Changing Seasons…

There will always be people,
Who will turn out in ways you never expected,
And it dawns on you that you have to let them go,
So that they can fulfill their destinies,
While you go on to fulfill your own life path.

As life likes to dish out surprises and challenges,
Sometimes it is only through letting go,
When your heart cries in anguish,
That in the agonizing process that you realize,
What is truly worth holding onto.

Letting go does not signify weakness,
As it might take more courage to let go than holding on,
Like the big, inflexible tree that snaps in the storm,
While tiny blades of grasses yield and live on,
Revealing the strength of letting go.

Changing Seasons



  1. toni · September 7, 2008

    Beautiful words with a beautiful image. Yes, there are things we just have to let go of no matter how much we want to hold on to them…

  2. joy · September 8, 2008

    The images goes well with the text! Well written. What do you need to let go?

    A Pinay In England
    Norwich Daily Photo

  3. sardonicnell · September 8, 2008

    TONI: thank you for the kind compliment. truly, we can’t hold everything dear to us. sometimes, letting them on there own is the best thing. it will help them grow or appreciate the things they took for granted 😀

    JOY: thank you, glad you like it. and who do did i let go? it was my lil bro. he needs to do some growing up and find himself as well 😉

  4. Photo Cache · September 9, 2008

    Text and image both wonderful.

    Autumn is the time to shed what summer brought us. To quote one of my fave songs:”… has to shed it’s leaves in winter to grow them back in spring, to welcome life again.”

  5. sardonicnell · September 9, 2008

    thank you, and i love the lyrics of your fave song. makes one realize that in life, we gain some and then lose some 😉

  6. K · September 10, 2008

    Me sings, “I know that I should get on with my life but a life lived without you could never be right….”

  7. sardonicnell · September 12, 2008

    … as long as the stars shine down from the heavens, long as the rivers run to the sea, i’ll never get over you getting over me…

    ayan at pati chorus eh kinanta ko na for you, k. hahaha 😀

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