Going Bananas

I do not know what our office was thinking when they accepted these auditors-in-training. I mean, it’s okay to have them around. But definitely not under my custody! It’s bad enough that I had to do payroll, cause the clerk was out on vacation. And then, here’s two people following me around like dogs. Waiting for me to throw a ball on them. I am not so much of a trainer, specially when I’m trying to do a two-man job. Forgive me for complaining, I’m just way too overwhelmed at this time.

And then today, I asked them to do a profit/loss report on our Southern California branch. Took them almost the whole day to do it. And then later found out, three entries were incorrect. I know they’re fresh out of junior college, but not being able to do the basics – that is unacceptable. I have asked for them to do the simplest tasks, and they still got it wrong. They’re even justifying there mistakes as typo. Oh, that pissed me off! And would you believe the two were scratching there heads, when I mentioned the words auditing risks and misappropriations of assets.

I am appalled and I simply rest my case on these two…

Banana Cream Pie Topped With Whip


  1. Pinky · February 23, 2009

    That’s the spirit – take it out on that mean-looking banana cream pie!!! 😆 Am sure when you’re done with the pie, all that negativity will turn into sweetness – hehehe!

    Tomorrow will be a better day, Nell! Hang in there!

    • sardonicnell · February 24, 2009

      hahaha! i sorta took it out on the banana cream pie, sis pinky. that i ended having two big slices instead of just one. di naman sa nagmamarunong ako hah, but if someone wishes to be an auditor and make a career out of it. eh siguro naman eh alam dapat ang mga basics, dba? or baka sadya lang mataas ang expectation ko. hehehe 😉

  2. pen · February 25, 2009

    Yummy! And of course I choose the best time to read blogs, right before lunchtime. LOL.

    Take it easy Nell 🙂

    • sardonicnell · February 25, 2009

      hahaha, tama ang timing hah pen! you take care as well, mwaah 🙂

  3. Loren · February 25, 2009

    Resting your case with banana cream pie. hahah!! That’s a good a idea. Next time I get pissed off, I’d go banana cream pie too!

    • sardonicnell · February 25, 2009

      yup, do that loren. and beleive me, you’ll feel much better. medyo dagdag calories nga lang, hahaha 😀

  4. banggigay · February 26, 2009

    ang sarap naman nito! graaaabe! eyelurve anything saging! PERIOD!

    • sardonicnell · February 26, 2009

      it was delish, bangge. now that i know you love saging, pag nadalaw ka dito eh we’ll go to coco’s, marie callenders or nations pies. lantakan natin ang kanilang banana cream pie. yummy 😀

  5. Leap of Faith! · February 27, 2009

    Nell, naku, just be patient. Don’t let those two get into your nerves. Ang sarap ng banana pie na yan ha… at 2 pa ang nakain mo!!! Bigyan mo naman kami.

    • sardonicnell · February 28, 2009

      hahaha, don’t you worry keith. i don’t have to think of them na, the first one quit, while the other is out sick. so i didn’t have to deal with them. do i sound evil or what? 😀

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