I Beg To Dis-Agree

I knew I had to tell them eventually, so I did the next day. I told my mom first, since we see each other most of the time. I was thinking of telling her over lunch or dinner, but I took my chances as I was driving her down to the BART station. “Hey Mom, I filed my resignation at work. Looks like I’ll be unemployed for the next couple weeks.” I said to her. “So you finally did it, huh?” and that was all she said as she got out of the car.

Dad on the other hand was bit tougher, as I anticipated. I drove down his house and revealed the news as he was watching the news. “Dad, I filed my resignation at work” I said. “Oh God! Are you mad? Are you out of your mind?” he said with his eyes wide open. “How are you going to pay for your mortgage? Your property taxes? Your bills?” Believe it or not, I was so expecting him to say that. I knew for a fact that he’s always been anal over money, specially if it’s concerning his childrens finances. So I totally understand where he’s coming from, he has always been this way!

I was then asked for my future plans, and I told him that I’m trying to get myself into social work or social services. “Social work, huh? You think there’s money in that field?” Dad said in a mocking way. I was thinking of holding back my opinions, but I thought he needed to hear my piece on happiness and money. He didn’t like it, but I got the message through. And he decided to say nothing else, but “I just pray that your social work can afford buying your caprichos” But I was not moved, not one bit. My minds made up and I just flush those not-so-nice criticisms down the drain.

Truth is, I have never ever been this convinced. That not even my parents can talk me out of it. I think the whole world can conspire againsts me and say that I’m dumb as dumber, but I’ll probably just keep my silence. I can turn this thing into one big argument, but I chose not to head that way. This matter is non-debatable. For when it comes to personal happiness, there’s only one person that matters. I just had to put it in mind that money can’t buy me happiness and that the greatest wealth there is, is simply finding contentment with what little we have. You may agree with me or your may not… 




  1. Tom Humes · March 15, 2008

    Nice Site layout. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

    thank you tom, thanks for the kind compliment 😉

  2. Leap of Faith! · March 15, 2008

    Nell, I see where your dad is coming from but I guess bottom line you must do what makes you happy. I’m sure you have thought about how you will manage all your financial obligations before you made your decision. I do hope all goes well for you… and that you find true happiness in your social work. You are truly admirable…

    thank you, keith. naiitindihan ko naman din ang ibig sabihin ni dad. but i did my homework and my financial obligations are in order, and definitely not neglected. thanks so much for the encouragement, i appreciate it. God bless and have a wonderful day 😉

  3. freshmess · March 16, 2008

    well said, nell. and good luck with your new endeavours.

    i thank you, mark. thanks for the well wishes 😉

  4. bw · March 18, 2008

    Dad’s are always like that. Being providers for their family they always worry about the ins and outs of money 🙂

    You are quite right about the fact that money doesn’t always buy a person happiness. My wife may have to disagree with this statement though hahaha 🙂 It is what we do, what we feel and what makes the most importance to our lives that make us contented and happy.

    that must be it, bw. dad’s been a great provider all these years, kaya he’s worried about my finances. in honesty naman, money does bring some comforts and luxury in life. but it’s not enough to buy us that everlasting happiness. as albert schweitzer said: success is not the key to happiness. happiness is the key to success. if you love what you are doing, you will be successful. 😉

  5. weng · March 18, 2008

    hi nell! i’m sure you kinda half-expected the reaction you got from your dad. no matter how old we get, our parents will continue to worry about us. yun nga lang, all they can do now is watch from the sidelines and hope and pray that they raised us well enough for us to make the right decisions. it’s really ideal that we derive happiness from the work we do. ang ganda sana if work doesn’t really feel like work, no? i hope the next one for you is exactly like that. 😀 hugs and kisses! 🙂

    i agree with you, weng (sowee, third times a charm na talaga, hehehe). our parents, lalo na may dad in this case can be anal if it’s matters concerning there children. and i do respect there opinions, pero at the end of the day eh we still make the decisions on our own. dba? and speaking of work, i maybe doing some volunteer work at the social welfare ofc here in our area. just to gain some sort of experience and see if this field of work is right for me. thanks for the big warm hugs and kisses, love yah lots. mwaaah 😀

  6. tulipfleurs · March 18, 2008

    Hello my dear . . . I’m back from Flickr’ing. Ha! Ha! Anyhoo, I hope your dad has “lighten” up a bit. You can’t blame him for reacting that way because I’m sure you already knew how he would take the news. Like you said and it goes for me too, money can’t buy us happiness and again the bottom line is finding contentment with the little we have. Hang in there because I’m sure you will find a job. Sorry I wasn’t able to call you earlier this week. I’ll try to do so this wee . . . take care and lots of hugs!! – Lulu

    thanks for your kind support, lulu. you are a wonderful friend! and no need for apologies, i know naman how busy people can get. dad was a bit insistent, he had my grandmother call me. but you think i’d change my mind? oh no. hahahah! syempre, no change of heart na. my decisions final and i think i finally got that message thru to him. heheheh! may we all find true happiness and contentment, God bless 😉

  7. Meeya · March 21, 2008

    basta ako as long as you’re happy, then i am happy for you. 🙂 atsaka its not naman as if you’re going to devote your time to doing senseless things, what you plan pa nga on doing makes more sense than anything. kahit hindi ka mabayaran in terms of huge monetary amounts, the spiritual rewards naman of devoting your time and talent with those who really need it, is boundless. god bless you, nell. 🙂

    i thank you so much, meeya. that was very kind of you to say that 😉 i’m just hoping and praying that the future will be brighter for me, and that i don’t get tempted again with the ways of the world. dba? basta ako, think happy thoughts and everything else wil fall in the right places. hope you’re having a great week end, mwaaaah 😀

  8. munchkinmommy · March 21, 2008

    nell! i posted a 2nd comment on your entry, “thank you, ms. elle” before my follow-up comment on this post. and apparently, dito pala dapat yung 3rd time’s a charm. hahaha! magtatampo na ako nyan…ibig sabihin lagi mong iniisip si meeya kahit ako ang kausap mo. hahaha! joke lang. i’m just teasing you. 😉 just don’t call me “hoy!” hahaha! hugs! 😀

    wala na po akong irarason, maliban sa nakaka-confuse nyong beauty ni meeya 😉 hihirit pa noh? heheheh. kidding aside, you know naman di ko sinasadya. nalito lang talaga ko, cause you two are very dear to me. and kong ma-switch ko ulit ang names nyo in the future eh patawarin nyo na ako in advance. hehehehe, happy week end. mwaaah 😀

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