Strange But True

“So why did you fall for him?” My sister asked loudly, not even caring that we were having this conversation in the middle of the bra section at Victoria’s Secret. But come to think of it, I have never asked myself that question. Hmmm, I wonder why? Considering, I knew he was straight the first time I ever laid eyes on him.

I don’t know, maybe I was attracted cause he smelled good. Or because he makes a good cup of coffee for me each morning, or the notes he leaves me on my desk. Saying, please research the Russell vs Pimco Innovation case, before anything else or don’t have time to back up files, would you kindly do it for me. With the word please in all caps and three exclamation signs following it. Now, isn’t that romantic?

Just how did we meet? All started when I took a part time job, the second time around, at my uncles law office. Said he needed someone who can assist him and his partner (business, that is) clear out there mess in the office. And work on there accounts and financial books as well. Besides, the offer was good. And I badly needed the money, so I agreed.

To start with, he is one arrogant guy. He has this very domineering appeal. Others wouldn’t want to be associated with him. But for some reason, beyond my foolish comprehension. I was enticed. Maybe, because I’m alpha male myself. Though not by choice, but for lack of options and the absence of a figure willing to step up to the challege. For a change, I wanted to be on the back seat and be led by someone. Instead of me steering the wheel, which I think is exhausting once we’ve reached a certain saturation point.

I know, I am up for disappointment. I don’t think I’m omnipotent enough to bend his manhood. Not unless my gay fairy godmother shows up, and sprinkle some love dust over this fool. But then again, I don’t think so. There’s not a hint of queerness in him, he’s a straight guy through and through.

Getting back on the question, why did I fall for him? Maybe, because he’s so comfortable being himself. That he personifies this guy who doesn’t give a crap what others think of him. He lives to please himself, and not for others. There’s not an inch of softness in him, besides his smile. He’s a bad boy, something I couldn’t imagine myself being one.

Waiting For Love



  1. eric aka senor enrique · September 9, 2008

    “…or the notes he leaves me on my desk. Saying, please research the Russell vs Pimco Innovation case, before anything else …”

    Lol. You’re too much 🙂

  2. sardonicnell · September 10, 2008

    hahaha, glad i made you laugh. i don’t know how i found some humor in such a tragedy 😉

  3. munchkinmommy · September 11, 2008

    “Not unless my gay fairy godmother shows up, and sprinkle some love dust over this fool. hee hee. ikaw talaga, nell. i’ll give cindy (as in cinderella) a call so she can lend you her fairy godmother. 😉 mmmmwah!

  4. sardonicnell · September 12, 2008

    hahaha, no need sis weng. mukhang totally straight talaga etong mokong na eto. walang pag-asang bumigay. hehehe :mrgreen:

  5. Leap of Faith! · September 20, 2008

    Nell, good luck sa yo. Mukhang this will be a real challenge.

  6. sardonicnell · September 20, 2008

    hello keith. sa totoo lang, it has been a challenge. but i need to fight temptation, hahaha :mrgreen:

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