Bad Trip

Asakusa, Akihabara, Tokyo Towers, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ueno Park, Ginza, Tsukiji Palace, Imperial Palace, Harajuku, Mount Fuji, Roponggi, Shiba Park, Zojo-ji Temple, Kamakura, Nikko, Hakone, Yoyogi Park.

Queen Sunjeonghyo Palace, Bukchon, Hanok Village, LG Towers, Boromae Park, Hangang River, Namsan Mountain, Kumho Museum, National Palace, Myeongdong, Insadong, Yongsan, Hyundai Department Store, Samsung Plaza, Gwangjang Market.

It took me days browsing online, add to that reading Frommer’s Guide Book from start to finish. Only to receive the news that we won’t be pushing through with the Tokyo and Seoul leg of the trip. I must admit, I was mad and then saddened (everybody’s upset). If only my brother-in-law listened and did his homework. It’s not like, he was clueless about it. He knows what to do, and didn’t do it. He should have applied for that darn passport and entry visa when he had time on his side. As in, K-A-I-N-I-S. I was so looking forward to this trip, till somebody spoiled it for everyone…




  1. bw · August 19, 2008

    What happened ? Are the flights full?

  2. sardonicnell · August 19, 2008

    hello bw. the flights are not full naman, it’s just that my bro-in-law forgot (so he says, more like delay to me) to renew his passport and apply for his entry visa. he’s holding an expired philippines passport kasi, and we told him many weeks back that he needed a visa for entry to japan and korea. his reason was, he didn’t know that his passport would take about a month or two to process (akala nya eh overnight lang). so we had to change the families itirenary. medyo nafrustrate lang kami, that’s all.

    pero tuloy pa rin kami umuwi ng manila, but we may just opt for bangkok and kuala lampur instead. thanks for the blog visit, God bless!

  3. dang · August 19, 2008

    hmm…ganyan talaga minsan eh, merong di inaasahang pangyayari..kami naman, we’re going to manila on christmas tapos etong sis in law ko eh pupunta dito on christmas din from canada!! maiiwan naman kasi ang bro in law ko dito sa bahay plus mom in law na darating next month other words, hiwalay pa rin kami sa least we get to be with the dad in law…and nephews and nieces..
    hay in laws;) smile na lang at wrinkles lang yan sistah!take care!!

  4. sardonicnell · August 19, 2008

    what’s this thing about in-laws noh? hahaha. pero in fairness naman, my bro-in-law was apologetic. akala raw kasi nya, phil passports processing eh overnight lang. which was the process before the microchipped passports came into existence. naawa din naman ako sa kanya, cause everybody gave him a cold shoulder with matching inis facial expression. add to that ang pagsesermon ng aking mader, hehehe! buti nalang we were able to make the changes sa itinerary namin without being charged extra.

    tama ka sis, itawa nalang natin ito at itodo ang bakasyon natin sa pinas. dba? good luck sa iyong in-laws hah, mwaaah 😀

  5. Meeya · August 25, 2008

    yikes. nakaka-frustrate nga kapag kailangan mong mag-change bigla ng plans just because of some glitch in the matrix, hehe. di bale na, i’m sure mag-eenjoy naman kayo sa bangkok, ako nga di pa nakapunta dun and i want to go, too. someday. 😀

    at syempre, makakauwi pa naman kayo sa pinas so ok na ok pa rin. 🙂 i-shopping mo na lang ako sa mall of asia, haha!

  6. sardonicnell · August 25, 2008

    hello sis meeya. we’re trying to look at the bright side nalang. the more na inaalala ko yong changes eh naiinis lang ako, hehehe. besides, we get to spend xmas in manila and that’s good enough for us. dba 😉

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