Two’s A Charm

Saturday finally came, and at 6 PM sharp he was right outside our door and ringing the door bell. This time he was wearing a yellow polo shirt that was clinging tightly on both his arms, a flat front chinos and a pair of black mocs. We’re going casual today, hahahah!

Reservations we’re made at Trattoria La Siciliana, a cozy italian restaurant along the busy College Avenue in Berkeley. We were seated right away, ordered our food and I ended guzzling half a bottle of wine (not even a sip him since he’s driving). And we all know what happens when I’m loaded, suddenly I let lose and the sensuous side of me is unleashed. And I’m not embarrassed, for I know exactly what I’m doing.

If I’m not mistaken, I was able to tell my date our families life history in that two hours we were together. I realized he was also loosening up a bit, when he told me stuff about he’s ex’es. However, I felt bad for him, for he’s been dump for another guy each time he’s in a relationship. But how can that be? He’s goodlooking, he seems kindhearted, he’s got a good job, he’s descent, and he’s smart. What seems to be the problem? Which led me to asking him that question.

” Why do you get dump each and every time? “ I fearlessly asked him.

His reaction was a complete surprise. I thought he was going to smack me or say, how dare you. But he didn’t, he was cool about it. He put his hand on top of mine, gently lift it, put it on his face and lightly kissed it. I didn’t see that coming, it startled me a bit.

” All of them says the same thing, that I’m boring! “ He said without any hesitation.

But how can they say that? He seems fine now that he’s with me. Yes, he’s quiet and a bit limited when it comes to answers. But there’s no way that someone would address him, weary or disinteresting. Maybe, they’re too animated for him. Either that or they’re just making a bunch of excuses.

True, I don’t know him that much. But there has got to be something good and fascinating about him. I can even name a few, considering we’ve only met twice. He’s very attentive guy, passionate about his craft and did I mention, a gentle man. He really is! He could have easily took advantage of a situation, but he chose not to.

Two hours after, the wine finally got me. I apologized to him for getting myself intoxicated. It was poor judgement on my part to drink that much. What was I thinking? It was a date, and not a cocktail party. And he was quick to stop me and asked that I quit apologizing. He said that he’d love for us to go out again. And I did accept his invitation. But this time, to make it up to him. I asked that I make the arrangements, and I will take the tab on our next date.

He smiled at me and said, ” Okay, whatever makes you happy! “




  1. Loren · August 26, 2008

    Hi! Glad to have stumbled on your blog. I love what you write. Wish to link you up, thanks!


  2. sardonicnell · August 26, 2008

    hello loren, thanks for the blog visit. and i’m very happy to hear that you like my entries. promise, touch ako sa sinabi mo. and speaking of link up, i already did that. you can see it now on my blog roll. thanks again and happy bday 😉

  3. Loren · August 27, 2008

    I linked you up too. I guess I’d be a frequent visitor of your blog these days as I’m not yet done reading your old entries.

  4. sardonicnell · August 27, 2008

    thank loren. looks like you’re in for some reading, since i have almost sixteen months worth of entry. hehehe 😉

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