The Silent Treatment

Ever since Mom found out that I spent my whole entire week end with Jeff up in Oregon, she’s been giving me the cold-silent treatment. I know she does not like him, but he’s a friend, and a darn good one. I assured her it was not a date nor a romantic venture. But she refused to believe my story. Now, what else can I do? I just have to wait for her to snap out of it.

Jeff is a good friend and Mom use to like him. But  ever since he declared his feelings for me and the HIV positive situation. Mom decided to kept her distance. Gone are the days when she’d invite him for dinner, family gatherings or even movie nights. She totally cursed him out of her life. She didn’t say anything, but it’s quite obvious. Even a moron would know her sudden dislike for Jeff.

I do know that Mom is entitled to her opinions. But I too, have my own. Jeff has always been a friend, and he’ll always be. It’s just unfortunate that she couldn’t see nor feel the goodness in his heart. Jeff, who dropped his contracting job just to help a friend in need. She does not see that, but I do. Maybe she’s being protective of me, or feels suspicious of his intentions. But I know my place, I know where I stand and I completely trust him.

He’s a friend, no more, no less. And that’s all there is to it!




  1. munchkinmommy · April 16, 2008

    hay naku nell, expert ang aking mader sa silent treatment. hindi siya nagbubunganga…pero hindi naman siya namamansin. mas mahirap yung ganon, diba? mas uncomfortable! 😀

    you know that a mom’s instinct is to protect her child. ganun nga lang siguro ang mommy mo. inaalala ka lang niya. i’m sure she’ll come around. i hope there’s a way for you to ease whatever worries she has with regards to your friendship with jeff. 🙂

    miss you too, nell! mmmwah! 😀

    hello sister weng, i miss you, too. uy sorry pala kong napapadalas ang tawag ko hah, pagpasensyahan nyo na ang bakla. paano naman eh unemployed ang beauty ko, hehehe. speaking of motherhood, up to now eh di pa rin ako kinikibo. i pay my respects when i see her, and i do try to make conversations pero dedmalou ang beauty sa akin. pero okay lang, alam ko naman that in the next couple days eh papansinin din ako non. i just have to be patient with her.

    alam ko naman that mom’s being protective. pero wala syang dapat ipag-alala kasi walang pwedeng mangyari sa amin ni jeff — tanggap na naming dalawa yon. besides jeff is in a serious relationship with someone who also happens to be my good friend. kaya yang mga roma-romantic speculations about the two of us eh talagang kathang isip nalang. shay naku, sana kausapin na ako ni mom. wala naman talaga kaming ginawa ni jeff maliban sa home repairs at panandaliang bakayon sa may dalampasigan ng oregon. yon lang po yon!

    i’m always praying that mom would eventually come around, and if possible eh matanggap nya ulit si jeff as my friend. naiipit din kasi ako eh, cause i love them both dearly. thanks for the kind comment sis, i appreciate it. love yah lots, mwaaah 😀

    ps: sa totoo lang, mas gusto ko pa yong sinisigawan ako ng nanay ko. kaysa naman sa silent trip. kasi sobrang nakakaloka eto, cause we never know what’s going in there heads. dba?

  2. munchkinmommy · April 17, 2008

    uy nell! ok lang na tawagan mo ako, ‘no! nageenjoy nga ako pag kausap kita. kaso hindi lang talaga tayo nag-aabot minsan. kung di mo sinabi, di ko alam na tumawag ka. hindi kasi ako nagchecheck ng answering machine at mga nag-register na in-coming calls. hee hee! nadadala kasi ako sa mga amiga kong telemarketers. hahaha! 🙂

    tama ang sinabi mo, mas maganda pang isang sigawan na lang at mailabas agad ang sama ng loob nila kesa yung silent treatment na di mo alam kung gaano katagal aabutin. naku, ganyang-ganyan ang mommy ko! kaya naman, namana ko din! hahaha! 🙂 hindi rin ako mabunganga pag galit ako. 😉 tahimik lang. promise! hahaha!

    thank you, weng. sige tawagan kita ulit sometime. i enjoy our conversations as well, it’s always been my pleasure having conversations with friends. and speaking of mudra, she called me this morning. she was asking me for directions, but that was it and she hanged up. hehehe, well at least tinawagan nya ako. dba? hopefully eh mom would snap out of her tampo. i just hate lang that i had to justify myself. alam mo yong feeling na naeexplain ka pa kahit di naman kelangan. oh well, sabi nyo nga mothers will always be protective of there kids. i’d like to think na yon lang sana yon at wala ng ibang rason. thanks again for your kind comment, weng. miss yah, mwaah 😀

  3. Pinky · April 17, 2008

    Hi Nell. I think it’s the mom in her that’s surfacing there… Being a “mudra” myself, I tend to also be (over)protective of my kids although admittedly, the “silent treatment” has not been one of my stronger “mommy methods” – hahaha! 😆

    Hang in there. Eventually, her love for you (and you for her) will surely shine through and you’ll be patching things up in no time.

    Take care! Mwah!

    thank you, pinky. hopefully, mom and i would patch up our differences very soon. cause to be honest, since she stopped talking to me eh i haven’t been my bubbly self. nalulungkot ako and nauubos ang oras sa kakaisip kong saan ba talaga ako nagkamali. sigh… nakakaloka eto hah. if only mom knew what i’m going thru, it’s totally melancholic. have a wonderful day, pinky. thanks for the kind words, mwaah 😉

  4. rose · April 17, 2008

    baligtad naman ng nanay ko, my mom is a nagger. hehe pag ayaw nya naku sinasabi nya.. pero kabaligtaran ko ang nanay ko.. ganyan ako, pag di ko gusto halata sa mukha ko. 😦

    siguro kasi mahal ka ng nanay mo. 🙂 why dont you talk to her heart to heart and im sure magkakai yakan pa kayo nyan 🙂 .and im pretty sure pag na explain mo sa kanya lahat.. maiintidihan nya..

    happy weekend sayo tc!

    thank you, rose. i’m about ready to confront mom, but somehow the word respect and patience comes to mind. besides, mom’s never good at confrontations. she feels like being attacked, and in our experience eh it leads to more disagreements. kaya, hahayaan ko nalang muna sya. silence maybe the best choice for now, nag uusap naman din kami but she keeps it short. at least eh kinakausap nya ako. dba? hehehe, do i sound desperate or what. thanks for boost, rose. that is much appreciated. mwaaah 😀

  5. Meeya · April 17, 2008

    hi nell, feel na feel ko how much you are affected by your mom’s silent treatment. i wish ang asawa ko ay kasing sensitive mo pag binibigyan ko siya ng silent treatment, kasi wala eh, dedma, hehe! 😀 i hope you’ll soon be able to patch things up with your mom. give her time, she’s just looking after you as all wonderful moms do. *hugs*

    hello meeya, thanks for feeling my sadness. hehehe! sana nga eh mom would be her old self when she’s around me. pero hinahayaan ko na muna, besides she’s entitled naman to her opionion eh. kong talagang ayaw nya kay jeff eh wala akong magagawa. dba? in my heart, i know mom means well. kaya i’ll just give her the space she needs. ang speaking of your hubby, baka kelangan lang ng different approach. malay mo madaan sa mabuting paki-usapan or kong di naman eh, sa gulpi. hehehe! just kidding, miss na kita. mwaaah 😀

  6. Leap of Faith! · April 17, 2008

    Nell, naku even a father (like me) would be over protective of his children. I hope you be careful with yourself especially given Jeff’s special medical condition. I know where your mom is coming from.

    Don’t worry, you just have to assure your mother that there is nothing romantic between you guys and maybe pass on that unique glass pendant you have in your recent post and I’m sure everything will be fine 🙂

    hello keith, thanks for your kind comment. and be rest assured that i’ll be careful. i’m not exactly the healthiest person there is in the planet, but i wouldn’t dare make myself sick. jeff’s a friend, and hanggang don nalang talaga yon. i have no notion of taking our friendship to a whole other level. jeff know’s my reasons and we love each other just the same kahit magkaibigan lang kami. thanks again 😉

    ps: mom and i are okay na, yipee!

  7. dang · April 20, 2008

    hi nell! i lost my mom when i was 15 kaya lumaki akong uhaw sa pag aaruga ng ina. sobra akong inggit sa mga taong nakakaranas na pagalitan ng nanay or kaya naman eh maintindihan ang sitwasyonng nanay or any bonding moment with nanay etc.. hayaan mo at maiintindihan ka rin ng mom mo. iba iba talaga ang ugali nating lahat pero alam ko lang na mahal na mahal ka ng mom mo at ipinapakita lang nya in her own unique way na mahal ka nya’s love my dear!
    hang in there…

    thank you, dang. okay na kami ni mom, we’ve patch up our differences and back to our regular routine of chikahan. hehehe! sorry to hear about your mom, just remember that she’s watching you closely and smiling down at you from heaven. mwaaah 😀

  8. morks · April 24, 2008

    well, if that’s all there is to it, then i think your mom should be feeling ok. but then again, that’s how moms feel, nell. i don’t mean to judge your friend but as a mom too, it felt like the protective instinct kicked in. not for social reasons, but for health ones. and you know what i mean. ako palang yan. what more pa with your mom diba? i hope you don’t take this negatively, and i hope your mom soon realizes that she can trust your judgment already. malaki ka na eh. hehe.


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