Coming out of the Closet


 ( Written last March 19, 2007 from my original Friendster blog )

I’ve been asked quite a few times how I came out of the closet.  I was like, what closet? Seriously, there’s no date, time, place or a special event. You see, I was very open about my sexual orientation since day one. Consider me one of the “obvious” type, the one with effeminate mannerisms; I was the “abnormal” among the so called “normal.”  I can relate myself more to girls than with boys; from preference with toys, books, activities and even my opinions were different.  However, I was not amused by women’s clothing; I was happy dressed like an ordinary guy. My demeanor was enough to showcase my “queerness,” there was no need to turn myself into a drag queen.  It was my choice to dress like the rest.

There was also no need to explain myself to anyone, everybody close to me knew about it (even non relatives); I guess I have some sign on my forehead that says “I’m queer.” My parents were also accepting of my preference,  though I must admit that they were intolerant at first; but I understood and patiently waited for the day. When they would completely embraced my individuality. 

You see, the key to “coming out” is plain honesty. It starts by being  true to ourselves and then the people around us. From there, things will eventually reveal itself and we can then focus on the things that really matter.



  1. Loren · August 27, 2008

    ((hugs)).. Know what? You remind me so much of my barkada and I love him very much just the way he is. Coming out of the closet was a real problem for him then, especially with his dad. But as you’ve said, “coming out” is plain honesty. Now he’s totally out of the closet and very free, I’m happy for him.. I miss him actually. He’s in the US as a nurse, but he doesn’t fail to see me everytime he vists the country.. Sensya na. Napakwento na ako. hahaha!!

  2. sardonicnell · August 27, 2008

    big hugs to you, too, loren. lahat naman ng bagay, sa umpisa lang mahirap. eventually eh masasanay din ang mga taong nakapalibot sa atin. ang abnormal eh nagiging normal rin. hehehe! sus, okay lang yang kwento. machika din kaya ako, hahaha 😉

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