I’m Pissed…

It’s been days since it happened. But I still couldn’t get over it. So, please allow me to vent out my frustration…

Why is it alright for me to date a Caucasian, Latin, Middle Eastern or Asian guy? But soon as I walk into a family gathering with an African American friend (not even a boyfriend), everybody seems to be giving me this odd look. As if it’s saying, what the hell are you doing with this man? Forgive me but I thought our elders should know better. To give each and every person the respect they deserve. Regadless of race, religion, color, gender, age or disability. Well, well, I guess not…





  1. Weng · May 20, 2008

    nell, is that your forehead?! 😀 i hope you’re feeling better now and no longer naiinis. that’s a sad fact of life talaga and some people have a hard time getting over their prejudices. i have a few of my own, too, although not necessarily racial. 😉 mmwah!

    oh no, weng. that’s definitely not my forehead. di pa naman ganyan kadami ang aking wrinkles and age spots, hahaha. kidding aside, eh i’m doing better na and not as pissed as i was couple days ago. mom made me realize some things, sabi nya eh i shouldn’t be mad at my relatives raw. cause they, too, are entitled to there opinion kahit mali or baluktot pa yon. and mom said something really nice, sabi nya racism is something that people can transcend through friendship.

    totoo yan, dba? cause i for one was a bigot before (ayan, umamin rin ako, hehehe). i was pretty stubborn and have this notion in my head that african american people (at least most of them) are gaudy and impolite. but i was proven wrong when i befriended one, my opinions changed and i let go of negative presumptions of them. that i should identify a person as an individual and not as a group, race or a particular nationality. and who am i to judge, when i’m a colored person myself. dba? tsaka, sabi nga sa isang childrens song… brown and yellow, black or white. all are precious in God’s sight!

    thanks so much for your kind comment, mwaaah 😀

  2. Leap of Faith! · May 20, 2008

    Nell, naku, I must agree with you that we all have to learn how to overcome our biases with people. Sorry, pero I’m sure I would have acted the same way as the rest of your family. I guess “makikitid” din ang pagiisip ng ibang mga Pilipino because we were really not that exposed to seeing dark skinned people in our country – except for a few American servicemen and Aetas.

    I am hoping that by living abroad, my children will overcome their prejudices because they are more exposed to other people, races and cultures.

    Sana hindi nadagdagan ang init ng ulo mo with my comment.

    PS: Is that you on the picture?

    hello keith. and for the record eh di ko yan forehead hah, hehehe. mas maganda naman ng konti ang noo ko dyan, customer yata ako ng belo medical group. hahaha, just kidding! and speaking of being prejudice, i’ll be the first to say that i for one have my own or at least at one time. and bakit naman iinit ulo ko sa comment mo? as mom said, people are entitled to there beliefs and opinions. i guess i was just pissed that my relatives didn’t treat my friend like a welcomed guest. eh tayo pa namang pinoys eh known for our hospitality and then here’s my elders staring at him from head till toe. so even if my friend was quiet, i know he felt uncomfy.

    but i have settled my differences with my relatives, i’ve already gave them a piece of my pissed self. hahahah! some of them are mad at me for being blunt and shoving there mistakes in there face. but all i can say is, oh well. i really didn’t care much about the racism and discrimination. it was more about respect and how we should treat our guests.

    like you, keith. i dream that there will come a day when everyone would let go of prejudgements. each person should be identified as an individual, and not as part of any group, team, race or nationality. siguro if people have that way of thinking eh we wouldn’t have much disagreements. thanks for your comment and be rest assured na di uminit ang ulo ko. i’m totally fine now, God bless 😉

  3. nina · May 22, 2008

    you know, having lived here in Qatar for four years and travelling to different places, i’ve learned to respect all religion, all nationalities and be culturally sensitive. I have to admit, may mga prejudices din ako pero at least I always give the benefit of the doubt and of course respect.

    bless you for being the good person that you are, nina. lahat naman tayo eh may prejudices at di maiiwasan yon, that’s part of human nature. it all has something to do with the way we handle things and the situation. dba? have a wonderful week end, God bless 😉

  4. Pinky · May 25, 2008

    I guess it’s the traditional Pinoy mentality that “white-ness” (or having light-colored skin) is always associated with all that’s beautiful and good. I admit I also tend to lean towards this admittedly racist slant so I try and put checks on unreasonable/unfair biases such as this as much as possible…

    In fact, life has a way of bringing these biases to their proper perspective – as I’ve experienced many times over the years. In fact, two of my closest friends while studying for a short course in London years ago was a very kind, fashionable and funny black Bermudian lady and a wacky Fil-Am guy (African-American dad and Pinay mom). If I had let my biases get the better of me, I wouldn’t have met such two wonderful people!

    hello sis pinky. kahit naman ako aminado rin na may biases rin ako paminsan minsan and i do fight it. parati ko lang iniisip, what would i feel if i’m in there shoes. and somehow, that is enough to put my perspective in order. hehehe! but then ibang level din kasi itong mga relatives ko, ill-mannered na ang dating. so i had to react and walked out of the gathering (with my friend) cause di ko na matagalan ang kabastusan. i figured out that if i stayed in that place too long eh baka makahanap lang ako ng away. so, umiwas na ako by leaving. hehehe! tsaka what does this prejudices do to us? nothing good naman, right? at sabi nga nila, let’s build bridges and not walls. God created us all in his own image. so regardless of color, race or gender, we are all beautiful in his eyes. tama ba ako? have a wonderful day, mwaaah 😀

  5. Meeya · May 30, 2008

    we have to let go talaga of these types of thinking, otherwise hindi magmo-move forward ang humanity. sad lang kasi yung mga mas matatanda, hirap turuan ng new beliefs or mag-let go ng old prejudices (alam mo na, old dog new tricks etc). ang magagawa na lang natin, yung susunod na henerasyon turuan natin na lawakan ang pag-iisip. 🙂

    that’s very same thing mom told me. mahirap ngang baluktutin ang matigas na, dba? hopefully, the new generation would be able to correct such awful prejudices. pare-parehas lang naman tayong tao 😉

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