Ode To My Father

It’s so easy to lose onself at work, making a living and making ends meet. But every now and then, I get to have break from all these insanity and focus on things and people that keeps me grounded to my core. I had a lunch date with my Dad earlier today, not an every day sight. So you can just feel the anticipation in the air. He’s unbelievably colloquial, spontaneous and never rans out of stories to share. I got to asked him questions; person who in the right set of mind, would not dare asked their fathers. But I did, kudos for me on that! And I got my answers, though not always favorable – it was honest. I uncovered that my father has always been receptive after all, a renaissance man: way ahead of the ideologies people may have in his generation. His views in terms of raising a family may sound semi-conventional, but he’s always been swayable to different ideas and other possibilities that may eventually occur. He even added, that he knew of me even before I came to terms with my identity. For a guy who’s made his career in the military, surrounded by testosterone loaded men, he’s done pretty good handling the situation of my oddness. True to himself, he took everything in, immersed himself in deep thoughts, weighed all his options, talked himself in and out things, to finally embracing the idea that I am uniquely an agreeable person, and that’s all that really matters. In conclusion, I found myself feeling happy and relieved. I was glad to have a chance to get to know my father better. And more at ease, now that I’m able to let go of ambiguities I’ve meaninglessly carried over from my childhood. He’s a good man, a venerable father, and we’ll leave it at that!