And We’re Talking Again

It was twelve days ago, when Mom decided to do the silent treatment. I did gave her distance and the time she needed to snap out of her shell. And on a cold Wednesday morning, she decided to call me. I answered my phone and she asked me this question on how to make my artichoke pimiento dip. In my head I was saying, Mom are you serious? You’re calling me at seven in the morning just to ask me how to make a dip? Yah right! But of course, I knew exactly what was going on. Mom’s not the type of person who would apologize or talk about her misconception. She’d rather ignore it and talk about things that don’t make sense. Hahaha!

Our conversation continued for a whole hour, I finished getting dress and eating breakfast and we were still talking. Talk about making up for the lost time. Not a day passed by after that, when Mom wouldn’t call. She’s back doing the routine, checking on me first thing in the morning and before I retire for the night. Surely, we missed each other a whole lot. Now, I have a better understanding of the this saying — cant’ live with them, can’t live without them!

Mom Still Got It...

Mom’s rendition of PEACE not WAR, hahaha!




  1. K · April 26, 2008

    Your Mom is super-porma.

    And you know, what matters is that, she is and always will be your Mom, she’s the reason behind your life…

    that is absolute true, k. no one can replace mom, she’s the only one. and thanks so much for your kind comment, i’m sure mother would be so happy you said that. eversince i can remember, she’s always been very keen on her looks and the way she dresses. must be the ramp model side of her, as she was one in her younger years. thanks again, God bless 😉

  2. Pinky · April 27, 2008

    Your mom defines “Hot Momma” with that picture Nell! 😀

    Thank God you’re back on speaking terms. Hate to say this but… I told you so! Bwahaha!

    thanks, pinky. you’ll make moms head swell if she hears you call her a hot momma, heheheh. and i’m very happy na naguusap na kami ulit, weird kasi ang feeling when you know you’ve hurt someone unintentionally. dba 😉

  3. Leap of Faith! · April 27, 2008

    That is so nice, Nell. At least everything is back to normal 🙂

    hearing mom’s voice was like a natural high for me, keith. hehehe, adik ba? hahaha, but kidding aside eh masaya na nag-uusap na kami. kasi ang weird ng feeling when you know there’s someone you deeply miss and not able to reach out to them. glad this is over 😀

  4. Meeya · April 28, 2008

    yey! parang gusto kong kumanta ala guy and pip ng “together again” 😀 o sige na nga janet jackson version na lang. 😀

    i’m so happy for you! sabi na nga ba tampo-tampo lang yan and happily ever after rin kayo. i hope di muna kayo mag-away in a while. mas masaya ang buhay pag lahat nagmamahalan.

    ika nga ni mommy, make love not war. 😀 peace!

    corek meeya, make love not war. hehehe, joyous event talaga ang paguusap namin ulit ni mom. although di ko nagets why she was asking for the dip recipe instead of talking about the ‘jeff’ issue. pero hinayaan ko nalang muna, in time eh kakausapin ko rin sya about that. sarap ng feeling pag walang kaaway, hehehe :mrgreen:

  5. toni · April 29, 2008

    Reunited and it feels so good…


    Your mom is grooveh!

    thank you, toni. and it does feel good, promise. at kong nababasa lang eto ni mader eh for sure, lalaki ang ulo non. hehehe 😉

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