A Blind Date

It was arranged by our friends, Cee Cee and Sullivan. Guess they took pity on me, for lack of social life. I initially said no, but I figured out that they were right. I’ve been neglecting myself lately, and I needed a break from all the pressures I’ve been experiencing. Besides, I remembered what Lola used to say — In life, sometimes, there maybe no more second chances. So, I called Cee Cee and agreed on this blind date.

I was five minutes early, as Mimi’s Cafe was not too far from where I live. I decided to sit by the bar, situated near the exit. I thought to myself, if the guy was not to my liking. I can be discreet and simply walked out the door without being noticed. Hahahah! Style noh, bastoosh? And right on the dot, a guy wearing a corduroy jacket, faded jeans and crisp white shirt that says, freedom lies in being bold, came in. He looked around and then stared at me.

” Are you Nell, by any chance? “  He said. I didn’t expect for him to spot me right away in the crowd. So I had a stuttery voice when I said, ” Yes, that would be me. “

After our introduction, a hand shake, and a big warm hug. We decided to grab a table away from the busy and noisy flock of people. We ordered our food, asked each other the customary blind date questions and had a good laugh. We discovered a lot about each other, things we have in common, favorite tv shows, books we’ve read, blogging, and did I mention, poetry. It’s not everday that I get to meet a fellow literary buff. He even wrote something for me on a piece of tissue. Ayayay! I’d have to give him a hefty amount of pogi points for that. Hahahah!

Two hours in the restaurant, we decided to call it a night. It was fun and exciting date, I’d have to admit that. He’s good looking, smart, enthralling, genial and polite. Qualities in a man worth dating again. But then I didn’t have the balls to asked him out. Ano ba, dalagang Filipina ako. Hahaha! Good thing he’s intrepid enough to asked, and I was quick to say yes. We gave each other a kiss on the cheek, another hug and he saw me drove away from the parking lot. Truly, he was a gentleman.

Now, I can’t wait till Saturday…

Table For Two


  1. eric aka senor enrique · August 19, 2008

    Beautiful photograph, Nell … I love it!

    Email me just before you fly to Manila this December and we’ll arrange a photo shoot of some of downtown Manila’s streets.

    Sluttery voice? No wonder he was intrepid when it came to asking you out a second time 🙂 Good luck!

  2. Something Purple · August 19, 2008

    awww! i can feel the kilig in the tone of your entry hee =)

    Living the Healthy Life
    Vanity Kit
    Something Purple
    Em’s Detour

  3. sardonicnell · August 19, 2008

    ERIC: thank you, i’m glad you like the photo. and i will definitely email you before i leave sfo, para magkita tayo and you can show me around manila. ikaw hah, anong sluttery voice? di ko yan nagamit ever, pero pinapractice ko na. hahaha! thanks for the blog visit, see you soon.

    EMM: medyo kinikilig pa nga ako, hehehe. but i don’t want to keep my hopes up, until di pa kami umaabot sa third or fourth date. mahirap na at baka sa gong-gong na naman lumanding ang beauty ko, hahaha.

  4. bw · August 20, 2008

    LOL ..on dalagang Filipina hahaha 🙂

    BTW, that shot is very artistic 🙂

  5. sardonicnell · August 20, 2008

    bakit dalaga pa naman ako hah, bw? hahaha. and glad you like the photo 😉

  6. dang · August 20, 2008

    whatever makes you happy dear. after all, we only have one life to live!
    korek ka dun, dalagang pilipina — sa isip, sa salita at sa gawa…
    sana sabado na nga! 🙂

  7. sardonicnell · August 21, 2008

    thank you, dang. high five sa mga dalagang pinay, hahaha! i can’t wait till saturday na nga rin eh. don’t worry, i’ll keep you posted 😉

  8. Photo Cache · August 22, 2008

    Bloghopping. Hi, I’ve been meaning to sample Mimi’s Cafe for years as it’s on the way to Fry’s. How was it?

  9. sardonicnell · August 22, 2008

    hello my, thanks for the visit. mimi’s cafe a wonderful restaurant. the decor is nice, like an italian bistro. and the food’s diverse, mostly comfort foods. i odered jambalaya pasta and it was delish. there cafe mocha is topnotch, i even wanted to order another cup. there asian salad and zucchini crisp very appetizing. try it, there food’s quite flavorful. good luck!

  10. julie · August 24, 2008

    Nell, kinilig ako sa post na ito? So what happened? Did you go out again?

  11. sardonicnell · August 24, 2008

    thanks julie. the second date turned out to be a success. just hang in there my friend, i will definitely blog about it this week. hehehe, pasuspense pa noh 😉

  12. Meeya · August 25, 2008

    uy buhay na naman ang lovelife ng kaibigan ko! haha! sunggab na kaagad, walang nang pakipot-pakipot pa, hehe. i’m sooo happy for you! dali kwento mo na yung second date! eto naman, pa-suspense suspense pa, hehe.


  13. sardonicnell · August 25, 2008

    hahaha, kaloka ka sis meeya. hayaan mo sis, i-share ko na sya soon as i’m done writing this. hehehe, love yah. mwaaah 😀

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