You’re My Doctor?

I just had to blog about this, as I’m feeling gigglish and weird inside. You see, I had a doctors appointment earlier. I was supposed to see my regular therapist, but  so happen that he had a family emergency. So I was asked if it’s alright that I see his associate, who happens to have an opening. I figured out that since I was already there, why waste my time and gas. So I agreed to see another doctor.

Couple minutes after, a guy in a suit came out and called my name. Got up from my chair and went towards the door where he was waiting. I was shocked to death when I saw the guy up close, guess who he is? It was Seth, or should I say Dr Seth. That’s what it says on his badge.  He was an ex-boyfriend, not from hell though; but from the university. Freaking, hell no!

Seth recognized me right away and instead of giving me a handshake, decided to give me one big hug. He then led me to his office, where we both decided to drop the appointment. Nothing againts him, just that it doesn’t look professional — that is all.

And so instead of going thru therapy, Seth invited me for coffee at the downstair cafeteria. We chit-chatted and tried catching up on stuff we’ve missed. Nothing romantic, strictly platonic like two friends conversing. Half hour later, I decided to leave and start heading back to work. In the car, I started laughing, mischievously. It’s just that of all people and gazillions of therapist on this darn city, why did it have to be him huh?

Up to now, I am still dumbfound. All I can say is — small world!

PS: I smell jellie beans in the air, yet again. Hahahaha!


What’s In Your Wallet?

Don’t we just love Capital One’s Visa commercial, makes us want to swipe our cards over and over. But I’ve been there and done that, need I say — I know better! Credit Cards are evil, although they come in handy from time to time. Hahaha! Can’t beleive I’m justifying my credit card purchases.

Anyhow, this entry’s about a TAG I warmly received from Sis Thess. Something called, The Wallet Tag. So here goes…


wallet 004

What’s inside — drivers license, ATM cards, credit cards, my chum-chums photo, check book, check register, health insurance card (not seen), Costco card (not seen) and my Blockbuster video card (not seen). I know, too many stuff inside — but my lifesaving kit is my wallet!

And to keep the ball rolling, I am tagging MEEYA, WENG, ABBY, BANGGE, LULU, JEN, PINKY and KRIS. C’mon friends, join the fun and show us what’s in your wallet!

Ayyy What?

Last night, I borrowed my nephews Nintendo DS. I got this Catz game from Walmart for less than ten bucks and wanted to try it for myself. It’s some sort of simulated game, like Tamagotchi. So here I was in my bedroom with my nephew watching me play. When suddenly, I sneezed. And I have to admit that it was loud and messy. ( Please don’t try picturing it, cause it’s disgusting.) Hahaha! I heard my nephew said Bless you and I said Thanks. Then he saw something slimy on the game screen (I warned you it’s nauseating) and said — Ewww Yaya! Your DNA is all over my game.

Rewind, rewind, what did my five year old nephew said? Did he just mentioned the word DNA? I had to stop playing and asked him where he got the word from. And true to my suspicion, he got it from watching TV; those shows from Discovery Kids. Golly, kids nowadays are so darn witty!


PS: Like my new theme? What can I say… ‘Tis the Season!

Jelly Teddy

Funny how I can come up with all these blog titles based on my sweet Teddy’s name. Hahaha! And yes, my good man Teddy got jealous over this very nice guy I met at the bookstore last night. I didn’t know it he was the jealous type!

Last night, Ted invited me to have dinner with him at Gerry’s Grill in Union City. Since has had a taste of their Sugba Kinilaw and Pork Sisig not too long ago. My good man here has been craving for these two dishes, so bad. We even tried making it a home, but it’s nothing compared to what they serve at the restaurant. To make the long story short, I agreed to meet him for supper and satisfied our craving for good food. It was absolutely delish!

Now here’s where the jealousy part came into the scene. After having dinner, we both decided to check out the nearby Borders that was minutes walk from the restaurant. Two minutes inside the bookstore and Ted suddenly had another craving, this time for some Iced Coffee. So he went next door at Seattle’s Best and got himself what he wanted. And there I was at the clearance section looking for some interesting books, then I went to the magazine section. Got myself a copy of Instinct and Out magazine, and had a seat while waiting for Ted. Minutes after, a well dressed good looking gay guy came up to me and asked where I got the magazine I had in hand. I pointed where I got it and went back to reading. How do I know his gay? Hello, the magazines can speak for themselves.  And let’s just say my gaydar was in full swing, alright? Hahaha!

Anyhow, this guy came back and asked if someone was seating on the bench beside me. I said “no”, then he thanked me for helping him find the magazine and had a seat. While flipping through his reading material, he introduced himself and offered a handshake. I gladly obliged and told him my name as well. Found out he’s also an accountant and works for KPMG International (one of the Big Four Accounting firms nationwide). We had a short conversation about mergers and acquisitions that got interrupted when Ted got back from the coffee shop. I then introduced Ted as my partner and they shook each others hand. After a couple more minutes of silence and this feeling of unease. We excused ourselves and said bye to my new found friend. He handed me his business card and we restarted our book shopping, which eventually led to going home early.

After buying both magazines and a book, we went back to our cars and said good night. When suddenly, Ted gave me a kiss. A long one, or should I say prolonged, that came as a total surprise (I’m not used to PDA). He seems upset and I asked him what was wrong. And true to my suspicions, he confirm that he was jealous. About what, I asked? Looks like he felt distrust over my new friend. I had a lengthy conversation with him inside the car, and tried to calm him down. Gave him the assurance he needed to hear. And told him that my chatter with this guy was strictly professional, we were talking numbers and that is all there is to it.

Eventually, Ted realized he was making a mock of himself. He apologized, gave each other a kiss and a hug, then headed for home. Looks like my guy here has some sort of insecurities with men who wear power suits. Hahahah!

Boy, Do I Love Trouble

I didn’t do any post Thanksgiving shopping, it was but my small attempt to not acquire anymore debts and pay off my credit card bills. But I think I did worse than shopping. You see, I went to the car dealership (Friday) to ask about their extended warranty on my 2005 Chevy Tahoe LS. But then on the way inside the dealership, my eyes were lured to this new 2008 LTZ, neatly displayed on the revolving table. Needless to say, I dumped the idea of getting an extended warranty and traded my old SUV for a new one instead. Boy, do I love trouble! Let’s just consider this an early holiday present for the family…

Maxwell LTZ

Is This, Bye Bye Home?

Decisions, we’ll never know the outcome till we make a choice. Like in the next four to five months, I maybe making the worse or the smartest decision ever. Ow golley! Time is indeed running out for me. So the other night over Thanksgiving dinner, I decided to discussed financial matters with my father. Being a good businessman that he is, I was asking for his opinion and recommendation on how to deal with this forthcoming unfortunate event.

You see, my home mortgage is due for refinancing this coming June. And with the current interest rate, I may end end paying more of what already feels like a huge truckload for me. I guess, I didn’t anticipate the market to be so downcast and adverse. What I thought at first was a sound investment, will soon turn out a financial dilemna. I know what you guys are going to say, that I’m one horrible accountant! And you are right.

Dad wasn’t sure at first where our conversation was heading, but soon as I mentioned the word mortgage and interest rates; he started nodding his head. I told him how I had two loans on my house, and had already refinanced my first mortgage (and even able to take some money out to purchase the other house in Oregon). However, the second one will wind up a problem. Seems like my broker is unable to give me a reasonable rate, even with my good credit history. Most of the figures he showed me was way beyond what I could afford. The market is indeed in bad shape, real estate biz here in California has taken such a huge downfall cause of high interest rates. And now I’m in the same sinking boat.

Dad asked me why I only refinanced just one, and told him about my pre-penalty provision, which he understood right away. Interest rates are high, that I found myself almost convince that if I’m unable to get any acceptable rate offers; I may end up putting my house on the market or at the very worse, surrender my home to the bank. Not the most ideal thing to do, but I’m not about to spend my whole month’s paycheck on just a roof over my head. It’s not going to happen, I may as well give up the house and cry over my paucity. I have other financial responsibilities and one life to live. But still, thinking about it makes me want to cry in disappointment. However, I’m still very hopeful that something good might happen between this time till June.

You think interest rates the only issue. Heck no! There’s this other refinancing requirement banks are asking for, they are dictating for ten percent downpayment to push the interest rates down. But where in hell would I be getting $65K? At first, I thought they were kidding. But they’re not, they mean it, and they mean business. And there’s no haggling either!

Dad was quiet the whole time I was talking, I knew he was trying to come up with a good and sound advice. My father have to agree that this is truly not the right time to refinance my house, and that I’m screwed with the $65K down payment. It’s one big chunk of money, I don’t have! Dad was very kind to offer lending me the down payment, but after doing my own math — I politely declined. There is no way I can pay my father that sum, and I don’t want to owe anyone any money. It’s not that I’m too proud and unwilling to accept any financial assistance, but because of the mere fact that I don’t see it feasible paying my father back in the long run. I did show Dad my computations and like me, he seems convince that I should just surrender my property to the bank if I’m unable to refinance.

I have never lost this much money in my whole life and I hope I never will. My parents have raised us well to know how to bank smart. But then again, I cannot blame myself for this unfortunate event. I don’t mandate interest rates, taxes and other tarriffs. Base on my figures, my total lost would be somewhere between the mid 30’s. Some wampum I could have invested in my 401K or retirement account instead of gambling with real estate. It’s one tough lesson learned and I would hate to repeat the same mistake with my Oregon home. Looks like I’m moving sooner than planned. So, I maybe going Bye Bye Golden StateHello Beaver State! Of course, I will dread the day I leave this house here in the East Bay. I guess my only consolation from these horrible experience is that I still have a home, and a place to call my own. Just in Oregon though!

I Saw You

I saw you this morning, Lord

In the sunrise

In the blue sky

In the blue jay perched on the tree in the yard.

I heard you this afternoon, Lord

In the laughter of the children in the park

In the call of the Cardinal for his mate

In the meowing of my kitten.

I felt you this evening, Lord

In the touch of my child’s hand

In the cool evening breeze

In the hug of my sister.

I knew you today, Lord

By reading your word

By the love of my family

By the peace in my soul.

– Bobby Anne Duffy –