In My Mothers Words

Don’t let love conquer you,

You should conquer love instead,

Give some and then take some,

If it still doesn’t work,

Move on to the next.

And do not stop,

Until the shoe fits perfectly.

Yup, my mother said all that. And to be honest, I didn’t get it at first. But I eventually found out what she meant by it. If only she told me that in layman’s terms, it would have been much easier. Don’t you think? Hahahaha…



  1. donG hO · May 5, 2008

    hahaha… definitely!

    thank you, dong ho. mom has a way with words, but it takes time for it to sink in 😉

  2. Pinky · May 5, 2008

    Let me correct myself: your mom is one “hot, WISE momma”! 😉

    Here’s to a great week ahead, Nell! Mwah!

    thanks pinky, mom’s head will swell if she reads this. heheh, but i think all mothers are wise talaga. since they give advices from experience. dba? have a wonderful week ahead as well, mwaah 😀

  3. bw · May 6, 2008

    Words of wisdom from Mama 🙂 Yes, it must be a perfect fit – it’s difficult to wear it if it’s not – and that’s true with love too !

    hello bw. what can i say, mom has a way with words. feeling ko nga eh pinagdugtong dugtong lang nya ang mga sayings na nababasa nya, hehehe. kidding aside, totoo din naman ang sabi nya. the shoe has to fit, otherwise it’s uncomfy. dba? hopefully in the future eh ma-apply ko sya sa aking buhay, hehehe :mrgreen:

  4. munchkinmommy · May 7, 2008

    nell, it’s obvious that you got your flair for poetry from your mom. 🙂 katuwa kayong dalawa. 😀

    hehehe, i guess the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. bwahaha :mrgreen:

  5. Meeya · May 8, 2008

    i guess sinadya niya to say that cryptically para ma-challenge ka to really think about what she said. tingin ko, you realized it at the perfect moment, just when you really needed to understand it the most. 🙂 matalino ang mga mommy that way (ehem)… 😀

    i agree, sis meeya, matatalino talaga ang mommies. hehehe! guess they call that the maternal instinct, dba? susme, matalinhaga talaga minsan ang mga salita ni mader. pero nagets ko naman sya, medyo natagalan nga lang. hehehe, ang slow ko talaga :mrgreen:

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