I Don’t Mind If You Forget Me

I am borrowing this phrase from my good friend, Abby. After what happened to me and a friend last night, I really do not mind wiping his name off my list. First and foremost, hitting women in a huge no-no!  I don’t care if you’re straight, gay, bisexual, trisexual (if there is such a thing), transgender or a drag queen. Fact is, never hurt a lady or anyone for that matter. I am a strong believer that people who does this kind of abuse, are a bunch of cowards and insecure freaks. Who very much deserve to get locked up in a state prison or better yet, a mental institution. Remember this,

People who treat other people as less than human must not be surprised when the bread they have cast on the waters comes floating back to them, poisoned…

Miss Eve Fairfax



  1. Leap of Faith! · April 4, 2008

    Nell, I so agree with you. I hope your friend is okay. Wait, sorry, I haven’t seen your previous blogs… ikaw ba yung sinaktan?

    hello keith. my friend and her boyfriend were having some disagreements kasi, that somehow led to something physical. eh nandon pa naman kaming lahat na magkakaibigan, so we tried to calmed them down a bit. the next thing you know i saw the boyfriend about the attack my friend, so i instantly covered her and ako ang natulak sa isang napakatigas na fridge, sabay bagsak sa concrete floor. kaya eto ako, may pasa at bukol, hahaha. the guy eventually left the house after that incident. pero seriously, okay lang na ako na ang nabogbog kasi kong sa friend ko yon nangyari eh baka mas worse pa ang results (she’s quite petite). the cops are involved now and hopefully, that should take care of it. pero syempre, masakit pa rin ang bukol at pasa ko hah 😉

  2. Thess · April 5, 2008

    sister, huwat? sino yang lalaking nang uumbag na yan? ipapagulpi ko grrr!

    o sya, cool lang ang byuti mo ha….mag enjoy ka sana this weekend 😉

    hello sis thess, bale boyfriend eto ng aking friend. medyo nadamay lang ako sa sakitan nila, pero ok na kaming dalawa. at ang ugok na boyfriend naman eh nagtatago yata, di pa nga umuuwi sa kanila. malamang kasi eh nalaman nya na may police report againts him. but don’t you worry sis, things are much better now. and i wont let that stop me from having a chilaxing week end, hehehe. have fun, mwaaah 😀

  3. eric aka senor enrique · April 5, 2008

    People who treat other people as less than human usually have vey low opinion of themselves to begin with.

    Your site is getting lovelier, Nell … your photographs are really nice 🙂

    hello eric, thanks for your kind compliment. kakataba naman ng puso, hehehe. i’m still a newbie in photography and everyday is a learning experience for me. and seeing wonderful photos (like yours) inspires me to do better. kaya maraming salamat, hah.

    i really don’t know why people resort to hurting others, it doesn’t help and what it does it ruin another person. i think this folks need a lesson in anger management, dont you think? thanks for the visit, friend. God bless you 😉

  4. munchkinmommy · April 7, 2008

    nell, buti at hindi nasaktan ang friend mo. yun nga lang, ikaw ang napuruhan. i hope your pasa and bukol will heal soon. God bless your friend and the boyfriend who almost hurt her. naku, kailangan talaga nung lalaking yun ang patnubay ng Diyos. 🙂 you’re such a good friend, nell. mmmwah!

    medyo okay na ang pasa at bukol ko, weng. pero kumikirot naman ang puso ko, huhuhu. not in speaking terms kasi kami ngayon ng aking friend. she took the guy back, would you believe that? i guess masokista ang loka loka, feel nyang maging living punching bag. oh well, baka nga in love to death ang gaga sa boyfriend nyang mukhang tikbalang. hahahah, ang sama ko noh? patawarin nawa ako sa mga pinagsasabi ko. bottom line, i think i did my part as a friend to help her. but she doesn’t seem bothered to help herself. i can only do so much, dba? the decision has to come from her, and she made it clear that she does not need us. sayang lang cause our efforts have all gone to nothing. it’s sad kasi dalawa na silang buburahin sa listahan ko. heheheh 😉

  5. Meeya · April 14, 2008

    hi nell, i know that there have been some less than ideal developments that happened since this incident. she (well, no one) doesn’t deserve to be with this loser but, if she still allows this to happen to her, then maybe she does deserve him. sana lang she learns her lesson before anything worse happens.

    you are such a good friend and protector. *hugs*

    thanks meeya. sa ngayon eh di pa kami nag uusap, most of the stuff i know are kwentos from common friends. and sabi naman nila, she seems unharmed this time. which i’m truly happy to hear. sabi nga sa akin ni mommy (before she decided na di nya ako kibuin, hehehe) na i should not stress myself thinking of the things i have no control over. and like in this case, my friend has to make the decision. and if you ask me, i wouldn’t change anything. if she ever needs a friend or someone to help her, all she needs to do is holler! hahaha, i still love her as my friend. but i think i’ll keep my distance. mahirap ng masangkot sa away mag-syota or mag-asawa. dba? thanks for your kind comment, sis. kakataba ng puso ang mga sinabi mo. mwaaaah, love yah 😀

  6. goyo · April 15, 2008

    Nell, twas a good thing you did. Chivalry is not dead! I would’ve done the same. You’re exactly right. As my Aussie friends would say, “Good on ya’, Mate”.

    “I dont mind if you forget me.”
    I like that phrase, may I borrow it?

    hello goyo, thanks for the kind comment. i don’t know if i’m chivalrous enough though, but i will surely stand up and fight for my love ones and friends. i have personally experienced abuse once before, and it took me a while to gain my self esteem back. i guess that’s one of the reasons why i get freaked out when i hear such stories. much more, if i see it with my very own eyes.

    i also like that phrase, and i borrowed that from my good friend, abby. i’m sure she wouldn’t mind us using it, hehehe 😉

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