A Learning Experience, Maybe

Anak, can we receive a visitor at your place? Mom asked, as I was driving back home from a job interview. I guess the beach house was too far for this guest to drive, so mother suggested meeting him at my house. Of course, I agreed. However, I told Mom that she’s in charge of dinner and preparations.

At about 7 PM, our guest arrived. He claimed to be our uncle, some distant relative of Mom from Cagayan de Oro. They were about the same age, grew up together as kids and went to MSU together. So, I guess they were close at one time.

While having dinner, our guest made a kind comment about our new home. He said, this is a nice place you have here. And in reply I said, thank you. And then our conversation brought us to my job and then losing our old house. He said to me, you work in the business and financial field and didn’t see it coming? In your line of work, don’t they have this thing called calculated risk? My eyes widened in surprise, I didn’t think it was appropriate for him to comment on my personal affairs. And did I mention, he’s a guest in our house. But I decided to keep my mouth shut, out of respect and hospitality.

How about you, what do you do for a living? Are you married, do you have kids? I asked him. He answered, I’ve been separated from my wife for about three years now and we have one child together. You can say, we were both busy building up our net worth and the next thing you know , our marriage fell apart. I apologized for asking, when he interrupted me and said, I was so engrossed in my job as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

Forgive me, but I ended up laughing and giggling inside when I heard him say this. I felt like saying, you work as a family therapist and didn’t see the separation coming? I wonder if he was able to apply  the techniques and theories he learned in school? I simply rest my case…




  1. Meeya · August 14, 2008

    nyahaha! my golly, talk about practicing what you preach. 😛 na-realize niya kaya yung incongruity ng sinabi niya sa realidad ng buhay niya? ay yay yay. mga tao nga naman, hehehe.

  2. sardonicnell · August 14, 2008

    mismo, friend! naturingan pa man syang family therapist, hehehe. at lahat naman tayo may imperfections, pero wag naman yong ‘in your face’ kind of approach. dba? well in fairness naman, after that conversation eh bumait naman sya. mom gave her this stare, that may have put him in the right place. hahaha :mrgreen:

  3. bw · August 19, 2008

    ewww… walk the talk ! The comment about your alleged indescretion or naiveiy wasn’t proper IMO – it is impolite. He shot himself in the foot by being a failure in what he does for a living ! What an irony. He should have known better 😯

  4. sardonicnell · August 19, 2008

    sa totoo lang, bw. gustong gusto ko ng mag comment don sa bisita namin. but since mom was around eh i bit my tongue nalang, hehehe. mahirap na at baka kami ni mom ang mag wage ng war, hahaha. pero tama ka, it was uncalled for and absolutely impolite. lalo na at bisita pa sya, dba 😉

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