A Smelly “Turn Off” Events

Just this morning, I was in the elevator and couldn’t help but stare as two good looking men came walking in. As a matter of fact, there were three other ladies (with me) that couldn’t help but gaze as well. We were checking these two from head to foot, then rear side. Hahaha! Couple seconds after, my sense of smell suddenly kicked into third gear. It smelled like someone poured themselves with a whole bottle of awful cologne, mixed with sweat and body odor.

It was horrible! I even had to hold my breath for a while. My appreciation for these two guys went down the drain, as I was turned off by their smell. Someone needs to hit the darn shower. I am not making this up, it can make anyone throw up. It’s that bad! Without any hesitation, I just had to get off on the third floor and decided to take the stairway. The three other ladies did the same thing. We were all rushing to get out of the elevator. We ended laughing out loud, soon as the door closed.

With that story told, I’m reminded of Malu Fernandez Unwitty Tale. When she said that her so called Jo Malone perfume evaporated into thin air and instead, savored the smell of AXE and Charlie cologne. But with the experience I had earlier, I’d be delighted to inhale a whole bottle of both AXE and Charlie rather than getting in the elevator with those two guys again. I’d probably passed out before I get to the fourth floor!

SARDONIC FACT: There’s very few scents my precious nose can tolerate. So up to this day, I still put on the good old Nenuco. Hahaha! Feeling baby…


Love You, Mom

I wish our lives weren’t so hectic —

That we could find ways to talk,

Visit and spend more time together,

I wish that days weren’t quite so busy,

And that weeks passed less quickly,

And there were more days like today —

Just for celebrating you,

I hope you always know,

How much you mean to me,

And what a wonderful mother you are.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Anywhere But Here

Everything at the office has been running smoothly for the past couple days. Until this morning, when the witch came into my office. She came without knocking and threw some folders on my desk.

” I need the balance sheets before the end of the day. ” she said as she was turning her back on me.

“Not possible, Miss. No can do!” I said without any hesitation.

“And may I ask, why not?” she said back as she put her arms on the side of her hips.

“Balance sheets are not due until I get the summary for accounts payable and payroll. Did you forget that?”  I said with an evil grin. I just love that look in her face, I think she was about to pull her hair in madness. Pushing this woman’s buttons is giving me this all time high. Hahaha!

“And besides, I haven’t received the the profit margin and last weeks deposit journal. You were suppose to forward me those reports every Friday. Last I checked my Inbox, I didn’t see any messages from your desk.” I think I’m about to make her explode, but that didn’t stopped me from talking.

She was about to get out, when I said “Please send me those reports, and maybe then I can give you your balance sheets. Thanks in advance.” And I didn’t hear her utter another word.

I’m at this stage now, where I really don’t care what happens anymore. I’m not rude, but I can when I need to. But I still kept my cool and decided to do the rest of my days work. I am not going to ruin my day, just because she’s bitter. Some people, they think they can just order people around like a bunch of knotheads. They think they play the role of a slave driver and boss people around like they don’t have no common sense. They’re pathetic and senseless!

 Anyhow, later that day; I asked to meet the HR Manager. Maybe they have good news for me. You see, I asked for a reassignment not too long ago. But later found out that they don’t have any openings elsewhere at the moment. Huge sigh! I really can’t stand that witch any longer. One more confrontation and I might lose my tolerance. You don’t know how many times I’ve told myself — No Nell, you can handle this. Relax, calm down, get over this.

I can put up with heavy work loads, but never impertinent co-workers or superiors. I’d rather work elsewhere and start all over again. Maybe it’s about time, I packed my bags and share my proficiency somewhere or even anywhere — just not here!

An Alien In My Own World

Where have I been lately? I know I’m mostly online, but there’s these new stuff coming out and didn’t even know that I’m about to miss on something hmmm good. I had my other Ipod (thank heavens, someone gave it back to the rightful owner) and listened to all these good music. Elliott Yamin is great, his songs are quite soulful if you asked me. So is Daughtry with their song, Home. Hands in the air for Amy Winehouse as well. I looked her up online and was surprised, such a powerful voice coming out from someone youthful; probably younger than my own sister.

Saturday morning, I was cleaning the house and found some stuff in the storage that was left behind by the previous home owner. There were lots of stuff and mostly junk, which I toss right away in the garbage bin.  Then I saw curtains still in a box, most likely new. But dusty and a bit yellowish. So I put them in the washer and then hanged them dry in the backyard. Thought I could use them as replacements for the ones I have hanging around the house right now. I also found some silverwares, that maybe considered antique. It’s a complete set of six in a velvet wooden box. I dipped them in some  silver cleaner, a bit of wiping here and there and they’re now graciously displayed in my curio cabinet. Free stuff, sweet!

Then Sunday afternoon, we helped a friend with his art exhibit. It was his second venture, but his first one man show. I got a call from him last week, asking if Ken and I can help out with food and refreshments. It so happen that his wife is out of the country and left without a clue on what to do and what to serve. So Ken & I were the impromptu event planner, caterermerry maids etc. Time was short and the guest list a bit long — forty to fifty guest. So we need to come up with something quick and easy. So we’re off to Costco to do the shopping. We drew the inspiration from spanish tapas, which was a big hit among the art patrons present in the exhibit. The ham croquettes, potatoe bravas, ceviche over tostadas and olive sevilles were gone at the end of the show. The Tempranillo and Sauvignon Blanc was also down to the last bottle. I guess we can call it Project Success!

At the end of the day, our friend sold most of his paintings and art sketches. He sold about eighteen (18) of them and holding on the last two for someone who’s supposed to pick them up that day at the show. But it’s close to 8 PM and the guy hasn’t showed up. I asked to see both paintings and they were strikingly beautiful. I’m not an art critic, but I just loved it!  However, a painting is not in my budget at the moment. I have too many expenses this month and next one coming. Totally out of the question! I just had to turn my back and started looking for my car keys, so I can head home. The next thing that happened was absolutely unexpected. Our friend handed me the painting and insisted that I take it. He also handed Ken the other canvas, who took it right away. We were both flabbergasted!  I insisted on paying for mine, but our friend declined. I don’t have the money to pay for it, but his kind gesture was too much and it can’t be gratis. I know how much his paintings are worth and it’s definitely not for free. But our friend insisted and asked that we take it as an early christmas gift and his way of paying us back for helping him with his show. But still, in my head; I could not stop doing the accounting. It was one generous gift!

Up to the last minute as I was driving away, I asked my friend again and insisted on paying. But he made it clear to me that he wouldn’t take any payment, no money involve, zero, no dollars! And so I went home feeling special and fortuitous. And I gladly hanged my new painting in my bedroom, so that every morning when I get up. I can remember my friends love, kindness and generosity.

A Giant Experience

It was a fund raising project for the local Breast Cancer Foundation. And since it’s a worthy cause that is dear to us (my mom and her battle with breast cancer), we decided to make a donation and in exchange we were given SF Giant tickets. I’m really not a huge sport fan, as a matter of fact I barely know any sport. But since I’ve made a pledged and got these tickets, I decided to watch the game and share the experience with family and friends.

The game starts at 7:15 PM, but didn’t get to AT&T Park till about eight. Forgive our belatedness, but we had the toughest time taking public transportation. We expected heavy traffic jam driving down San Francisco and thought that taking the BART and Muni would be best. I’ve taken the rapid transit before and thought it was a pleasant experience, but the transfer to railway was a brain teaser. Which transit should we take? Where’s the S Shuttle going? How about J, M & T? We were jumping from one platform to another. This is the problem with suburb residents like us, we easily get lost in the city. Hahaha!

Anyhow, we made it to ball park and ended in the food stand before taking our seats. We were all hungry from our suburb-to-the-city trip. I didn’t have any problems finishing a platter of Nacho Supreme and large cup of soda. I don’t usually like soda, but thirsty night trippers can’t be choosers. Right? And just when I thought I’ve curb my hunger with my $10 meal. (Yes, it’s freaking expensive!) I saw some folks passing by eating garlic fries. I just had to have it and ended buying some on the other side of the ball park. For how much? $7 freaking dollars! I almost had a heart attack when I saw their price list.

After that never-again meal, we decided to look for our seats which was all the way on the third floor. We could still see the players, but they were like a bug size. Hahaha! But again, that’s fine! Not a huge sport fan, remember? Besides, there’s a huge TV right across us where we can see the game. Add the gorgeous view of the city from where we were sitting. I absolutely thought that was perfect!

The game ended about 11:30 PM, with the SF Giants winning 11-6 over Milwaukee Brewers. I guess that’s something to cheer about, our home team won! The commute back home was a bit of a wait, as the line for Muni was a mile long or even longer. But half hour later, we were in Embarcadero station and on our way to the East Bay.

It was fun, can’t beleive a non-sport fan like me actually enjoyed the experience. The lines at the food stations might be long and their food overly expensive, add our long commute and even getting lost. But the company of family and good friends made it all worth it!

Never The Same

I got the insipiration to write this entry from my blog sister, Thess. I know for a fact that not everyone would be able to understand the bond between animal lovers and their pets. Some may say “Ewe!” and others would say “Cute!”  It’s an individual opinion, and that’s acceptable. So, I’m writing this from an animal lovers persuasion.

Not too long ago, Simon, a Blue Neutered Cornish Rex came into our household. He’s our new foster cat, and we’ll be taking care of him until he finds a suitable home. That very moment he was brought out of his carrier, he jump in my arms and purred in contentment; then fell asleep. He’s one gorgeous cat with the sweetest personality. I barely even hear him meow, and most of the time you’ll find him comfortably sleeping in his cozy sleeping bag. It made me happy that he’s contented and enjoying his stay at my home.  But it also brought a lot of questions in my head. Made me wonder why he was given up by his previous owner. What’s not to love about him?  Even asking myself if he’ll be treated the same if he moves to his new owners.

Fostering is not for everyone, that I know for sure. In as much as it’s rewarding sorrounded by all these lovely creatures. Time will come when I’d have to say goodbye to them and wish that they’d be pleased in their new dwelling. To this point, I still have mix emotions and can’t contain myself when I see them leave. It’s a mix of both downheartedness and bliss.

In the next couple days or weeks, I know that Simon will be leaving and moving to his new owners home. It’s a joyous event, but like always; I’ll end up crying and missing every creature that leaves my humble abode. I just pray that I’d find comfort, knowing that we’d be making someone’s home and Simon very happy!

Counting One, Two, Three…

I just finished watching the movie, The Ultimate Gift. And I can’t help but feel heartened and truly blessed. Made me realize how good I’ve had it. I’m not some wealthy fellow, but I’m also not deprived. I live knowing that I’ve been showered with the ultimate gifts, that life has to offer. 

In both the movie and the book, it shows that the most important things in life are mostly right in front of us.  There’s the gift of work, money, friends, family, problems, dreams, a day, laughter, giving, gratitude and love.  I’ve never looked at problems and better days as ultimate gifts, but now that someone mentioned it; they may very well be. Problems make us vulnerable and keep both our feet on the ground. Feeling helpless sometimes is part of being human. I’ve also never looked at  better days as something meaningful, but later realized that some people don’t get a chance at getting up the next day and see the sun as it rises and as it falls. Looks like what is indeed essential, is invisible to the naked eyes… 

When upon life’s billows you are tempest tossed,
When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost,
Count your many blessings, name them one by one,
And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.

Just a passing thought. Human nature dictates that there’s never enough, that the world is ours to conquer. But now I’m left thinking, do we really need the world just for ourselves? Quite selfish, isn’t it?