The Magic Number…

Thirty years, yesterday. And how many hours?

I don’t know. Not Anymore. I have the years in me, still, but the smaller, paler shapes of time have been lost — the weeks, the days, and the quiet hours within them. They’ve left me or maybe my wish to count them has. But along with the old, comes the new.Β  A different view of life, a renewed pallete for the bitter sweet ordeals I have to face. Heck yah, I am ready!

I am thirty. Not old, not even slightly.



  1. K · July 29, 2008

    Not all bdays meant that we are indeed getting old, they are just numbers. Yung lasa ng cake pareho pa din, yung spag masarap pa din. I believe we need to get back into the swing of celebrating like it was our first. As much as I don’t like celebrating after my 30th bday, the 2 last two bdays I had was actually celebrated at Jollibee, mga guests ko puro bata.

    … but celebrating anything that marks the journey towards the grave seems as though the most absurd cause for celebration. Why don’t we just celebrate bdays being alive and randomly kicking?

    Happy Bday (and I am singing…..) to you…

    wow, touch naman sa bday song mo para sa akin. thanks so much, k. and speaking of our age, di naman ako worried na tumatanda tayo. sabi nga si manay oprah, we should own the number. dba? ako nga, i so look forward to turning 65 para makapag-retire na. bwahaha :mrgreen:

  2. freshmess · July 29, 2008

    Belated happy birthday, dear!

    i thank you so much, mark. godspeed πŸ˜€

  3. Meeya · July 29, 2008

    happy birthday, nell!!!!!

    i guess you can say that this was probably a very “challenging” year for you ano? i guess, you should then let this bday be the starting mark for your masalimuot ngunit exciting na journey towards grown-uphood . πŸ™‚


    maraming salamat, sis meeya. this year has truly been one bumpy ride, pero ok lang kasi nakakabangon naman. nakakaya, eka nga nila. but i’m hoping that the rest of 2008 onwards would be better, para makapag-recharge man lang ako. hahahah! thanks again for well wishes, mwaaah πŸ˜€

  4. abby · July 29, 2008

    belated happy birthday! i hope you got my text message last night! πŸ™‚ are you done sa paglilipat-bahay yet?

    thank you, abby. i did get your message this morning and texted you back. sensya ka at nahuli reply ko hah. speaking of lipat bahay, eh natapos na po. pero ang dami pang aayusin na anik-anik dito sa bagong bahay. yon ang mas nakakaloka, hahaha! ikaw friend, musta ka na? stay healthy and happy, mwaaah πŸ˜‰

  5. dang · July 30, 2008

    hi nell! uyyy… bati din ako ng happy birthday !!! wish ko sayo ang pagpapala ng poong maykapal! lalim!!! pero true yan!!!! hugssss…

    thank you, dang. thanks so much for birthday wishes, i wish you and your family all the best as well. big warm hugs to you, too. mwaaah πŸ˜€

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