The Wedding

I was trying to find humor, in what feels like the end – but I couldn’t. Hours of waiting, and judgment day has started. You stand at the foot of the altar, and I look at you teary eyed six rows away. You looked at me one time, and turned your head down. That look was your goodbye. I was inconsolable! In the midst of everyone’s happiness, I was the only one feeling pain and sadness. My tears were thought to be a sign of happiness. If only they knew…

-July 19, 1998-




  1. barrycade · July 26, 2009

    wow. that was an ‘ouch’ moment there.

    • sardonicnell · August 3, 2009

      yes it was, barrycade. and to this moment, may kurot pa rin!

  2. iris · August 3, 2009

    interesting… does this have anything to do with my comment on your FB note? 🙂

    • sardonicnell · August 3, 2009

      hello iris! these are two different guys. the guy i’m with now, makes me happy. while the other, sad. hahaha!

  3. Captain Sparrow · August 15, 2009

    interesting ang life mo..:)

    • sardonicnell · August 15, 2009

      i think everyone has some sort of interesting part in there life, dba capt sparrow? this just happen to be one of them, hahaha!

  4. lilly · August 18, 2009

    hi nell! this is really poignant 😦

    ps. ba’t di ka na nag pu plurk?

    • sardonicnell · September 6, 2009

      hello lilly, thanks for your kind comment. and yes, i haven’t been plurking lately. i have been busy lately, you can catch me on facebook. pls feel free to add me. thanks again, mwah!

  5. bw · September 19, 2009

    wooo.. masyadong heartbreaking. Hope you are over with it now.

    I remember in one comical Pinoy movie, nagtanong ang pari sa madlang people attending the wedding ” meron ba sa inyo na tumututol sa kasal na ito ?” Merong sumagot – “tutol ako !” arghh.. hehe.

    • sardonicnell · September 27, 2009

      the priest did ask that same question. but of course, i wouldn’t dare speak up. hahaha! and yes, i’m all over this episode. i’ve made my peace and we’ve both moved on. it was just bitter sweet, but other than that – ok na ako! hehehe, thanks for your kind comment, bw.

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