I still long to see you,
For your memory is as fresh in my mind as a morning dew.

Many years have passed and many seasons said goodbye,
But even today very close to my heart you lie.

People mock me for pursuing a mirage,
But still somewhere in my mind I have this longing.

That even for one time, fate will bring us near,
And if given the the courage.

I will surmount all hurdles and surpass all barriers,
Even for just a moment to be with you.

Invisible Love

What a hopeless romantic! I blame this poem on two glasses of wine, hehehe… 


Happy Birthday, Mom

Mom, your birthday means so much to me,
To have you in my life another year,
The time I spent enfolded in your love,
Each day, each moment with you is so dear.  

I cherish the very special bond we have.
You lift my spirit in so many ways.
I celebrate your life, I honor you,
And send to you my love and care and praise.

Happy Birthday, I Love You!


The Post Office Feud

I was in line at the local post office to mail a package to a friend. There was a bit of a wait, as there were about eight to ten people ahead of us and only two windows open. The person in front of me was an elderly Filipina lady, we call her Mommy Millie. I knew her from church and have seen her sharing conversations with both my Dad and Lola. She was a familiar face, someone who’s been suffering from severe rheumatoid arthrisitis for quite sometime now. Reason why her legs are weak and using a walker. And she recognized me right away from the crowd, and we started chit-chatting while in line.

It was finally her turn to get some help. When I heard a male postal worker yell at her and said, “Hey Miss, do you need help or what?  We don’t have all day! ” Mommy Millie certainly heard him, and she even told the guy that she maybe old, but not deaf. To my surprise, this guy raised his voice again. He said, ” Your bill is only $4.70 and you are writing us a check. Don’t you have cash or a credit card with you? ”  I was shocked by this persons behaviour. I could not believe he was yelling at a customer.

The people next to me were starting to feel uneasy and it didn’t took me long to react. So I came up to the guy and said, ” You do not need to yell at her, Sir! ” The postal worker stared at me and replied, ” She is causing a delay. There’s people behind you. What do you want me to do? ” This guy  was totally impolite, not an inch of respect for the elderly, moreso for his customers. Mommy Millie on the other hand was feeling uncomfortable and was apologizing to everyone. I had to stopped her quickly and asked not to apologize for anything. It wasn’t her fault — the line was there to begin with. The post office should have opened another window, instead of blaming there imcompentency on an elderly lady.

” I will pay the $4.70, but would you please refrain from raising your voice! “ I said to the guy. This time, he decided to calm down a bit. Some of the other customers in line were commenting on his rudeness. And so he took my payment and handed me the receipt. And then right before we left the counter, I decided to give the guy some last words.

” You know what, Sir. You too have a mother or grandmother, I’m sure. I just hope she won’t ever get disrespected or treated horribly like you did to this lady.” I said to him while I look him straight in the eyes.

After that, I decided to escort Mommy Millie to her car. She thanked me for helping her and apologized if she had put me in a bad situation. But I quickly dismissed that thought, and told her that I was happy to come to her rescue. She then gave me a hug and drove off.

Looks like this guy needs a refreshers course in customer service! 


Two’s A Charm

Saturday finally came, and at 6 PM sharp he was right outside our door and ringing the door bell. This time he was wearing a yellow polo shirt that was clinging tightly on both his arms, a flat front chinos and a pair of black mocs. We’re going casual today, hahahah!

Reservations we’re made at Trattoria La Siciliana, a cozy italian restaurant along the busy College Avenue in Berkeley. We were seated right away, ordered our food and I ended guzzling half a bottle of wine (not even a sip him since he’s driving). And we all know what happens when I’m loaded, suddenly I let lose and the sensuous side of me is unleashed. And I’m not embarrassed, for I know exactly what I’m doing.

If I’m not mistaken, I was able to tell my date our families life history in that two hours we were together. I realized he was also loosening up a bit, when he told me stuff about he’s ex’es. However, I felt bad for him, for he’s been dump for another guy each time he’s in a relationship. But how can that be? He’s goodlooking, he seems kindhearted, he’s got a good job, he’s descent, and he’s smart. What seems to be the problem? Which led me to asking him that question.

” Why do you get dump each and every time? “ I fearlessly asked him.

His reaction was a complete surprise. I thought he was going to smack me or say, how dare you. But he didn’t, he was cool about it. He put his hand on top of mine, gently lift it, put it on his face and lightly kissed it. I didn’t see that coming, it startled me a bit.

” All of them says the same thing, that I’m boring! “ He said without any hesitation.

But how can they say that? He seems fine now that he’s with me. Yes, he’s quiet and a bit limited when it comes to answers. But there’s no way that someone would address him, weary or disinteresting. Maybe, they’re too animated for him. Either that or they’re just making a bunch of excuses.

True, I don’t know him that much. But there has got to be something good and fascinating about him. I can even name a few, considering we’ve only met twice. He’s very attentive guy, passionate about his craft and did I mention, a gentle man. He really is! He could have easily took advantage of a situation, but he chose not to.

Two hours after, the wine finally got me. I apologized to him for getting myself intoxicated. It was poor judgement on my part to drink that much. What was I thinking? It was a date, and not a cocktail party. And he was quick to stop me and asked that I quit apologizing. He said that he’d love for us to go out again. And I did accept his invitation. But this time, to make it up to him. I asked that I make the arrangements, and I will take the tab on our next date.

He smiled at me and said, ” Okay, whatever makes you happy! “


Coming Out Of The Dark

My light and my life  
provided me hope for a future,  
a reason to live  
and the strength to exist.  

Suddenly extinguished,  
taken away without warning.  
I was abandoned,  
left in the darkness  
trying to survive  
searching for any glimmer  
on the distant horizon.  

I stand precariously  
on a piece of solid ground  
barely large enough for my feet.  
Around me, a vast expanse  
of desolation and emptiness  
for as far as I can tell.  

It waits  
with extending arms  
to engulf and surround me  
in a permanent shadow.  

I remain tenuously balanced  
on this small bit of solid footing  
Providing me the last vestiges of hope,  
Unsure where to turn  
or how to find an escape.  

No path in sight,  
it has decayed into the abyss.  
No light to guide my footsteps,  
it has been withdrawn.  

In complete blackness  
I close my eyes  
waiting to fall.  

A light appears before me  
from within me.  

I discover  
a brilliance inside  
An internal source of strength, power  
and illumination.  

This force surges through my body  
filling me with courage.  
I open my eyes once more in the darkness  
finally lose my balance,  
and descend  
into the eternal night.  

But in falling, I discover  
that I possess wings.  

With new courage, my own light,  
and wings to save me  
from the everlasting darkness  
I take flight  
high above the waiting chasm  
towards a faint glimmer  
far on the horizon  
and hope.

Light Shines Around Me

Such A Relief

It’s it every news channel and periodical, the MILF attacked parts of Lanao del Norte where some of my mothers side of family resides, including her sister. There was tension in the household, our mother was crying and in state of panic. Numerous phone calls were made, and we didn’t get any reply. Not even a single text message. In desperation we called our uncle, who used to be the police chief in Marawi. We begged him to check on our aunt and rescue her family, if necessary.

Mom hasn’t slept in days and we’re worried of her health, she barely touched her food and she’s not taking her medication either. It was days of crying and sadness, nobody could console her. It wasn’t until Tuesday that we heard back from my uncle, he carries with him good news. My aunt and her family are unharmed, they took refuge in Malabang right before the attack in Kolambugan occured. Mom was so relieved to hear the news, but she refused to settle down till she hears her sisters voice. Two hours of waiting, and uncle finally got our aunt on the line. The conversation was filled with tears, followed by a feeling of ease.

Thank heavens they’re okay, it’s a huge relief finally seeing Mom back to her senses…

Clear Blue Waters