Sardonic Nell, Strikes Back

What a headline, huh? Well, I tried to cut down on my sarcasm this year as part of my New Year’s resolution. Add to that patience,which I’m really not that good at. But will try, at least give it a shot. Right?

I’d like to beleive that I’ve been very tolerant these past couple weeks. I’ve heard some not so nice comments made about me, but I’ve kept mum about it. I could have said something, but I didn’t. Then, there’s these two trainees who came into the office who doesn’t know crap about there job and what they’ve signed themselves for. Again, I’ve kept my cool and decided to babysit the two. Until one, quit the other day for unknown reasons. While the other is out for a whole week or so, cause of illness. What a wonderful first impression, right? So as you can see, I’ve been very good at keeping myself pleasing. Which, if I may add – is very tiring.

Then here comes the day, when I finally said to myself “F–k it, I have enough of these!” A phone call was accidentally transferred to my extension. I picked it up, and found out it was for my coworker. And since, I was going to get up and grab some coffee and her cubicle was along the way towards the vending machine. I decided to personally relay the message, that a phone was holding for her on line four. And guess what the b-tch said to me. “You could have just use the intercom and told me that!” That really pissed me off! I don’t think I deserve that. And for the first time in two months, I finally said something back.  I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I think my answer has flattered her.

“A thank you, would have been appropriate. But, guess not. And FYI, I know how to use the intercom. I just thought, you’d appreciate me saying hello to you. Anyhow, thanks for being crude. Enjoy the rest of your day, goodbye!”



Growing Up

I knew the day would eventually come, but I didn’t expect it to be so soon. Well, the siblings I use to care for can pretty much fend for themselves now. Funny, how I thought this day would be one joyous occassion. When I could finally free myself and do the things I have put on hold. Travel the world, settle down maybe and take care of me.

Somehow, I feel useless. Maybe because I’ve spend most of my life caring and tending people I love. And now that they no longer need my help. Here am I standing on the sidewalk, clueless. Wondering what to do next, trying to find something to keep me occupied.

I guess, I need some getting to use time. Let this all sink in and get myself acclimated to my so called, new life. It won’t be easy, but I know I’ll snap out of it sometime. Change is good, I’ll tell myself that over and over again.

I’ll be fine, I will be…


Going Bananas

I do not know what our office was thinking when they accepted these auditors-in-training. I mean, it’s okay to have them around. But definitely not under my custody! It’s bad enough that I had to do payroll, cause the clerk was out on vacation. And then, here’s two people following me around like dogs. Waiting for me to throw a ball on them. I am not so much of a trainer, specially when I’m trying to do a two-man job. Forgive me for complaining, I’m just way too overwhelmed at this time.

And then today, I asked them to do a profit/loss report on our Southern California branch. Took them almost the whole day to do it. And then later found out, three entries were incorrect. I know they’re fresh out of junior college, but not being able to do the basics – that is unacceptable. I have asked for them to do the simplest tasks, and they still got it wrong. They’re even justifying there mistakes as typo. Oh, that pissed me off! And would you believe the two were scratching there heads, when I mentioned the words auditing risks and misappropriations of assets.

I am appalled and I simply rest my case on these two…

Banana Cream Pie Topped With Whip

I’m Back…

Manila was amazing, that I still have a hang over to this day. And though I knew that coming back to San Francisco would stir some emotions, I never thought I would be swimming in tears when goodbye’s were said at the airport. I’m not kidding, I finished a whole box of Klennex!

Forgive me, if I’ve been uninspired to write an entry lately. Manila definitely made me all depressed after, not to mention jetlag, sleepless nights and stress for not having a job. When funds are about to ran out. I’m telling you guys, I was ready to walk down Castro Street in the city and sell my body per kilo. Hahaha!

It’s Valentines Day this Saturday, and I feel a bit saddened. Not because, I don’t have a special someone. But because he’s far away, and will be having our date via Skype. And yes, I have bump into love again! Who would have thought I’d find one while on vacation. Hahaha!

Time for some cheerful news – I finally found a paying job.  Though I’m not earning what I think is enough. Nonetheless, I am thankful for having one, to keep us all afloat. I can’t blame it all on bad economy. Somehow, I have my own share of bad judgement for not appreciating what I had before. Searching for happiness was great, but it’s not funny when your about to lose the roof over you head. Right?

And dear friends and blog readers, thanks so much for visiting my site regularly. I am surprise to see the number of hits I get each day, considering I haven’t made an update for weeks now. Thank you, your guys support means a lot to me. Mwaah!