Psyching Thyself

I don’t think I’ve ever started a tag ever, so here’s my attempt…

Here’s the intructions: Link to the person that tagged you and then post the rules on your blog. Answer the questions and tag seven (7) random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. Let these random people know that they are tagged by leaving comments in their blog. And last, let your tagger know when your entry is up.

Isn’t that simple? Here’s the questions and my answers…

A period of time in your life when you felt protected. That would be two years ago, at the Oakland Flea Market. There were a group of guys who yelled out fag at me. When suddenly, my brother who was walking beside me disappeared. Well guess what he did? He got into a fight, and even whacked two guys with a baseball bat. Golly, I was dead scared and cops got involved. But somehow I had this notion in my head — my brother’s got my back. I’m untouchable!

A period of time in your life when you felt unprotected. That would be sometime after highschool,  when I ran away from home. I felt so alone, but then that was a choice I made myself. I wanted that feeling of freedom, living on the edge or live today die tomorrow. Which I think was totally dumb, now that I’m reminiscing about it. That was also the time when I got into an abusive relationship, the first and definitely the last.

The first time you discovered power. That would be during my two year military training. I discovered and proved myself equally able (or even more) as any straight guy in service. It was an absolute self discovery. Made me realize that I wasn’t a weakling as others perceived me to be.

A person who’s life has affected you the most. Besides my mother, I would say The Dalai Lama. I truly admire his life, his work and his words of wisdom. His capacity to move the world without any political power, his compassion for humanity and his undying advocacy for love and peace. I was lucky enough to see him in person and he possess such a gentle face. Filled with so much inner calm and devotion.

A book that has affected you the most. The first thing that would come to mind would be, Og Mandino. But right after reading Joan Didions books, The Year of Magical Thinking, I suddenly changed my mind. Some readers may find it melancholic, but to me it was engaging. The book is brilliant and breathtaking in its honesty. It shares the authors heartfelt and devastating account in a way that is ruthless, intense, real and yet, human.

A piece of music or song that affected you the most. Believe or not, it was Lee Ann Womacks song entitled, I Hope You Dance. It’s a song that narrates the story of our lives. The adversities we face and the choices we make. The song is filled with hope and honesty. There’s this particular line from it that keeps playing in my ear. It says, loving might be a mistake. But it’s worth taking!

A movie or film that affected you the most. There’s so many movies I’ve watched over the years. But the one that stands out for me is, I am Sam. I think I’ve cried a river full of tears, as I was absolutely moved by Sean Penn’s performace. The movie is a testament, that the bond between a father and his daughter is something that is stronger than any human disability. 

Okay, there goes my answers. And to start this tag, I am asking the following people to join in and keep the ball rolling. Meeya, Weng, Thess, Bangge, Keith, Pinky and Dang. Thanks in advance and like I always say whenever I’m tagging people — at your own convenience please!

My Four Picks



  1. Pinky · May 17, 2008

    Will definitely let you know once I get to doing this… Thanks, Nell! This tag will surely force me to do some serious introspection, am sure… 😉

    thank you, pinky. i’m glad to know that you’ll give this ‘meme’ a shot. to be honest, kahit ako eh medyo napiga ang utak at may i reminisce down memory lane pa. hehehe, thanks again. mwaaah :mrgreen:

  2. Leap of Faith! · May 17, 2008

    Nell, you ran away from home and also had a two year military training? Wow, super colorful ng life mo ha. I can’t imagine you marching in a platoon and wearing a fatigue. Your backstabbing friend had all the right to feel so afraid of you… I’m sure he knew your military background.

    Wow, congrats on your first ever tag. I must say, though, na mukhang duduguin ako with your questions… hehehe! Anyway, I’ll do this tag soon. Thanks for passing this to me…

    you are welcome, keith. and please allow me to thank you for taking interest in this tag. and sobrang kulay ba ng life ko? hehehe, parang si rainbow brite ba? just kidding. speaking of military training, i took interests in it after participating sa COCC and CAT training noon. then itinuloy ko right about when i was nineteen, since medyo na-inspire ako when i got the S4 position nong CAT days. it was one intense and rigorous training, where i later got my sergeant major rank. anyhow, it was something i did for myself, to simply prove that i am not a wimp. hehehe, thanks in advance and i look forward to your answer. God bless 😀

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  4. thess · May 19, 2008

    HI Nell, done with this tag of yours last weekend pa, odivah, ganyan kita kamahal eh *ha ha

    here’s the link:

    I hope you find my answers interesting as much as I found yours…made me know you even better. Kisses and hugs from Holland!!

    from the bottom of my heart sis thess, thank you very much for doing this. muntikan pala tayong di magkita online kong di ka nakatalon don sa jeep. yikes! eh di wala akong gorgeous sister ngayon, dba? love yah lots, too. and thanks again kasi lagi kang game whenever we have a meme. mwaah mwaah :mrgreen:

  5. bw · May 19, 2008

    It’s interesting because when our loved ones are in harm’s way we become more courageous and concerned more than ourselves !

    When I left the province to study in Manila was the worst adjustment I had to make, when I found my self all alone. In retrospect though it gave me the sense of independence that one needs to be equipped with in sailing through life 🙂

    absolutely, bw. to be honest, i didn’t expect my bro to do such a thing. given that we’re really not that close. but i was moved by his courage, that he came in my defense. and after that, my bro and i had a whole different outlook of each other. our relationship is stronger and has solidified over the years. and totoo yong sabi mo, we tend to get fierce and courageous when it comes to our love ones. kong baga eh the intensity of our love shows. dba 😉

  6. Meeya · May 28, 2008

    hi nell, i’m done na with the tag! 🙂 grabe, it was a challenging set of questions ha, hahah! i enjoyed answering them a lot. thanks!

    btw, we love the same movie. 🙂 minsan nood tayo tapos crayola galore tayo hehehe. *muah*

    thank you, sis meeya. sorry kong medyo na squeeze ng konti ang ating brain juice hah. hehehe! sige at minsan eh manood tayo ng movie together at panoorin na rin natin ulit ang ‘ i am sam.’ para sabay tayong maiyak 😉

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  8. Pinky · May 31, 2008

    Done na po! Here’s the link:

    Hope you’re enjoying your sabbatical, kapatid! Ingat lagi…

    thanks so much, sis pinky 😀

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