The wind one morning
carried Your voice to me;
but when I turned my head
  it was gone.

Looking up one night
a sparkling Light caught my eye;
but when I turned my head
  it was gone.

A fragrance on the breeze
enchanted both heart and mind;
but when I turned my head
  it was gone.

Until at last
the thought came to me:
  HE is gone.




  1. Leap of Faith! · June 19, 2008

    Nell, sorry, were you involved with anyone recently? I think I missed that. Anyway, I’m sure you will meet someone again.

    thanks for the comforting words, keith. and to answer your question, i was not involve with anyone lately. still single as ever, hahaha. i just got a word from a friend kasi, he said he’s getting married na. kaya medyo nag drama ang beauty ko, hehehe. yong tipong regrets ba, but then it was my choice when i told him we cannot be a couple. kaya ayan, nakahanap na ng ibang papakasalan. i’ll just miss him, that’s all 😉

  2. reyna elena · June 21, 2008

    natakot ako sa entry mo. kakabasa ko lang kasi nang entry nung isang blogger, si dakilang tambay who lost her friend. ayun kaya akala ko something awfully went wrong.

    nga pala, regarding dun sa losing eklavu ever, wag mong pansinin yon. i lost my business sa inimbak kong pera work on by my hard tears blood sweat paninipsip at kung ano anong pandidila pa, pero if its not meant to its not meant to be. temporaries lang yun. aakyat ka pa rin uli.

    thanks for the encouragement, reynz. i’ve been doing my very best to get over this huge financial loss. lahat na ng mind reconditiong exercises eh ginawa ko na. i guess in time eh matatanggap ko rin. tama ka, temporary lang ito and things will get better soon. thanks again and have a great week end 😀

  3. Meeya · June 27, 2008

    nell, its been a while since i dropped by. may dramahan na naman pala dito, hehe. 🙂 nabunutan ako ng tinik because its not as bad as i imagined nung una kong nabasa ang poem mo. tapos bigla pang may “HE” pa kaya, aha parang alam ko na… boylet itoh no? at korek nga ako, hehe.

    no regrets! life is too short to dwell on it. ikaw naman ang susunod na liligaya, for sure. *muah*

    thanks, meeya. alam ko naman that my time to settle down with this guy who would swept me off my feet would eventually come, in time. i guess nagkaroon lang ako ng mixed emotions with jeff getting married. pero ako rin naman ang at fault, cause i was the one who told jeff to find someone else. oh well, i know naman i made the right choice and i wish him (and his partner) all the love and happiness. surely, no regrets! love yah lots and i missed you dearly. mwaaah 😀

  4. gmirage2 · June 27, 2008

    I am not aware of your relationships since I only discovered your blog through LP. But the photo and poem goes well together to indicate sadness. Just like that leaf, your life will turn green soon… no worries 😀 happy weekend!

    thank you, gmirage2. i’m glad you like both the photo and poem. and like you said, my life can only get better in time. darating din ang taong magmamahal sa akin, naks naman! thanks again and God bless 😀

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