Taking Some Action

When I watched the documentary, The Inconvenient Truth. I knew for a fact that I needed to get involve and take some much needed action. Global warming is something we can’t ignore. It is happening and will continue to do so if we don’t make the necessary changes. To be honest, it isn’t that hard to do the necessary alterations. And it’s nothing drastic, that’s for sure. Every little thing we do can help and it would make such a big difference. I hate to sound like I’m preaching, but we have to remember — we only have ONE PLANET to live!

So here are some stuff that we can  do to help stop or decrease the effects of global warming. For more information, please visit We Can Solve It and Climate Crisis. Thank you for reading and I hope you too, will take some action.

  Turn down the heat and air conditioning when you aren’t home

Choose energy efficient appliances

Warm up your home with insulation

Change your home’s air filters

Make the switch to compact florescent bulbs

Wash your clothes with cold water

Switch to green power

Take public transportation

Find a carpool buddy at least once a week

Pump up your tires

Go ride a bike or take a walk

Turn off computers and monitors when not in use

Use a power strip

Spread the word on Global Warming 

Let's Go Green



  1. Meeya · May 1, 2008

    alam mo bang i just saw this docu via netflix last week! nakakabahala ano? kaya talagang we need to take action na and not take anything for granted. ayokong maging palaka na hahayaan na lang magpakulo ng sarili sa mainit na tubig. 🙂

    i swear, sis meeya, nabothered ako after watching that documentary. it’s the real deal na talaga! if we don’t make changes, even the most basic ones, maaring mawala ang ibang syudad sa mapa at mabaon sa tubig. naku, kasama pa naman don ang florida at california. yikes! kaya sana, eh wag ng bale walain ng tao ang issue about global warming. sabi nga nila, every little thing counts. dba 😉

    ps: dahil kong nagkataon, maaring maging sirena ang beauty natin. hahaha :mrgreen:

  2. fortuitous faery · May 1, 2008

    i haven’t seen this docu-film yet, but am looking forward to doing so. it’s time everyone turned this “inconvenient truth” to a “voluntary responsibility”!

    oh, please do watch it. it’s a real eye opener! and we have no reason not to help, as we’re inhabitants of this one and only planet. sabi ko nga eh, every little thing we do to decrease the effects of global warming has a huge impact on mother earth 😉

  3. banggigay · May 2, 2008

    woooow! i’m soo haappy nel you got really awakened on CC. grabe diba? spread the word plz. inspire din natin peeps around us by doing our share. little things count, right? 🙂

    hello bangge, thanks for your kind comment. i promise to do my best and do my own fair share of change. sa bahay palang naman eh we did our part na (like appliances, filters, changing the bulbs), i mean they’re little things pero nakakatulong din yon, dba? i was looking into purchasing a hybrid car sana, matagal ko ng plano yon. but somehow i couldn’t fit it yet in my budget. maybe later this year siguro, God willing. and yes, i will spread the word around. thanks again, and kwentuhan mo kami about your VN trip hah 😉

  4. bw · May 2, 2008

    Two years ago I made the decision to change my washer, dryer, fridge, oven-stove, dishwasher, microwave oven to the newer environmentally friendly models and I save almost half of my electricity bill ! It really pays ( no pun intended 🙂 to switch to the newer environmentally friendly appliances believe me 🙂

    My older models manufactured in the 80’s were power hogs and no cared about the environment at that time 😦

    good for you and the environment, bw. i did some changes too, that was sometime in june 2005. pero paunti-unti naman yong ginawa ko, di ko yata kayang pagsabay-sabayin. hehehe! all what’s left for me to replace now is the stove and the heating system. i’m trying to save for the heater, medyo mabigat kasi eh. as for the lights in the house, we pretty much use compact flourescent bulbs now. we also rarely use hot water for washing. sabi nga nila every little change we make can help and go a long way. dba? thanks for helping decrease the effects of global warming :mrgreen:

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