Lunch With Miss Elle

At first it was Caramel Macchiato waiting for me on my office desk yesterday morning, and then an email inviting me to have lunch with her at the nearby Sushi Restaurant. Hmmm, what is going on here?

Needless to say, I accepted the invitation and had lunch with my boss, Miss Elle. This is the first time I’m going out with her and it’s sort of uncomfy at first. But soon as we gave each other a big warm hug and had a wacky conversation. All the unpleasantries were gone in an instant.

Lunch was great and we had a fabulous time reminiscing our verbal spats at work. We were laughing out loud and was absolutely amused of our foolishness. And after a good hour of fun, we got up from our seats, gave each other another hug and said our thank you’s. It sure is nice to finally break that barrier between us, and calling each other friends

Zen Bowl


Not So Wicked After All…

I was about to head to Alameda and buy me some supplies for my bead project, when I suddenly heard a knock on my office door. “Come in,” I said.  And surprise, surprise, guess who it is? It was my boss, Miss Elle. I thought she wanted me do some last minute work, so I asked her “Yes, can I help you?” I realized her eyes were puffy and red, and looks like she just finished crying. “You don’t look too good, are you alright?” I said to her. And the moment I said that to her, she came up to me, hugged me, laid her head on my shoulder and cried a river. I was like, “What the hell is going on here?” But  I didn’t want to be rude, so I let her cry it all out. She looks real upset and I didn’t want to interrupt her moment. And after a good five minutes, she calmed down, let go and wiped her face using my hankerchief. “I’m so sorry if I’ve bothered you. I’ll be going out now,” she said. “Hey wait, are you sure you’re okay? Do you need to talk or want some company?”  I figured out that she might need someone to be with, at least for a couple hours. “I’m about to drive up to Alameda to get some stuff, but you’re more than welcome to join me if you’d like and I’ll drive you back here at work.”  She smiled and said, “That would be nice, sure it’s okay?” I answered back, “Absolutely, it’s better that driving by myself in traffic. Besides, we can use the carpool lane, right?”  We left the office shortly after that.

While heading for our destination, I realized Miss Elle wasn’t that bad of a person. She may act bossy and have this intimidating vibe around her, but she actually is human in every aspect. Maybe, I was quick to judge her. Not giving her any chance to prove herself that she can be friend and not that wicked superior who slave drive her people. Funny how I hated her all these time and then now, she’s suddenly on my good side. Maybe, just maybe, I’m not giving people a fair and square chance to see them in a different light.

Now, I feel bad for ever picturing Miss Elle as this boss from hell, the Cruella Deville of our office or better yet, the Witch on The 4th Floor. It wasn’t fair that I called her names and it wasn’t my right to judge her either. Regrets do come in the end, and I’m sorry for ever calling her a witch. But then again it’s never too late to make up for my misdeeds and start building a bridge to fill the gap between us. I do have a lot to learn in love and relationship, and part of it is to not be so quick to judge and react.

Fire Lantanas

In A Crafty Mood

My friend, Cee Cee got me into this, so needless to say — I got the craft bug, too. Beading, beadwork, whatever you want to call it. That’s another hobby added to my lists to keep me occupied and sane. I’ve been in and out of Michael’s Craft Store since last week, looking for some seed beads I can work with. Now, I’m about to hit Bead Inspirations in Alameda to look for some more materials. Either that or Baubles and Beads in Berkeley. Why can’t they have a local bead shop here in my area?

Oh well, so far I’ve finished three cuffs, two ladder rings and a three layer necklace for dearest Mom (which she loves to bits and pieces). And now she’s asking me to do a set of earrings and bracelet to go with her necklace, which brings me to yet another project. Hahaha! They say the earrings  should be easy. But then this will be my first attempt working with wires and pliers, so I may end up screwing up the first couple times. Oh golly, things we do for sanity and the people we love!

Crafty Mood

Food, Politics, Photography, Etc.

I was cooking some Cheesy Chicken Alfredo yesterday when the door bell rang. It was Mom’s next door neighbours (if you can call them that since they’re like two miles apart, hahahah) who brought us some fresh parsnips from there garden. I’ve meet them sometime before and they’re a wonderful couple. The wife’s an avid gardener and the husband, a bird lover. If memory serves me right, I first met Gary (the husband) about five years ago thru the avian society which my Dad and I are also members. Then later discovered that she was my Mom’s closest neighbour.

The timing couldn’t be perfect since I just finished cooking. We invited them in and asked to join us for lunch, which they gladly accepted. And while we were enjoying our meal, Dad Aldo mentioned to me that Gary is a publisher slash political analyst. I really wasn’t that much interested in politics. But I decided to share my own views, to not feel displaced. I would have preferred joining the ladies conversation, but they were talking about menopausal symptoms. And I don’t think I  have any say on that topic. Hahahah! Here is how the conversation started…  

Gary: So who’s your Presidential bet, Nell?

Nell: To be honest, I really don’t have any. Any guy or gal should be fine by me, as long as they get the job done.

Dad Aldo: It’s quite obvious you’re not happy about Bush.

Gary: What a fesity answer! So what specific attributes are you looking for in our next Commander in Chief?

Nell: The one that has concern for the people and one that knows the priorities of this country. Is that good enough? And Dad, about what you said — no comment!

Dad Aldo: Hahahah! Does that mean you don’t like Republicans?

Gary: Speaking of which, are you a Democrat or a Republican? Cause Aldo and myself are Democrats through and through.

Nell: Neither one, cause I’m not really into politics!

Dad Aldo: Told you Gary, he hates all politicians.

Nell: I don’t exactly hate them, it just happens that they’re at the bottom of my priority lists.

Gary: You’re an Independent then?

Nell: I have my own independent mind, if that’s what you’re saying.

Gary: So you’re not for Obama, Clinton or Huckabee?

Nell: Nope, neither one of them. But it would be interesting what a woman can do in the White House or how the public would take a leader of color. I’m not being racist or a feminist, I’m just a curious bee. That’s all! By the way, who’s Huckabee?

Dad Aldo: You’re kidding me?

Nell: Nope, I just don’t know who he is. Is that a crime?

Gary: For a non politicking guy, you sure have some interesting outlook. Huckabee’s not exactly popular, but he’s starting to make some noise.  I’m just curious, but will you ever consider a job in publishing or politics?

Dad Aldo: Gary, better hold up on that offer. He doesn’t know who Huckabee is!

Nell: Are you offering me a job, Gary?

Gary: Yup, can you be my personal chef? Hahahah!

Nell: Oh you silly! (Dad Aldo left for the dinner table after this)

Gary: By the way, I’ve seen that photograph you took of your Mom. That was beautiful, Nell.

Nell: Now you’re just fooling me! I am no artist or pro photographer. That was just something I did out of boredom. It’s just a hobby!

Gary: No, seriously. Me and my wife were talking about it last time we were here and saw that framed photo. It’s exquisite, believe me. Which brings me to the question of asking you to take photographs of me and my wife for our 25th year anniversary. Would you consider that, please? I mean for a fee, of course.

Nell: Huh? Why me? I am no photographer, Gary. Like I said, it’s just a hobby.

Gary: You will do us a kind  favor if you do these for us. Please!

Nell: Oh golly, you guys are scaring me. What am I supposed to say?

Gary: A YES! (I was scratching my head after he said that)

Nell: How about this. I will take photos of you and your wife for your anniversary, but no fees other than the photo enlargement. I don’t feel comfortable taking your money for some sort of project that I might end up screwing.

Gary: We’re confident you won’t. But it don’t feel right not paying you. You know, your time, your gas, supplies and other stuff.

Nell: This is going to be a dilemna!

Gary: Sure is. Hmmm, how about we buy you guys dinner at the Club XIX? It’s the very least we can do for your time. How’s that?

Nell: That sounds fair to me, dinner it is then. And that’s it, okay?

Gary: Thank heavens, that was the hardest deal I ever made in my life. Hahahah!

Oh my, what is this thing I signed up for? Me taking photographs of people in a businesslike manner. I don’t know what Gary found in that photo I took of Mom. I mean it’s nice, but definitely not perfect to deserve such praise. I am so nervous about this. But then again, I didn’t want to be rude and play hard-to-get. Hopefully, I’ll do justice taking photos of Gary and his wife. Cause I’d probably hate myself forever, if I screw this up. Pray for me, this might be my end! Hahahah…

Cheesy Chicken Alfredo & Garlic Bread

Thank you, Mom

You think I’m strong? But you have no idea. I may look almighty on the outside, but inside I am impaired. Crippled by the same love I once considered my muse. Betrayed by own emotions, defaced by own free will to seek happines in the arms of someone I barely even know. Truly love has a way to blind someone and make one neglect it’s own judgement.

But thank heavens for Super Mom’s who never gets tired of rescuing there troubled kids. So to my mother who dared putting that killer red lipstick on to make me laugh. Thank you, thanks so much for trying. For keeping your silence and giving me that warm embrace I’m so longing for, thank you. I am truly grateful for your understanding, for knowing right away without me uttering a word.  For that heart that’s overflowing with love for me and my siblings, thank you. I could not picture my life ever, without you by my side.

I love you, Mom. Thanks for always keeping an eye on me…

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Officially Off

I couldn’t wait for the week end any longer. So, I decided to pack my bags last night and head for Mom’s house. I was told not to drive that late, but I went ahead and  did it. I was excited to see the ocean and be with Mom, so I can be a kid again. Kid at heart, that is! Besides, patience has never exactly been my virtue. Hahahah!

So this morning, I called the office and said I wasn’t coming. (Without them knowing that I’m hundreds of miles away.) I told them I’d prefer to work from home. And they didn’t seem to mind, cause I didn’t hear them complain . Guess they know better that I’m much more productive when I’m in repose.

How I wish everyday’s like this. Working in my pajamas, and having breakfast at the same time (today’s special in Mom’s kitchen is garlic fried rice, with eggs and pineapple sausage) . While I listen to the ocean waves and feel that cold breeze as it touches my face (sorry, I’m turning poetic here). And so right before I get carried away by my early week end recess, allow me to wish you guys a fabulous and safe week end!

Officially Off

Out Of Queeriosity…

So many tangles in life are ultimately hopeless that we have no appropriate sword other than laughter.  – Gordon W. Allport –

Picture me in front of my PC at work, googling the words — secrets to a long lasting relationship. There’s supposed to be the word gay in between lasting and relationship, but I came out empty handed. (Actually gay dating sites started popping out.)  So I decided to delete it and out come twenty something pages (or even more). One site in particular caught my attention, as I discovered how many hits it gets  — 9,281 just today alone (that last count was me, hehehe). Wow! Looks like I’m not the only confuse hominid looking for some darn answers.

Anyhow, reading those pointers and tips they have online on relationships. I realized that most of them are just a bunch of bee ess and some I already know from previous self-help reads. Which brings me to the question — who am I turn to for some real answers? There’s just no way I can ask Mom or Dad for advice. They’ll probably think I’m megalomanic or worse, they’d suggest that I stay single for the rest of my life. My siblings? For sure, they’ll make a mockery of my misery. Believe me! I do have the option of asking friends, but I’m too shy to even ask. And heaven knows, they maybe going thru some of their own bumpy rides. Oh well, maybe I should  just sign up for Maybe they can help me with my problem. Hahaha!


PS: Enjoy my new Sonific, this time it’s the classic hits of Andrea Bocelli