Crazy 2009

2009 marks a milestone in my life, lots of opportunities have come and gone. A career change, a step up towards scholastic endeavors, health issues, breaking away from the norm, challenging my tenacity, a second chance to love and then eventually, pain. It may not sound a lot, but given the hours in a day and my state of vulnerability – it was a handful, two handsful that is.

But then you know what they say – no pain, no gain. Choices had to be made, and consequences had to be faced heads on. There was no room for fear and uncertainties. I jump into the unknown with my eyes wide open. It took lots of guts and hard work, and maybe some sleepless nights trying to get things done for the next day – but it was all good.

The past year wasn’t perfect, not at all. 2009 has brought me tears, as well as laughter. Sunshine and some cloudy weather, love and hatred, yada yada yada. Name it, and I probably have gone thru it. But know what, I have no complains. Things happened for a reason, I may not see the benefits of it now, but I will someday. And besides, I know I’m a sturdy fart. So, I can pretty much suck it all up and laugh about my misadventures later!