Such A Relief

It’s it every news channel and periodical, the MILF attacked parts of Lanao del Norte where some of my mothers side of family resides, including her sister. There was tension in the household, our mother was crying and in state of panic. Numerous phone calls were made, and we didn’t get any reply. Not even a single text message. In desperation we called our uncle, who used to be the police chief in Marawi. We begged him to check on our aunt and rescue her family, if necessary.

Mom hasn’t slept in days and we’re worried of her health, she barely touched her food and she’s not taking her medication either. It was days of crying and sadness, nobody could console her. It wasn’t until Tuesday that we heard back from my uncle, he carries with him good news. My aunt and her family are unharmed, they took refuge in Malabang right before the attack in Kolambugan occured. Mom was so relieved to hear the news, but she refused to settle down till she hears her sisters voice. Two hours of waiting, and uncle finally got our aunt on the line. The conversation was filled with tears, followed by a feeling of ease.

Thank heavens they’re okay, it’s a huge relief finally seeing Mom back to her senses…

Clear Blue Waters



  1. bertN · August 22, 2008

    I’m glad that your Mom’s sister and her family are safe. Why can’t the MILF
    and the government resolve their problems through peaceful negotiations. Marami tuloy na nadadamay na mga innocent civilians on both sides.

  2. sardonicnell · August 22, 2008

    thank you bertn. we were walking on pins and needles, before we got that phone call from my uncle. we saw the ruins and casualties of the attack on tv, and mom almost fainted. it was devastating, and sana nga the government and the milf can settle there difference in a non combative manner. kawawa talaga ang mga inosenteng tao. thank you also for the blog visit 😉

  3. K · August 24, 2008

    I am sorry to hear the sad news. I have seen these on TV while in Phil 2 a week ago, it looks very scary pero buti naman your family are safe. May updates na ba?

    BTW, thank you for the nice postcard you sent me from RENO. How thoughtful of you to remember.

    Take care, Nell. I hope all is well with you and your Mom.

  4. sardonicnell · August 24, 2008

    thank you, k. we were so relieved that our family’s safe from that said attack. they have already move to cagayan de oro, at our grandmothers house. and should there be more discord, we have offered our house in quezon city to accomodate them. right now, our relatives said na medyo tahimik naman. although there were some grenades found at this public place in iligan city, which brought another shock to us. since may mga pinsan kami who goes to school not too far from that place where they got those grenades. kakatakot, promise!

    and you’re welcome, k. glad to hear that you got the postcard i sent you. also, mom is doing alright now. medyo tumaas lang ang blood pressure nya, pero ok na. thanks for your kind concern hah. you take care as well and God bless 😀

  5. Meeya · August 25, 2008

    wow grabe. i’m happy that your aunt and uncle are unharmed. napaka-hirap na talaga ng sitwasyon sa atin. 😦 my hugs go out to your mom, please tell her not to worry anymore. *hugs*

  6. sardonicnell · August 25, 2008

    thanks sis meeya. okay na naman po si mom and my aunts family have relocated temporarily to cdo. mahirap na at baka may atake na naman. dba? kinabahan lang talaga kami kay mom, cause we all know naman about her health. di sya dapat nadedepress or pinapabayaan ang sarili nya. thanks heavens talaga at safe na ang family namin sa mindanao 🙂

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