Busy, Hectic and Dead Beaten

Mom and I were supposed to fly to Calgary to visit a family friend in Banff-Saint Louise. Unemployment and health reasons has taken a toll of both Mom and myself. So we thought a holiday can cheer us up. But then two days before our planned trip, Kuya Ron called and made an announcement. My nephews and nieces from Chicago are spending Spring Break in Sunny California. Without any hesitations, we decided to cancel our trip to Canada (more like delaying it a couple weeks) and attend to family matters first. Besides, it’s not everyday that our family from Illinois is in town.


Friday was hectic, we spent the whole day in San Francisco. It’s the customary tourist activities — Cable Car ride at Powell Station, lunch at Brandy Ho’s Hunan Food (try it, it’s the best in town), walk by Pier 39 and then Crissy Field, drive up to Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands, sight seeing at Twin Peaks, shopping along Market, a quick stop at China Town for some dimsum, and picture taking at Union Square. We gave our visitors the deluxe tour package, hahahah!

A View of San Francisco from Twin Peaks

Saturday, we decided to drive up the beach house and have a family barbeque. A quick stop at the nearby meat market and produce store and we have a meal. The kids had fun in the water, while the adults decided to catch up on stories and shared three bottles of Riesling over some Barbeque Spare Ribs. Later in the afternoon, our neighbours joined us for a poker game and some Hershey’s Smores. Courtesy of my nephews and niece who enjoyed every moment by the  bonfire and the beach. It was a wonderful day to be out in the sun. Horseback riding came in later, when our neighbour kindly offered there two horses for a ride by the beach. It was lots of fun!

Baywatch or Babe Watch

Sunday was picnic at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. The kids wanted to go for rides and swim at the beach, so Santa Cruz was the perfect spot. But before heading that way, we decided to visit the Mystery Spot. And it was Ohhh’s and Ahhhh’s the whole time, as they were amazed by this enigmatic phenomenon. Funny how they also used the word “mystery” on almost every sentence. The picnic was totally delish — steamed rice, pork adobo, beef steak, rotiserrie chicken and macaroni salad. It was hearty meal! We stayed in Santa Cruz till about 5 PM, and by that time both kids and adults were dead tired and hungry. Dad decided to treat us out for dinner, so he brought us to Barrio Fiesta which was along our way home. We had Pork Sinigang, Kare Kare, Fried Chicken, Grilled Squid, Crispy Pata, Lechong Kawali, Binagoongan and Pinakbet. Add to that Sago at Gulaman and Halo Halo Espesyal for desert. It was definitely a Pinoy Feast!

At Barrio Fiesta

It’s Monday today, and thank heavens I am  unemployed. I needed to take a break from our hectic week end. My brother and the kids decided to head north this morning (I don’t know where they get the energy), and they’re probably enjoying Lake Tahoe by now. I am tired, as in dead tired. So, I’m off to the community pool now, do a couple laps and try relaxing under the California Sun with my dear nephew, Nicholas.

At The Club House Pool



  1. Leap of Faith · March 24, 2008

    Hey, Nell. Glad to read from you again. You really had such a hectic weekend. It’s good that you do not have to go to work so at least you can still relax and unwind.

    Ingit ako sa Barrio Fiesta niyo.

    PS: I just want to know how you post your pictures in WP. They always have a standard size and with border pa – is this through Flickr?

    hello keith, thanks for your kind comment. it’s been five days since i last made an entry and i sure missed blogging. funny how i’m much busier now that i was before, hehehe. i’m doing some literacy volunteer work kasi at the local library. we’re helping some immigrants (like myself) to learn how to read, write and speak english. this is a test of my patience, hahahah. and masaya naman kasi nakakatulong tayo. dba? this past week end, has been real busy with my brothers family here from illinois. we’re always on the go, eka nga nila. but they’re in tahoe right now, and i can get some much needed rest before i go back to volunteer work tomorrow. and speaking of food, this is my third time in barrio fiesta and i must say that there food is good. unless we’re real famished, cause walang natira. hahahah 😀

    btw, the pictures i used here were the medium size photos i’ve loaded in flickr. they have this sizing options kasi eh, from thumb size to a really large one. as for the border naman, you can edit photos using flickr since they merged with picnik. just go to that photo you wish to edit and then clik the edit photo button on the upper corner. there’s lots of options there, including borders and photo enhancement. if you have any questions, please feel free to email me. and i’d be glad to help, good luck 😉

  2. iris · March 26, 2008

    if ever i go there, i know who to get as a tour guide! 🙂

    i will gladly show you around town, iris. come on over… 😉

  3. Pinky · March 27, 2008

    Hi Nell. What an eventful weekend! No wonder you’re dead tired…but happy nonetheless, right? 😉 Rest easy and pretty soon you’d be better than new! Take care and god bless 🙂

    thanks pinky, it was busy nga pero masaya. at mukhang di pa ako fully recovered, kasi may continuation pa yan this saturday. hahahah 😉

  4. Pinky · March 27, 2008

    Oops, so sorry Nell… Keith’s second comment earlier should’ve been mine – didn’t realize I was using his ID (hilo pa ako since I also am a bit under the weather now – nahawa na ako kay Luigi!). Anyhoo, hope you bounce back to your bubbly self real soon! Mwah!!! 😛

    no problem, pinky. i pray luigi and you would get well soon, mwaaah 😀

  5. Meeya · March 27, 2008

    i still can’t get over your “crispy pata” adventure. 🙂 i always love talking on the phone with you kasi kinakabagan ako sa kakatawa minutes later (sorry na lang sa kasama ko sa bahay, haha!).

    pero i am sure your family had such a great time together. with your hospitality and yummy cooking, hindi ako masha-shock if they won’t want to go back to IL anymore. 😀

    hahaha, kaloka ba ang aking crispy pata story? hehehe, and thanks so much for entertaining my phone call. i had the most fabulous time! and did i mention that the adventures not yet over, may saturday and early sunday pa. hahahah! and i’m hoping my pamangkins will fly back to chicago happy. with all the fun memories, food trip, ang aking pagtataray at discipline, and last but not least, there mac laptops. kaloka, kong di pa sila masaya non hah? hehehe, love yah lots and God bless 😉

  6. munchkinmommy · March 27, 2008

    nell, ipapasyal mo rin ba kami ni meeya (at ang mga pamilya namin!) nang ganyan pag dumalaw kami? hahaha! i’m glad you had fun. family fun is always the best, ‘no? at tulad ni meeya, i too love talking to you. pero unlike her, hindi ako kinakabagan! hahaha! 😛

    ps: this is weng ha…baka meeya ang makita ko sa reply. 😛 nyahahaha! kidding. 😀

    oo naman, weng. (yan, tama na. hehehe!) i would love to show you guys around the city, isama pa natin ang monterey county and more. say mo? so you guys, when you get a chance eh pasyalan nyo ako dito hah. at lalamyerda galore tayo, hehehe. now about our adventure, it was lots of fun. and masaya talaga pag kasama ang pamilya. oh kelan punta nyo? available yata ako, lalo na ngayon na jobless ang beauty ko. bwahaha 😉

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