Smile At Me

Smile at me,
When my world feels grey,
That smile, on a sweet angelic face,
The one that chases my sorrows away.

Smile at me,
That smile that finds me in the crowd.
The one that lights up the room,
And makes the world not seem so loud.

Smile at me,
That smile, that dances upon your laughter.
The one that settles into one charming grin,
A smile, I’ll remember after.

Thank you, Nicho for giving Yaya a reason to smile…



One comment

  1. Weng · May 20, 2008

    ito pa ang isang smile… 😀 at ito pa ang isa:
    hee hee hee! hugs and kisses to you, nell! mwaah!

    thank you, weng. thanks for that much needed smile, i feel so much better. and thanks as well for making me your featured friend, kisses kisses. touch naman ako, promise. i’ll get on the band wagon and do this meme sometime next week. girl scout swear yan, hehehe. love yah lots, mwaaah :mrgreen:

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