The Post Office Feud

I was in line at the local post office to mail a package to a friend. There was a bit of a wait, as there were about eight to ten people ahead of us and only two windows open. The person in front of me was an elderly Filipina lady, we call her Mommy Millie. I knew her from church and have seen her sharing conversations with both my Dad and Lola. She was a familiar face, someone who’s been suffering from severe rheumatoid arthrisitis for quite sometime now. Reason why her legs are weak and using a walker. And she recognized me right away from the crowd, and we started chit-chatting while in line.

It was finally her turn to get some help. When I heard a male postal worker yell at her and said, “Hey Miss, do you need help or what?  We don’t have all day! ” Mommy Millie certainly heard him, and she even told the guy that she maybe old, but not deaf. To my surprise, this guy raised his voice again. He said, ” Your bill is only $4.70 and you are writing us a check. Don’t you have cash or a credit card with you? ”  I was shocked by this persons behaviour. I could not believe he was yelling at a customer.

The people next to me were starting to feel uneasy and it didn’t took me long to react. So I came up to the guy and said, ” You do not need to yell at her, Sir! ” The postal worker stared at me and replied, ” She is causing a delay. There’s people behind you. What do you want me to do? ” This guy  was totally impolite, not an inch of respect for the elderly, moreso for his customers. Mommy Millie on the other hand was feeling uncomfortable and was apologizing to everyone. I had to stopped her quickly and asked not to apologize for anything. It wasn’t her fault — the line was there to begin with. The post office should have opened another window, instead of blaming there imcompentency on an elderly lady.

” I will pay the $4.70, but would you please refrain from raising your voice! “ I said to the guy. This time, he decided to calm down a bit. Some of the other customers in line were commenting on his rudeness. And so he took my payment and handed me the receipt. And then right before we left the counter, I decided to give the guy some last words.

” You know what, Sir. You too have a mother or grandmother, I’m sure. I just hope she won’t ever get disrespected or treated horribly like you did to this lady.” I said to him while I look him straight in the eyes.

After that, I decided to escort Mommy Millie to her car. She thanked me for helping her and apologized if she had put me in a bad situation. But I quickly dismissed that thought, and told her that I was happy to come to her rescue. She then gave me a hug and drove off.

Looks like this guy needs a refreshers course in customer service! 




  1. Major Tom · August 27, 2008

    Thanks for dropping by.

    That rude guy should be taught some lesson; he shouldn’t get away with that horrible conduct. Maybe, you should write their supervisor or head about this incident.

    BTW, I’ll be linking your site. And nice blog you got here.

  2. bertN · August 27, 2008

    I’m glad you did not let that “hole at the end of a forward moving ass” get away with his rudeness. His behavior should have been reported to his supervisor.

  3. barrycade · August 27, 2008

    that guy from the post office deserved it for his harsh behavior. that man must be a lowly paid, miseducated adult who was a neglected when he was a child. hahaha.

    seriously, nice of you to stand up for Mommy Millie. for a fellow Pinoy. for what is basically the right thing to do.

  4. sardonicnell · August 27, 2008

    MAJOR TOM: thanks for the blog visit as well, your kind comment and for linking up my site to yours. maraming pong salamat! and speaking of this rude guy, i intend to write a letter address to a superior. i’m just waiting to talk to mommy millie, and have her join me in filing a formal complaint. hehehe 😉

    BERTN: there was absolutely no excuse for this guy to be impolite. i can understand there was a long line or they were busy, but then again we’re paying customers. and if he doesn’t have the patience dealing with people, then i suggest he looks for another job. hahahah! thanks for your kind comment, God bless 😀

    BARRYCADE: he must have been neglected as a child, hahaha! and speaking of standing up, i would have done that for anyone. i’m one effusive person, and have no problems sharing my opinions to others. specially, if i’m on the right side. hehehe! thanks for visiting hah 😉

  5. fortuitous faery · August 27, 2008

    OMG! kudos to you for standing up for the outrageous behavior towards an elderly person! how disrespectful of that postal employee! picking on a senior citizen!

    you should have taken the guy’s name and reported him to the higher-ups at the post office….they have name tags, don’t they? they shouldn’t tolerate that kind of behavior!

  6. Loren · August 27, 2008

    Grabe, so rude. ‘kangitngit! I bet that guy is having a miserable life. People like this can definitely ruin a day. So it’s very kind of you to stand and speak up for your friend.

  7. sardonicnell · August 27, 2008

    CONNIE: that guy was absolutely rude, to the nth power. hehehe! and i did get the name of the guy, i have that all memorized. it’s only a matter of writing a complaint letter. syempre, di natin eto papalampasin 😉

    LOREN: it’s either he’s had a miserable life or his miserable himself. hahaha! pero in fairness, he didn’t ruin my day. most likely eh ako pa ang nakasira ng araw nya, hehehe :mrgreen:

    thank you BOTH for your kind comment…

  8. iris · August 28, 2008

    oooh. way to go nell. you really showed that guy. 🙂

  9. sardonicnell · August 28, 2008

    hello iris. you can say that we taught this guy some lesson on respect. specially towards our elders. dba 😉

  10. K · August 29, 2008

    How brave and kind of you to do that – because it’s the only way to “educate” people in a civilized country, how disrespectful. Sana kinuha mo ang name nun and file a complaint. Can I call it, a racial discrimination?

  11. sardonicnell · August 29, 2008

    hello k. wag kang mag-alala at nakuha ko ang name nya, a complaint letter is on it’s way to his supervisor. hehehe, and speaking of mommy millie. she has agreed to file a complaint herself, pati nga yong daughter nya galit na galit at magrereklamo rin. di ko lang talaga napigilan mag-react. that guy was absolutely ill bred, walang karesperespeto sa mga nakatatanda. kaya humanda sya, lagot sya sa amin. heheheh 😉

  12. caryn · August 30, 2008

    oh man, that is sad. its a good thing you were there to help her. the guy’s behaviour is inexcusable.

  13. sardonicnell · August 30, 2008

    hello caryn, thanks for the comment and the blog visit. the guys behaviour is totally inexcusable talaga. kong pwede ko nga batukan eh ginawa ko na. hahaha! what can i say, pinaganak lang talaga akong pakialamera. hehehe, pero seriously ayaw ko kasi nakakakita ng taong inaapi or binabastos. for some reason eh lumalabas ang sungay ko. hahaha :mrgreen:

  14. mai · August 31, 2008

    What a dick. Good you called him on it.

  15. somethingpurple · August 31, 2008

    nakakairita ito ha! napapamura ako my goodness! And so what if she’s paying in cheque. hay hay hay!

  16. sardonicnell · August 31, 2008

    MAI: he is a dick talaga, hahaha. pati ba naman elderly eh patulan. but he’s in for a surprise, he has three complaint letters coming. hahaha 😀

    EM: i feel you, dear. i was close to cursing when this incident happened. as far as i know eh they accept checks, cash, debit cards and credit cards naman. i guess this guy was reacting cause he feels that $4.70 is a small amount to be writing a check. but then again, kahit dollar pa yan they have to honor it. a payment is a payment, dba 😉

    thank you GUYS for your kind comment. mwaaah!

  17. bw · September 3, 2008

    We never run out of boors like that guy I can tell you. It seems there’s lots of them everywhere we go. He definitely needed a knock on the head for his disrespectful behavior and good for you for rescuing the poor old lady from further embarassment 😉

  18. sardonicnell · September 3, 2008

    hello bw, how was your vacation? and speaking of rude people, i believe madaming ganyan sa mundong ibabaw. as in nagkalat sila, hahaha. pero okay na, we’ve already filed a formal complaint. and we’re just waiting for a reply from the supervisor. in short, lagot sya. hahaha 😀

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