was saying, Mom are you serious? You’re calling me at seven in the morning just to ask me how to make a dip? Yah right! But of course, I knew exactly what was going on. Mom’s not the type of person who would apologize or talk about her misconception. She’d rather ignore it and talk about things that don’t make sense. Hahaha!

Our conversation continued for a whole hour, I finished getting dress and eating breakfast and we were still talking. Talk about making up for the lost time. Not a day passed by after that, when Mom wouldn’t call. She’s back doing the routine, checking on me first thing in the morning and before I retire for the night. Surely, we missed each other a whole lot. Now, I have a better understanding of the this saying — cant’ live with them, can’t live without them!

Mom Still Got It...

Mom’s rendition of PEACE not WAR, hahaha!


Litratong Pinoy #4: Hugis Ay Pahaba

Ako’y humihingi ng paumanhin kong nahuli man ang aking lahok para sa linggong ito. Sabi nga sa Ingles — better late, than never. Diba?

Sa linggong ito, isa sa aking naisipan na larawang pahaba ay mga pakete ng Happy Nuts. Ito’y pasalubong mula sa isang kaibigan na nauwi sa Pilipinas. Sa pagkain nito ay naalala ko ang paborito kong bilhin sa tindahan ni Manang Lily noong aking kabataan, ang Growers Peanuts.

Happy Nuts

Ang sumunod naman ay litrato ng Miramar Beach sa lungsod ng Half Moon Bay. Kapansin pansin ang nakapagandang tanawin at ang puting buhangin sa napakahabang dalampasigan.

Miramar Beach, Half Moon Bay

 At ang aking huling lahok ay ang larawan ng isang kuwintas na gawa sa amber, onyx at ivory. Ito ay bigay ng isang kaibigan ng siya ay nadestino sa Johannesburg, South Africa noong taong 2000.

Ivory & Amber Necklace


And We’re A Year Old

1896 comments, 295 posted entries, 96 tags, 42 categories and 5 pages after. And we’re still here, wow! I couldn’t believe the figures and how I almost missed this joyous occassion. Golly, TMM has turned a year old. Yipee!

Chocolate Cake From Le Notre

Cheers to all of us!