With My Teddy Bear

Ted just got back from a business trip and hasn’t had a good night sleep for the past three days. And in as much as I want to go out with him or simply watch TV together. I just couldn’t find myself to demand time and attention. I know he’s tired and drained from all the hard work. And so I sent him home to get some much needed rest.

But an hour later, I heard my door bell rang. Guess who? Who else but Ted, in his comfy pajamas and a pillow clutched on his right arm. I said to him, “What are you doing here, dear?” He them came inside my house and said, “Can I sleep in your bedroom? Just for today at least. I couldn’t sleep at my house. And I promise I won’t snore!” I guess he wants to do a sleep over with me in the middle of an afternoon. And why not, right?

And so he spent the rest of the day catching up on his sleep, while I cleaned the house and whipped up a quick brunch for the two of us. He seems contented just snuggling in bed and occassionally calling out my name to cuddle with him. Who would have thought a six footed guy could be such a baby!

So if you asked me what I did on a Saturday afternoon, I’d answer — I cuddled with my Six Foot Teddy Bear!


Is Today Tuesday?

We first met online, days shy of my 27th birthday. We met at this forum for cat lovers, then exchanged emails, messaging almost every night, texting from time to time and long distance phone calls — I think that’s about enough reasons to jump start the beginning of our remarkable friendship. That’s three years right there of animated chats and emails. Then couple weeks ago while on our regular YM session, my good friend mentioned that he’ll be going on a business trip to New York . We discussed the idea of meeting face to face and I think (not sure, as it happen fast) this time, I’ve finally persuaded him to swerve by San Francisco. And from there, the countdown began.

And that day is soon approaching, it’s Sunday now and Tuesday’s just around the corner. We only have 48 hours to probe the city, but I’m sure we’re going to have the best time ever and countless fun filled memories. I will see you friend, I’ll be waiting at the airport with a huge welcome banner in my hand, Hahaha!

PS: Psssst, Sister Thess! When’s our grand plan? Nobu-lilyaso na konti ang ating pagtatagpo. But I’m sure it will happen soon, dba? How about Spain, Sister? I still have my round trip ticket here minus the passport nga lang. Hahaha! Need to move the date again, for the n-th time…

Zany Handbag Lady

To be real honest, I didn’t know how to respond (more like retaliate) to this incident that happened to me at the mall. Last night, I went to Macy’s to look at some stuff they may have on sale. I had nothing in mind at all, I just wanted to look thru what they have on the clearance rack. But as I was about to stepped out of the department store, I happen to passed by the handbag section.  I then saw this purse that I thought was perfect for my Mom this Christmas. So I asked the sales lady if she could take out the bag from the shelf, so that I can see it closely.

Nell: Miss, could I kindly see that hand bag?

Lady: Just a minute, let me look for the keys.

Nell: Surely, Thank you!

Lady: Are you Filipino?

Nell: Opo, Filipino po ako.

Lady: Sorry, but I don’t understand Tagalog!

Nell: Oh, I see. Sorry, my mistake!

Lady: You sound Filipino to me, maybe because of your accent.

Nell: Ahh, okay!

Now, I’m a bit confused. How would she know that I have Pinoy accent if she’s not Filipino herself? Is she some sort of accent psychic? And listening to her while she talks, she sounded like she had the twang as well. Oh well, I thought to myself that maybe she’s of some other asian descent. Either that or she’s just in denial like some Filipinos I know. Or maybe she really is an American with an accent. Hahahah! 

Anyhow, as I was closely looking at the bag; my cellphone rang. It was Mom, asking where I was. And like we always do, I talked back to my mother in Bisaya! We (my sister and myself) grew up like this, we speak Tagalog or English out in the open. But in the privacy of our home or in phone conversations, we speak Bisaya straight up. Now getting back to the story, Mom and I babbled for about three minutes and then we said our goodbyes. But soon as I turn my phone off, the lady said to me.

Lady: Oh, you’re Bisaya pala!

Nell: Yes, I am. How do you know?

Lady: Just a guess!

Nell: You did guess right! But forgive me kind Miss, I thought you don’t speak or understand Tagalog? May I ask where the word “pala” came from?

Without any answer, the sales lady snatched the bag from my hand, locked it back in the shelf and left without even saying “excuse me”. Golly! this lady was rude. All I could say was, “Thanks, but no thanks!” Was there anything wrong with what I asked her? I’m just wondering how she got the word pala. Was it such a crime to ask? Maybe, just maybe, I did do something wrong, by asking her the wrong question and getting her caught in her own words!

Anyhow, guess what I found out about this rude lady (being the nosy bee that I am). Facts I got from her Supervisor (since I filed a complaint), that the woman in question is indeed Pinay; with the last name of  Baitan. Now, that doesn’t Filipino at all. What do you think? Maybe she isn’t. (Yah, right) But one thing I know for sure, she’s definitely not MABAIT as her last name says!

In Bisaya: Sus Ginoo! Pagka way batasan nga babae. Wala pa gani ko nakahuman, gilayasan na ko sa panulay. Basin bisaya po sya, gabakak lang ning buanga! Pero nganong i-deny man raw, beh. Aber?

White Means…

charm, innocence, purity and a happy love

It was totally unexpected! I got a phone call downstairs saying I have a package waiting at the front desk. I thought to myself, I didn’t order anything online lately? What can it be? And to my amazement, I got a bouquet of my favorite flowers. Who told him I love whites? White lilies, white hyacinths, white roses and more. And in his card, he wrote:


When I laugh,

when I smile,

when I daydream.

It’s all done with you in mind!

Love, Ted

He spelled mahal wrong, but I could not care less. Now I think, my heart just melted!


The Bubble Gum Bullies

I was in the kitchen preparing our dinner when I accidentally stepped on something goowey. Guess what? Bubble Gum. And so I was yelling my nephews name, “Nicho, get your butt here in the kitchen!” I gave him a quick lecture and had him pick up the gum to dispose it in the garbage.

Funny cause all of suddent, I remembered this incident from my childhood over a piece of Bubble Gum. I think this happened way back when I was twelve in our village in Quezon City. The story started when my sister came home crying with a gum sticked to her hair. I asked what happened? And she said that there were these two boys at the nearby sari-sari store who decided to stick their chewed gum on her head, just for the fun of it. Boy, was I pissed! So right that very moment, I grabbed my sisters hand and tagged her along to confront those two bullies. I then asked her for some gum and started munching as fast as I could.

When we got to the store, the boys were still there sipping their colas. I went up to them and said, “Did you do this to my sister?” as I pointed on my sisters head with that gum.  The older boy answered, “Yes we did! Do you have a problem with that?” Thinking that he can scare me that easy. I then spit the gum I was chewing in my mouth, stick on the boys head and said, “There you have it, Jerk! We’re now even!” The two boys were quiet, and the younger one decided to run away. I then clenched my fist, put it right in front of the boy’s face and said “The next time you pick on my sister, there will be no more gum. This is what’s going to hit your face. Am I clear?” Then he fled quickly before he could say another word.

Ow golly! I’m so bad hah? But then that puts the bullies in the right place. I don’t think my sister ever had a problem with these two after. And everytime I see them both in our village, they’ll be walking on the other side of the street. I guess the gum I sticked on their heads did teach them a lesson!

Love Songs, Love Poems, Cliches & Tags

“I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes.” There you have it! That’s the song that’s been playing non stop in my head. Add to that Martina McBride serenading, ” You’re all I need, My love, My Valentine.” Ay Qaramba! If only I could find the pause button to my brainy media player. Is this really how it’s supposed to feel?

And since the other day, I’ve already written seven pages of poetry. Pretty impressive! I haven’t done that for quite a long time. I hope I don’t sound like I’m complaining, cause I’m not. All this just feels weird, that’s all!

Love has taken away my practices,

And filled me with poetry,

I tried to keep quietly repeating,

But couldn’t, for I have no strength.

I saw you once and felt redeemed.

Redemption, more beautiful than existence.

And when finally I have you,

Realization came to memory,

That all this time,

I’ve been searching blindly,

We’re in each other all along…

Then here’s all these random questions from Cee-Cee and Ken. Did you get swept out of your feet? Did you feel tingly? Were you on cloud nine? Was it an explosion inside? What is up with all these questions and cliches? Oh, but wait till you hear my mothers inquisition — How is he in bed?  Forgive me for even mentioning this, but I just find it both surprising and funny. I’ve only known Ted for a couple weeks and she’s already chewing on the fact that I may have already slept with him.

Oh my golly! My own mother thinks I’m slut. Oh, please forgive me for using that expression. I just thought that the word harlot or cheap is not promiscuous enough. Hahahah! I know my Mom can be blunt, but not this brusquely candid! Although to be honest, I probably wouldn’t mind answering her query given that I’m drunk, wastedly drunk!

This tag is courtesy of Weng.  I have to list down 6 songs that takes me down memory lane. Hmmm, let’s see! Am I ready to embarrass myself more, Hahahah. Anyhow, here’s more reason for people to laugh at me. What can I say, jologs ako!

Please Be Good To Me. Like my good friend, Weng. I, too was a huge fan of this Puerto Rican boy band. I was going crazy over Charlie Masso and Ricky Martin. I remember begging my Dad to buy me concert tickets and cassette tapes in exchange for good grades and doing household chores. Hahaha! I know, I sound desperate. But those were the days, the embarrassing ones. When you’d see me by the radio, singing along with the group. Songs like Hold Me and If You’re Not Here. Hahaha!

Hiram by Zsa Zsa Padilla. This was the time na di pa ako inis kay Zsa Zsa! I remember singing this song on a talent show at school, way back elementary. I didn’t want to, but Mom pushed me. Fortunately, I won second place.

Strangers Again. If my memory serves me right, these song was playing on the radio as I cried over my heart being torn to pieces — first love eh! So when I hear it again, even now, (and even downloaded it to my Ipod, what was I thinking?) I am reminded of not just the pain, but the joy of being in love for the very first time. Ayayay!

Because You Love Me. I admit it, I’m totally baduy! It’s our theme song, my first boyfriend and I. That ended six months after, why? Cause my mother found out about it. Patay kang bakla ka! It’s funny how couples have theme songs, young and old. Kaya kayo dyan, umamin na!

Home To Stay. I didn’t know about this Josh Groban song till my ex-boyfriend left me for another guy couple years ago. I was playing with my sisters MP3 player, when this song played and felt that the lyrics were drawn from the emotions I was feeling at that time. Eventually, I moved on; but the song still lingers in my head. Madrama ang buhay ko, ever!

When You Say You Love Me. Another Josh Groban song that sings to my heart at present naman. The song goes, “When you say you love, the world goes still. When you say you love me, in the moment I know I am alive!” Forgive me for being so melodramatic, puro love love love. But that’s how my life has always been, madrama!