Your Tax Money Working For You

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this sign while driving up and the down the freeway here in the Bay Area. I’m one for those people who’d usually complain about the toll fees going up (when I see it) or on some occassions, you’d hear me yelling at the top my voice saying — is there anything free here in America? Well, I stand corrected. There’s still freebies out there, that I just discovered this morning.

I was driving down the 101 Freeway earlier on my way back to the East Bay, when I realized that my car was starting to slow down. So, I decided to stop and parked my vehicle on the side. It was then that I discovered, I had a flat tire. Grrrrr! Everybody knows that when it comes to cars and things related to it, I am a total ignoramus. I called Mom who recommended that I call AAA Vehicle Assistance. My cellphone battery was going low, so I asked mother to coordinate the whole enter process in my behalf. And in case she couldn’t reach me on my cellphone, I told her to call me via On Star.

Five minutes after, I saw a tow truck parked behind me. A gentleman wearing a dark blue utility uniform came to me and said, My name is James from the CHP Roadside Assistance. Do you know where you have your spare tire? And so, I opened my rear trunk and pointed the tire to him. My cellphone rang after and it was Mom on the other line, she said to me, AAA is on it’s way! But I was like, who’s this person helping me now? It wasn’t till later that I discovered that James works for the California Highway Patrol. Part of there FREE service to stranded motorist. I had to repeat the word FREE, it was REALLY.

Funny, how I thought that nothing is ever free, ever. Like every darn freaking service, be it private or government owned, they’d usually have a tag price attached to it. Like I said earlier, I stand corrected. I was wrong to say that.  And it’s quite humbling for me to say that, my tax money is indeed working to my advantage… 






  1. Thess · April 7, 2008

    Bless James for helping you and triple Hurray! for your tax that’s being used properly.

    btw cute si James? he he *wink*

    hello sis thess, james was cute pero medyo kulang sa height eh. heheheh! and bless him talaga for helping me out cause wala talaga akong alam sa cars besides driving it. and speaking of taxes, i couldn’t say that it’s put to good use everytime. but at least it helped when i really needed it badly, dba? hope you had a great week end, sis. mwaaah 😀

  2. freshmess · April 7, 2008

    As they say, the best things come when you least expect them. 🙂

    that is so true, mark. they do come at unexpected times. so how are you enjoying your new LV? have a fun and safe trip to italy 😉

  3. Chase Ravndal · April 7, 2008

    That is quite nice! I was about to ask the same thing if James was cute loL!

    hello chase, thanks for the visit. if only james was a couple inches higher eh baka pinatulan ko na, hahaha. just kidding or am i? bwahaha 😛

  4. munchkinmommy · April 7, 2008

    yey! chp to the rescue! nell, even if as you say, you’re a total ignoramus when it comes to car trouble, you at least knew where to find your spare tire. hee hee. lambing lang ha! 😀 i could only imagine how stressful it is to have to pull up to the side of the freeway due to car trouble. 🙂 o, don’t forget to take care of the flat..siyempre wala ka ng spare ngayon. 😀

    hello weng. promise, ignoramus talaga ako sa cars. the first time i had a flat tire nga eh di ko alam kong nasaan yong spare and yong tools. buti nalang AAA came to the rescue non at sila pa ang naghanap ng spare tire ko sa trunk (nakatago kasi sa ilalim, grrrr). hahahha, ang shunganga ko noh? at first eh medyo stress ang beauty ko, pero when chp came — boy, was i relieve! hindi yata bagay sa akin ang dinadaan daanan lang ng tao. hahahah! and speaking of gulong, bibili ako this week end. mukhang di na pwedeng i-repair yong old tire ko eh. hope you had a fabulous week end, mwaaah 😀

  5. bw · April 8, 2008

    Now that’s really amazing – imagine if it happened at night ! That’s one of the things that taxes do for you and if the CHP is doing it for free that’s more than a bonus 🙂 The AAA is good enough but depending on your subscription, you will have to pay if you’re out of the free area of coverage !

    hello bw, i remember asking AAA’s assistance before and it was out of the coverage area. my oh my, i shelled out almost two hundred bucks. now where’s the justice in that huh? i’m just very thankful that CHP came to my rescue, and a big pat on the back for offering that service for free. hurray to freebies, hahahah 😉

  6. Leap of Faith! · April 9, 2008

    Nell, that is actually not a free service. James just gave it to you for free… do we smell romance in the air?

    ay intriga yan, keith hah! anong romance eto? may di ba ako nalalaman tungkol kay james? heheheh 😛

  7. Pinky · April 9, 2008

    Hurray for James and the CHP! 😀 It’s nice to hear some good news naman in the midst of a world so engrossed with bad news… Enjoy the rest of the week and drive safely! Mwah! 😎

    hurray indeed, pinky. for a change eh this time eh di ako gumastos, i am loving the fact that it’s FREE. hahahah! thanks for the well wishes, have a wonderful week ahead as well and kisses to everyone 😀

  8. Meeya · April 14, 2008

    totoo? free? pati ako nagulat hehehe! hindi man lang ba nanghingi ng tip si james? 😀 hay naku, which reminds me, hindi ko rin alam where my spare tire and tools are! yikes…

    yes, meeya. it’s absolutely free. i even handed james a tip, but he refused kasi bawal raw yon sa work nila. which i find truly admirable, dba? speaking of tires, kelangan ko pa palang bumili ng isa. hehehe, naging busy kasi ako this week end at di ko naasikaso. at least ngayon eh alam ko na kong nasaan yong tools and spare tire, hehehe 😛

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