Of Time and Tides

tidesYes, the tides has changed once again. One day, Mom is feeling wonderfully well and then now, she’s not. Truly, our family’s battle with breast cancer has been one hell of a ride. Not to mention the anxiety and emotional torture. But however exhausted, we promise never to give up. There are things in life that I have no problem letting go, just not this one. It’s  totally out of the question!



  1. banggigay · July 13, 2009

    awww! hug nga kita!

    • sardonicnell · July 13, 2009

      i thank you so much, bangge. i appreciate it! mom is doing a series of detox, and hopefully that would help boost her immune system. hugs to you as well, mwah!

  2. iris · July 14, 2009

    pray for strength for you and your family, nell. i only know partially how hard that is, so a salute to your bravery. hugs!

    • sardonicnell · July 15, 2009

      thank you, iris. that is also my prayer, that God continues to give us the strength and courage to withstand each and every wave that hits us. and the credit is all due to our mom. she is the brave one! if not for her, i wouldn’t know how to handle the situation. thanks again, mwah!

  3. Something Purple · July 15, 2009

    Aw nell, I did not know.
    Virtual hugs and know that my prayers are with you in this tough time.

    Take care.

    • sardonicnell · July 15, 2009

      thank you, emm. it is with love and prayers that we’re able to survive this. hugs to you as well, mwah!

  4. Captain Sparrow · August 15, 2009

    hugs for you..

    • sardonicnell · August 15, 2009

      i thank you, capt sparrow. for now, we’re all good and trying to adapt to the situation. though, we never ever lose hope that mom would soon recover!

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