Coming Out Of The Dark

My light and my life  
provided me hope for a future,  
a reason to live  
and the strength to exist.  

Suddenly extinguished,  
taken away without warning.  
I was abandoned,  
left in the darkness  
trying to survive  
searching for any glimmer  
on the distant horizon.  

I stand precariously  
on a piece of solid ground  
barely large enough for my feet.  
Around me, a vast expanse  
of desolation and emptiness  
for as far as I can tell.  

It waits  
with extending arms  
to engulf and surround me  
in a permanent shadow.  

I remain tenuously balanced  
on this small bit of solid footing  
Providing me the last vestiges of hope,  
Unsure where to turn  
or how to find an escape.  

No path in sight,  
it has decayed into the abyss.  
No light to guide my footsteps,  
it has been withdrawn.  

In complete blackness  
I close my eyes  
waiting to fall.  

A light appears before me  
from within me.  

I discover  
a brilliance inside  
An internal source of strength, power  
and illumination.  

This force surges through my body  
filling me with courage.  
I open my eyes once more in the darkness  
finally lose my balance,  
and descend  
into the eternal night.  

But in falling, I discover  
that I possess wings.  

With new courage, my own light,  
and wings to save me  
from the everlasting darkness  
I take flight  
high above the waiting chasm  
towards a faint glimmer  
far on the horizon  
and hope.

Light Shines Around Me



  1. barrycade · August 24, 2008

    sad but hopeful. indeed, at the end of the day, we have no one else to come to terms with but ourselves.

  2. sardonicnell · August 24, 2008

    hello there, barrycade. thanks for the blog visit and your kind comment. the poem speaks so much of what i’ve been thru (and others as well). yes, there is sadness at first. but soon as we discover our inner strength and that enormous power to thrive and survive. despondency vanished and happiness followed, thereafter. and like you said, in the end there’s only us we can rely on, no one else. thanks again and God bless 😀

  3. K · August 24, 2008

    It sounds very depressing but after reading it, it felt like we can get better. I believed that being depressed at times doesn’t mean we are being punished. It’s very uplifting, Nell.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Meeya · August 25, 2008

    habang may buhay may pag-asa. hope springs eternal. at lahat lahat na ng quotable quotes sa mundo tungkol sa hope ay ipapasa ko na sa iyo nell. 🙂

    i hope everything will go much better for you starting today. 🙂 *muah*

  5. sardonicnell · August 25, 2008

    K: hello there, welcome back. how was your vacation? and speaking of depression, naku parte na talaga yan ng buhay. di na yan nawawala, dba? pero sabi nga nila, what makes us weak also makes us stronger. thanks for your comment, pls get well soon.

    MEEYA: kamustasa, sister! tagal nating di nakapag-usap noh? sensya ka na hah at medyo kinakareer ko itong pag-aaral. hahaha! and thanks for passing on all the hope you’ve got. kailangan natin yan for the rainy days. pero okay na ako, sis. don’t you worry, moment of sadness lang po yon. in short eh nag-emote lang ang beauty ko, hahaha 😀

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