The Wisdom There Is In Life

I was at doctors office waiting for my name to be called for an appointment, when I saw a book on a side table that caught my attention. I opened it, started reading and made a huge discovery about myself…

That I should accept my own foolishness in my character. To accept that it was not my destiny to be the sort of person I would have liked to be. To try and see the people as themselves. To appreciate the distinctions between one shade of gray and the other. To beleive that if you like people, it is probable that they will like you. To trust people, partly because it is too much bother to go around full of distrust. To accept that being let down is among the normal course of life and that we only harm ourselves by being bitter. To beleive in our own experience, and dare to do what we beleive is our destiny. To rely on the experience of other people, but not on the wisdom of others, because it is useless. To live our own experience, because it is unique. That life is not a rehearsal, either we watch life passing right in front of us or try to experiece it fully. And finally, to rejoice, be happy and stop moaning!

My Declaration



  1. barrycade · June 8, 2009

    what’s this book?

    • sardonicnell · June 9, 2009

      hello there barrycade! the book’s entitled – ten eternal questions by zoe sallis. you would love this book, it has insights from great human beings (ie nelson mandela, the dalai lama, etc).

  2. bw · June 18, 2009

    “To live our own experience, because it is unique. That life is not a rehearsal, either… ”

    Amen to that ! So much for other people dictating as to how you need to live your life, duh 😡

    • sardonicnell · June 18, 2009

      hello bw, thanks for the kind comment. funny how we let other people dictate us, and how we should live our life. when it is ours, to begin with. dba? been on that boat, and i know better now to tell people to – butt off! hahaha 😉

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