Good Luck, Friend

 If we let go of things, our life is going to change.

-Carolyn Myss-

I checked my inbox yesterday and got myself another email from Ted. Since he moved away, we’ve been sending each other forwarded messages. But the email I got this time was rather serious. He didn’t start out his greeting with the typical “what’s up sugar?” or “how’s my darling splenda?” (the sweetener, corny huh?) So I had this funny feeling that his email was totally humorless.

True enough, there was nothing laughable about his email. There were no jokes or funny pictures. Ted said that he met someone special and was about to get into a relationship. And that, all he’s waiting for is my blessing. I was like, what blessing? What is my involvement in this? And so I asked Mom for some advice, she said to me — when he said blessing, what he means by that is forgiveness. It was then that I remembered how Ted said sorry to me, quite a few times before he left. Only to raise my voice and sending him away. Now, I know exactly what he means.

After my conversation with my mother, I decided to email him back. Quite obviously, we’ve both moved on. I’m quite happy the way I am now. Surely, Ted deserves the same. And now that love is standing right before him, who am I to knock off his chances?  Ted and I were not lucky to be lifetime lovers, and we may have ended our relationship on a bad note, but that is all in the past. What matters now, is that we’re happy and life long friends…

Ted, if ever you’re reading this. I wish you happiness, I give you peace, and may you’re love for this new special someone last a lifetime or even more. With love and sincerity, I sayGood luck, my friend!

Almost Spring



  1. Pinky · April 3, 2008

    Awww…how deeply moving and touching naman! (*sigh*) I pray that you find someone who will truly appreciate how beautiful a person you are inside and out. God bless!

    ang drama ng buhay ko noh, pinky? pero masaya talaga ako for ted. sabi ko nga we may not be lovers, but we are friends naman. so that there is a reason to celebrate life. dba? thanks for kind words and the prayers, really appreciate it 😉

  2. Meeya · April 3, 2008

    ooookaay. hopefully he’ll be totally honest with this new partner this time, so that there won’t be any problems or issues like you guys had. learning from experience kung baga.

    anyway, more than anyone else, i wish YOU happiness, too, my friend.

    i did mention the word honesty sa email ko kay ted. if only he was open from the very beginning, things may have been different. but enough wishful thinking, masaya na ako at masaya na rin sya. okay na yon, dba? thanks so much for the well wishes, alam mo naman happy ako with or without a lover. basta may friends like you, solve na ako 😉

  3. Leap of Faith! · April 4, 2008

    Nell, it is good that you finally ended this chapter of your life. Your forgiveness was the period that was needed in order for both of you to move on. Now you can be really happy.

    PS: I agree with Meeya, I hope Ted can be more honest with his new partner.

    oh yes, keith. ted and i have both moved on, closure lang kinailangan and that too, is done. dba? speaking of honesty, that was the very same advice i told ted, cause i’d hate to see him fail again cause of secrecy. i’ve always believed in laying all my cards on the table, then either take it or leave it. naks naman, hehehe! thanks for the kind comment, now we’re both happy 😀

  4. J · April 5, 2008

    Ang bait mo naman.

    I think I will have a difficult time if I find out or if my ex tells me that he has a new girlfriend. If he ends up getting married, it’ll probably kill me.

    Do you mind me asking how long it’s been since the relationship ended?

    hello jen, thanks for the blog visit and your kind comment. the relationship ended about three months ago, he’s been hiding way too many secrets from me kasi. and what sucks, is that my family found out about it first it before i did. so katakot takot na sermon ang inabot ko! in fairness to ted, he did made plenty of attempts to say sorry. but i was the one driving him away. he even received not so kind words from family, common friends and then from me syempre. our relationship was probably in it’s premature stage, so i was able to let go of it sooner. compared to my ex-partner (of five years) that took me almost four years before i even said a word to him. thanks again for the visit and have a great week end 😉

  5. J · April 8, 2008

    Nell, no thanks necessary. I like your blog because you share your life/feelings. (Blogs like yours are the ones I gravitate to, so I should thank you because you’re here, and you’re blogging.)

    Grabe, I can just imagine myself in relation to what you said about it taking four years before you could talk to your ex-partner of 5 years. Pero, I’ve never been in a relationship that long. I think it’s amazing that people can last in relationships for such a long time. (and I think that part of the reason why I can’t last in one is because, well, nevermind, maiyak pa ko hahaha! Charot!)

    Thanks for visiting my blog din (LP, thank you din!) Hope you had a great weekend! Hopefully where you are isn’t as hot as where I am. Gawd, it’s so hot!!! I hate it…

    hello jen, thanks so much for the kind words. grabe, nakakataba talaga ng puso and nakaka-inspire. and speaking of my ex’es and myself, all of us have moved on na. forgiveness lang talaga ang kailangan, so everyone can be happy. dba? and jen, please feel free to email me about your concerns in life and love. i know we don’t each other much, but in my experience — we pretty much learn from each other. dba? sorry to hear about the hot weather, wish i can do something about it. heheheh! thanks again and God bless 😀

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