Love Is…

It’s mid afternoon and everybody’s busy preparing tonights Thanksgiving meal in the kitchen. Honestly, it was starting to get a bit crowded in our mid-size kitchen. And then it hit me! 

Dad is by sink washing the dishes, Mom was by the pantry looking for some Mang Tomas lechon sauce, my Sister by the stove glazing the ham, my Brothers and in-laws sitting in front of counter table sampling the food.  And my nephews and niece in the family room doing the thing they do best – watching TV and video games.

Wow, the whole family’s here! And however sad I am trying to put myself together. How can I be unhappy? I am surrounded by love, and that is all the blessing I need!



  1. Keith · November 28, 2009

    Nell, so nice to have the whole family around (and my picture taking pa – saw it in FB). It is so hard to have a moment like that – even in our family, we are seldom complete during special gatherings. Consider yourself very blessed.

    I hope that through your family you may be able to resolve whatever is making you sad right now. I’m sure things will work out fine in the end.

    • sardonicnell · November 29, 2009

      thanks keith, thanks for your kind comment. and yes, i feel blessed. guess, in the midst of my sadness eh i was able to see some light. good thing i found a glimpse of love and hope!

      and even in our family, it’s tough to bring us all together. iba iba kasi ang sched and some live far away, and some can’t take days off. and don’t you worry, i’ll bounce back soon. in no time, eh i’ll be jolly self again.

      thanks and warm wishes to you, pinky and your lovely kids (((hugs)))

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