Potty Mouth

My good friend Shay invited me for some drinks last night. So, I kindly asked my sister to dropped me off at Chevy’s. Soon as I saw my friend, she said ” Friendship, I have two words for you: lose weight!” I must admit that I was bit offended, and that out of nowhere I replied “Darling, how about we get rid of your stinking breath first!”

Wholly crap! Why did I say that? When I know I shouldn’t have. But my mouth does not do good under pressure. I immediately apologized to my friend and she did the same. But guess I still feel bad till now. Sigh, me and my potty mouth…






  1. Toni · May 13, 2008

    Well, she started it. (points to her)

    Hehehe parang bata. But the thing is, respect begets respect, right? At least apologies were shared 🙂

    hello toni. tama ka don sa sinabi mo, respect begets respect. i might be candid and contagious sometimes, but i am definitely not impudent. unless somebody pushes my buttons, hehehe. we did say our apologies and i was sincerely sorry. but how i wish she didn’t say anything rude, so none of us were insulted. dba 😉

  2. Leap of Faith! · May 14, 2008

    Nell, I hope she really did not have bad breath… anyway, she started it 🙂

    no comment about the bad breath, keith. next question please 😉

  3. bw · May 14, 2008

    That’s funny… You’re the fastest gun alive bro. Your bullet stung a little harder, but hey you didn’t start it. hahaha 🙂 I’m sure the apologies from both sides buried the hatchet and you’re still good friends 🙂

    hello bw, we did express our sincerest apologies. maybe, we’re both taklesa lang talaga, hehehe. i don’t know about my friend shay, but i did feel awful after the incident. i sent her flowers, naguilty kasi ako sobra. feeling ko eh kulang pa yong pagsasabi ko ng sorry 😳

  4. dang · May 14, 2008

    this post made me smile! i dont mean about the ‘hurt feelings’ pero kasi nga, she started it. (kampihan ka noh?) truth hurts..but friendship is the key! when you said sorry and she did the same thing, ok na yun. bygones! at ang feelings mo, valid yan noh..but again, bygones! 🙂

    thank you, dang. and i’m glad my story made you smile. that was the same reaction my sis gave me when i told her the story, hehehe. pero tama ka, let bygones be bygones. i guess nakonsensya lang talaga ako ng sobra, as don’t find satisfaction in hurting the people i love. thanks for your comment. mwaaah 😉

  5. Pinky · May 15, 2008

    A classic case of tit-for-tat 🙂 Di bale, you both said your apologies and I guess all should be well pretty soon. Am sure you’d both be bigger than your hurt feelings and wounded self-esteem, right? 😉

    aaminin ko, taratitat talaga ako. hehehe, for some reason eh my mouth has it’s own brain minsan. my friend called me after she got the flowers and she personally told me to forget what happened. let bygones be bygones, eka nga nila. i guess at the end of the day, our friendships weigh more than the awful things we said 😉

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