Scattered Photos #1

La Pulsera con Estrellas. Every single time we’d go to the mall. Mom would drag me to this jewelry store. She would say “Wish someone would buy me that…” So come mothers day, Mom dragged me to that same store. She looked at the window display and said, “Ayyy, it’s gone. Somebody already bought it. “ It was then that I took the box out from my back pocket and handed it to her. Mom was crying in happiness when I told her — Happy Mothers Day, Mom!

Mom's Mothers Day Present

To The Market. I’ve had my eye on this basket for a while now. Eversince, I saw a friend flaunting it at the local asian market. I knew I had to get one or two. But I wasn’t ready to shell out forty bucks (told you, I’m cheap). Till that week before mother’s day when I found out they were on sale. Right away, I placed my order, and boy was I happy when I finally got it in the mail. Now, I can pretend to be Little Red Riding Hood. Hahaha!

My Red Market Tote

Clam Up. Was walking by the beach when I saw this clam right near a piece of rock. I wonder what brought it there? Could there me more? Enough to make me some clam chowder, maybe? Hahaha!

Mobile Music. I walk inside the store, with no expectations or intentions of getting a new phone. Besides, I was never vainglorious when it comes to phones. If it still functions, then I’m keeping it. But then the cute sales guy was persistent, I guess he needed to make a sale. So why not, right? But guess which one I got? The one that’s for FREE!

New Phone



  1. g_mirage · May 21, 2008

    We have the same phone 😀 I was also looking for your LP Entry, I’ll check back later! I like the clam photo, and I haven’t tastes that for a long time! (LOL)

    oh wow, parehas pa pala tayo ng phone hah. hehehe, i had to buy a new memory card nga eh. kasi mukhang napuno ko na cause i’ve downloaded a couple songs. ay sorry hah at ngayon ko lang nagawa yong LP entry ko. medyo naging busy cause kasi ako, as i’m working of my graduate school thesis this whole week. really glad you like my photos, i took the clam pic while i was walking along peeble beach couple weeks ago. i was looking for some shells kasi. if there were more eh baka gumawa na ako ng clam chowder, hehehe. happy thursday to you, God bless 😉

  2. bw · May 22, 2008

    Nice shots 🙂 That was very sweet of you to surprise your mom with something she really liked on Mother’s Day !

    thanks bw. what can i say, reyna na parinig at pahaging ang aking butihing ina. hehehe! kong nakita mo lang sya nong mothers day, di ko maipinta ang kanyang mukha na puno ng kagalakan ng makita nya ang aking munting regalo. abot tenga ang kanyang tawa, hahahah :mrgreen:

  3. Pinky · May 25, 2008

    How sweet of you naman to get your mom the bracelet she so adored! Am sure mega-ganda points ka for doing that – hehehe! 😀

    I absolutely love the basket too :). And whaddyaknow? We also had clam chowder a few days ago!

    Take care!

    hahaha, syempre mega hug and cry kaming dalawa ni mader. she was very happy and sinuot nya agad. but i must say, masakit pa rin ang bulsa ko till now. hahaha, just kidding! and the basket, syempre kelangan eh kikay tayo always. hehehe! actually, it’s my small way of cutting down on plastic bags. it’s not good for the environment kasi eh. and how was the clam chowder? naku, pag nadalaw kayo dito sa sfo eh punta tayo ng boudin’s sa pier 39. higop tayo ng clam chowder or crab corn soup with sourdough bread. say mo 😉

  4. kengkay · May 25, 2008

    hay, ang sweet mo namang anak. ako ganyan din magparinig kapag may okasyon, hahaha. ang kyut nung little riding hood basket mo 😀

    thank you, ms kengkay. sumisipsip lang ako sa nanay ko, hehehe. and sa totoo lang eh kulang pa yan compared to her sacrifices and the love she unselfishly gave us. besides, it’s nice to make our mom’s smile every once in a while. dba? and speaking of the basket naman, it’s my small way of cutting down my use of plastic bags. at handy rin naman sya, environmentally friendly na at kikay pa. heheheh 😀

  5. Leap of Faith! · May 27, 2008

    Nell, it was very nice of you to surprise your mom like that. I’m sure she couldn’t resist crying because of what you did. She is so lucky to have you as a son (tama ba yon, Little Red Riding Hood?) Hehehe!

    hahaha, ang landicious ko ever noh, keith? hehehe, besides the kikay factor of using this red basket. this actually helps cut down my use of plastic bags whenever i do my grocery shopping. i also bought red IT bags along with this basket, para terno sila. and speaking of mom’s present, she loves her bracelet to bits and pieces. she wore it the whole week, hehehe. thanks so much for the kind comment. hope you guys had a great week end 😉

  6. Meeya · May 30, 2008

    i know the kwento behind the purseras, hehe! wala naman kasing dapat i-argue, your mom deserves this – and more! 🙂 i love the picnic/grocery basket! ang cute hehe!

    hehehe, syempre ahead tayo lagi sa chicka. dba 😉

  7. Lola Kang · May 9, 2010

    This post looks delicious. Thank you!

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