Happy Holidays

Hustle and bustle and hurry and run
looking for gifts that bring so much fun.
A visit to Santa we also must make
because of our children for all of our sakes.

The food preparations must get underway
like cookies and candies for our special day.
Gifts must be wrapped and bows must be ties
and trees must be trimmed and lights hung outside.

Cards must be bought and then must be signed
And addresses and mailed to reach friends on time.
The kids must be bathed and tucked into bed,
where they will wait to hear Santa’s sled.

But when morning comes midst all the squeals,
faces depicting what our children feel;
it makes all the hustle and hurry and run
so very worthwhile for these little ones.

Now let’s remember the child in our lives
given to us when God’s son arrived
to teach is to love each other and then
to die on the cross to save us from sin.

Hope you all  had a great Christmas!

Snow White Mountains


Manila, Here I Come

This is it!
All my bags are packed and neatly stacked in the garage.
Have my passport and ticket in one hand. 
I have never ever been this ready to go on a holiday.

The 7,107 islands of the Philippines awaits me.
And I can’t wait to see the wonder there is, in that beautiful city.
I am beyond excited, my happiness shows.
I am finally coming HOME!

 Would You Believe...

PS: This would also be my entry for Litratong Pinoy #36, entitled EXCITED