3965160770_d3a9eb700b_mI am seriously mad right now! It felt like the world has conspired, to pissed the hell out of me. I am somehow ready to believe that 99% of the population is evil and down right selfish and rotten, and the remaining 1%, a bunch of virgins and martyrs who haven’t been laid or couldn’t get a  freaking date!

Forgive me for being smutty. But I should have expressed my anger when I had the chance, guess I was afraid of the damage it could inflict. Rather, I locked myself inside the rest room, covered my mouth with a towel and yelled as loud as I can. It was a pathetic way of  releasing my frustration, and cowardly that is. And now that I’m writing this, I feel like a schmuck. I should have bitten that bad guys head off while at work, so I wouldn’t feel like remorsing moron. A huge sigh…


Too Busy To Blog

3959853477_7dc619634cI could not my beleive my eyes when I saw my last blog update, July 19th. I said, what? What the hell just happened? Did somebody just pushed the fast forward button? Wow, that’s a lot of time! And how exactly busy was I, that I was unable to make not even a short blog entry.

Truth is, it’s been hectic! If only I could stretch the day to get an extra hour, I would. And I’m sure you guys have been wondering what I’ve been doing with my life this past couple months. I could pretty much sum it in three words – work, school and no play. Oh wait, that was five. Hahaha!

Work. There’s been some changes in the office lately. I decided to cut down on my work hours to accomodate school. And yet, I  got promoted. No fancy titles, but I got raise. Not bad, right? We all know that with a promotion comes more responsibility. Four employees were put under my supervision, and most of my time was spent doing training. This would be one of those times when I would say – small is better! Less stress, but more time to effectively mentor people. Not a bad trade, if you don’t mind me saying. And so, with four people under my care. I was able to successfully train great employees. They’re one of the best working team, I have ever came up with. They’re so good, that they can pretty much snag my job. Hahahah!

School.  You red it right, I am a working student. I am back to school earning my second degree, B.S.  Nursing. I don’t know what I got myself into, except that the people around me are saying that I’ll do a great job as a nurse. I guess, we’ll find that out soon. And if things goes well, I graduate next year and probably resume my graduate studies. Golly, I hope I get a life after all these academic stuff I am and will be doing!

No play. Pretty obvious, I have no life – except for work and school. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out, right? Hopefully, all the sacrifices I’m doing at the moment would eventually pay off. It’s bad enough that I don’t have a social life cause of the stuff I’m into. So the future better have some surprises enstore for me. Hahaha!