The Real Issue

I went to our early Monday morning LGBT meeting, at this cafe in downtown Hayward. Soon as we got ourselves settled and grabbed ourselves a cup of coffee, Steve (a fellow Filipino) mentioned this scandal that’s been all over You Tube and newspapers in the Philippines. Call me weird or fashionably unaware, but I honestly didn’t know what he was talking about. So I found myself unable to react.

Two hours after, I got home and right away I searched gay sex scandal cebu. And there I was, watching and reading all about it. I felt horrified and I could not contain my rage. I was absolutely disgusted by what I saw, not by the surgery, but the people feasting over a certain man’s misery. What’s the crowd doing in the operating room? What right does a person have to take a video of what was supposed to be a private medical procedure? Is this really how a doctor, a nurse, or a human being should behave? Has the human race gone mad and uncivilize?

I would like to believe that this didn’t happen. I’d like to think that this was just one ghastly reverie. But then again, the videos right there getting more hits after another. This wasn’t a gay scandal, the word gay does not justify this horrific incident. Does it really take a gay person to commit something disgraceful? I dare not comment about the churches stand on this matter either, all I know is — My God is a loving God, who never looks down at his children, gay or straight. And I will not let the church define my faith, period.

Gay or straight, we have to realize that someone’s life was ruined by this awful event. And that anyone (gay or straight), can be that person lying on the surgical table with these so called professionals who will make a mockery of someones distress. To some, this may be just an unfortunate event. But I beg to differ, for this is a crime againts our fundamental rights as human beings. I’ve always been a strong believer that the care of human life, rights and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good and civilized government and it’s people. And if ours couldn’t do that, then we are all doomed.

I am hoping, praying and pleading that justice would prevail, and that our government would take a stand, and our court of laws, impartial. Justice is for everyone, be it gay or straight! 

Gay Memorabilia



  1. Meeya · April 28, 2008

    hi nell, yeah i read about that on one of the blogs and was so disgusted about how the so-called medical “professionals” acted throughout the surgery. nakakahiya din na kitang-kita ang pagiging unprofessional, insensitive, ignorant,l ng mga doktor at nurses sa atin pagdating sa mga ganitong issue. 😦 akala ko pa naman nag-swear sila bilang doktor at nars na pagandahin ang quality of life ng kanilang mga patients? tapos ganito?? dapat sa lahat ng involved, tanggalan ng lisensiya at pasukan din ng bote sa anus at i-document din at i-post din sa youtube para maramdaman nila ang hirap at kahihiyan na dinulot nila sa pasyente nila. 😦

    hello meeya, thanks for that very explicit suggestion. hehehe, if only we can have it our way eh ang ganon din dapat ang gawin sa “medical professionals pweeeh” na mga yan. kong sana lang eh natanong nila ang kanilang mga sarili “what if i was in that guys shoes?” dba? i’m sure they wouldn’t want to experience the same mockery (they did). some people talaga, may titles na ang all, pero walang ethics. i feel sorry for them, rather than the guy on the surgical table. thanks so much for your comment, sis 😉

  2. Thess · April 29, 2008

    Nell, dito ko lang nalaman sa iyo ito…hinanap ko video at ito lang masasabi ko:

    SUNUGIN SANA SA IMPYERNO LAHAT NG NASA O.R . NG ARAW NA IYUN !!! Napakawalanghiya nilang lahat !!! Isipin mo na parang nanonood sila ng palabas sa perya at nagsigawan pa ng maalis ang spray canister? Tapos ini-spray ng kumag na doktor pa? GRRRRRRRR!! mga @#$@!

    at sa katolikong pare (Msgr. Achilles Dakay) na nagsabi na ang real issue daw sa video ay yung gay sex… sana MAUNA NA SYANG SILABAN SA IMPYERNO !!!

    Cge nga, sa massachusetts na lang hindi nga makatuntong si Pope dahil sa malaking scandal ng mga pedophile na pari duon eh, tapos yang pinoy pare na yan ay nangahas ibuka bibig nya? isa’t kalahating @#$! GRRRR!

    pasensha na po mga kapatid na katoliko, pero yan ba ang aakay sa atin para sa buhay na walang hanggan?

    Nell, kumukulo dugo ko! HUGS HUGS to you…

    thanks for that very moving comment, sis thess. ganyang ganyan ang naramdaman mo after i saw the video and news clips. sobrang nililihis nila ang issue, dba? sabi ng marami, di ito issue ng kabaklaan. this is a violation of someone’s privacy, lack of ethics and a crime againts someone’s human rights. and i’m sorry to say this, but that priest from cebu was out of line. sorry, pero chauvinistic ang comment nya! i could have said more about the priest, pero wag nalang. sabi nga ni Lord — judge not. thanks for sharing this in your blog, sis. love yah lots, mwaaah 😀

  3. K · April 29, 2008

    I echoe on Meeya, lagyan ng bote sa anus yung mga “medical professionals” na yan.

    In HK , maids are being looked down all the time, filipinos in general, it’s sad to think that there will always be unrest in our society and in our world.

    i so agree with you and meeya, k. pero pakisiguro lang na malaking bote ang gamitin sa kanila. hahahah! sa totoo lang k, kahit dito eh may nagdidiscriminate sa ating mga pinoy. what’s worst, minsan eh kapwa pinoy rin. i for one have experienced this, having been open with everyone that i am one proud bisaya. tawagin raw akong, kalahi ng mga katulong. sakit, dba? pero ok lang, kasi in the end ang mahaderang pintasera ay binubogbog pala ng asawang kano. serves her well, bwahaha! ang evil ko noh? thanks for your comment, k. God bless 😀

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  5. kengkay · April 29, 2008

    yeah nell, those people deserved to be stripped off their licences. tama ka, kahit sino pang andun sa operating table, it is a private matter and that is that…

    thank you for your comment, ms kengkay. sa totoo lang kulang pang parusa ang pag stripped off ng licenses nila. i think these people needs some jail time, human rights na kasi ang na violate nila eh. pero kong papayag sila na sungsungan sila ng bote sa behind nila, okay rin yon. hehehe :mrgreen:

  6. weng · April 29, 2008

    hindi ko na tinapos yung video. grabe! nagtatawanan pa yung mga nasa OR. wala silang karapatang mapabilang sa mga propesyong kapita-pitagan. daig pa sila ng mga hindi nakapagaral. tsk tsk. sana nga tanggalan silang lahat ng lisensya.

    grabe weng, ako talaga eh na high blood sa mga nakita ko. tingin ko sa mga taong yon eh mga hayop, or should i say nagaasal hayop. mga professionals pa naman daw sila, pweeeh! i just hope that justice would be serve, cause di biro ang ginawa nila. may buhay silang sinira at karapatang niyurak-yurakan. idagdag mo pa etong isang pari na nililihis ang issue. dba? thanks so much for your comment, weng. miss you na 😉

  7. Leap of Faith! · April 30, 2008

    Nell, what happened there was so unfortunate. I can’t imagine how some doctors and nurses in the Philippines would act so unprofessionally and breach patient-doctor confidentiality. Nakakaawa naman yung patiente.

    I hope those who were involved would have their medical license stripped to serve as a warning to other people who are also thinking of doing the same thing.

    hello keith, i am really hoping that there licenses would be stripped off and more. ang sarap tusukan ng bote sa behind nila ang mga hinayupak na yan at ng maramdaman nila ang pinagdadaanan ng isang pasyenteng binabastos. naturingang may mga pinag-aralan, pero mga asal hayop naman. nakakalungkot at nakakagalit ang behavior nila. hopefully, justice would be serve 😉

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