I’m Taking A Chance

Each indecision brings its own delays and days are lost lamenting over lost days … What you can do or think you can do, begin it. For boldness has magic, power, and genius in it.                                                                  

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe-

I never thought I’d have the courage to do what I did yesterday, I walked to Ms. Elle’s office not knowing what would happen after. I was feeling shaky, yet my mind was clear. Her assistant knocked on the door and led me inside her office, I was then asked to have a seat. Soon as I had her attention, I said my piece — Ms. Elle I am resigning from my post effective Monday. My apologies for the short notice!  She looked at me wide eyed, but she wasn’t mad nor upset. Though she did ask a couple questions:  if I was leaving cause of our past differences, if someone in the office did me wrong or if I’m seeking employment elsewhere. But I assured her that it was my decision, and mine alone. No second or third parties and that I am not working or seeking employment at some other offices. She said she recommended me for promotion, but I gracefully declined her kind offer and asked that she give it to someone else. Told her, that a new position wouldn’t do much difference. She offered a salary increase, but I had the same answer. Guess it finally occured to her that no one and nothing would make me change my decision. So she got up from her chair, smiled at me, shook my hand and asked that we keep in touch; for friendships sake, she said. And in return, I gave her a big hug and said that we’ll see each other soon. Getting back to business, I made a promise to finished every report I’m working on, it will be signed and on her desk by Monday. I said my goodbye and then left her office.

Now, you might be wondering why I did that. I had a good and decent paying job, I was part of the management team, I was lined up for promotion, I had some hardworking staff on my team and yet I resigned. You must be saying — what a dumb fart. Is this person even thinking? Who in there right set of mind would let go of such a wonderful opportunity? Believe me when I say that I did do my homework, too. I questioned myself a hundred or more times, figuring out my options. You’d have to give me some sort of credit, for I am not that foolish. I am an accountant by training; so I did my own probability and statistics, and applied some decision science while I’m at it.

Bottom line is, I was not happy. And that should be enough reason for me to head out the door. I’ve suffered long enough and did what they call the adult thing to do. I have my own share of merits and achievements, and not a single one made me feel accomplished. Funny how I’ve also been asked many times, do you love your work? And I just sat there pretending I didn’t hear anything. I am who I am now cause I made that choice. The job did put food on the table and a roof over my head, but not a dose of happiness. And for a change, I would like to do what pleases me. Maybe if I do that, my life would come full circle. And if I don’t, I think there’s enough companies out there looking for one darn foolish accountant.

For now, I will take my chances and worry about regrets some other time…


Never hide behind busy work. It takes just as much energy to fail as it does to succeed. You must constantly guard against the trap of falling into a routine of remaining busy with unimportant chores that will provide you with an excuse to avoid meaningful challenges or opportunities that could change your life for the better. Your hours are your most precious possession. This day is all you have. Waste not a minute. Never hide behind busy work…



  1. Pinky · March 13, 2008

    Nell, you certainly made one bold move there – something that I could only imagine given my entirely different circumstances… I pray that you be able to find what truly makes you happy… After all, at the end of the day, we just have one life to live so might as well seek out what our hearts truly desire (or die trying!), right? 😉

    Take care and god bless! Enjoy your “new-found freedom”! 🙂

    thank you, pinky. i sure did make one bold decision, but i think it was long overdue (if you ask me). work has been more like a chore for me, and it didn’t sound right. like stephen woodhull once said, if getting out of bed in the morning is a chore and you’re not smiling on a regular basis, try another choice. and so i finally did. thanks for the well wishes, you are so kind. and i’ll try not to make yet another mistake. i’ll focus on happiness and start living life to the fullest. God bless us all 😀

  2. Meeya · March 13, 2008

    like i said, what you did was very gutsy. pero sabi ko nga, it really takes a lot of courage to do what you did. kaya saludo ako sa iyo. 🙂

    i hope the next couple of months will be a good breather for you. also, may it bring you to the path that shall eventually lead you to your happiness, your destiny. if you need to get away for a while, meron akong super comfy airbed dito and you know naman you are always welcome. *hugs*

    hello meeya, thanks for taking time to entertain my call yesterday. mukhang naistorbo ko yata ang shopping nyo ni ninna, hehehe. medyo long awaited na nga etong pag-reresign ko (if you ask me), at lahat ng tao sa ofc eh nagulat. but i’m happy, truly happy that i finally had to guts to say enough. thanks for your kind invitation, sige ka baka kumagat ako. hahaha, you’re such a good friend. mwaaah 😀

  3. munchkinmommy · March 13, 2008

    Nell, I sincerely wish you all the best. May your next adventure in the work arena be one that will give you so much joy…something that will not be a chore. It would really be nice to get to do something you already love to do and get paid for it…much like getting paid for fun. 🙂 That would be the best work scenario for anybody! And I hope God will bless you with that!

    That’s my dream, too…to earn again doing something I love, at my own time, kinda like in my old job. E, boss ko naman kasi ang Mommy ko. Hahaha! Pero why not, diba?

    ps: tanggaling mo na yung “worry about regrets some other time”. Don’t expect that you’ll have regrets to worry about some other time. Sige ka, ayaw mo namang mangyari yun diba? Naku, nakialam pa daw ako! Hahaha! Hugs! 🙂

    tama ka sis weng, i shouldn’t even think of the word regrets. basta go go go! dba? i’ve been weighing my options and next career move. i really wanted to incorporate work and fun together. pero baka magbakasyon na muna ako, magpalipas ng oras. ilang taon din kaya akong kayod marino, so a holiday by myself or with the family isn’t such a bad idea. thanks so much for the well wishes, i sincerely appreciate the encouragement and assurance. God bless and may we find the true meaning of happiness. naks naman, mwaaaah 😀

  4. munchkinmommy · March 13, 2008

    psst nell…bakasyon ba kamo? tara na dito sa texas! 😀 hahaha!

    love yah lots, weng. thanks so much for the invitation, promise. pero sigurado ka ba dyan? baka magulat ka pag nasa airport na ako. hahahah 😉

  5. dang · March 13, 2008

    hi nell! im sure wala kang pagsisisihan kasi sinunod mo ang gusto mo! bilib ako sayo, hangang hanga! anuman ang mithiin mo, makamtam mo nawa ito. isasama kita sa aking panalangin! sana maging masaya ka. importante ang masaya at kuntento ang isang tao sa mundong ginagalawan nya. maramdaman mo nawa ito sa tamang panahon!

    sorry ang lalim ko ata magtagalog. eniwey, kung usapang bakasyon eh isama mo na ang panama city sa listahan. spring break na dito. inakupo, ang mga bata dito kung magsuot ng mga 2 piece at ang mga kalalakihan. haaay 🙂 (sorry po lord)

    hello dang, thanks for your kind encouragement. i have no doubt naman that i did the right thing. sabi nga nila eh we have one life to live. dba? so it’s imperative we live it to the fullest. thanks so much for the invitation, hala ka at baka kumagat ako. heheheh! and i dont mind watching the kalalakihan. believe me, that would be a lovely site. hahahah, thanks again and God bless 😀

  6. tulipfleurs · March 14, 2008

    Hello Nell . . . I’m sure you did what was right and best for you. Things always happen for a reason too! From my own experience, I too had quit my job as an interior designer after 12 years because they had “lied” and “manipulated” my pension. It was until they decided they no longer wanted this pension company to handle the company’s “pension” so everyone received his/her distribution and had to choice to roll-over/invest that amount to their own personal retirement account. When I was given my check, it was only for 68 fricken bucks. I told one of my co-workers that my check was missing some zeros. I nearly had tears in my eyes and I remember driving home balling my eyes out. That week I later met with the accountant at the pension company and was told that I wasn’t “vested” because I only worked “x” amount of times during the years I was there which was a fricken lie! The only time I took off was when I went on maternity leave but I was always vested, at least I thought I was. Well, to cut the story short, I was going through a tremendous amount of stress so the hubs told me to quit and that it wasn’t worth it. So, where is the “blessing” to all this. If they didn’t distribute the pension funds to the employees I would have kept on working for several years thinking that I was fully invested . . . and by then it would be too late. So I truly believe things do happen for a reason and there’s always some sort of “blessing in disguise.” The job I have now has nothing to do with interiors, but I’ve come to accept that again, things to do happen and it’s up to me. The folks that I were with are great which is a plus since I see their faces and interact with them 5 days out of the week. OK . . .now to get back to you. I am sure that you will find another job . . . something that will be fulfilling to you. I think I’ve said way too much. . . parang novella na ito! 😉 We’ll talk . . . ciao for now, and lots of hugs to you!!! – Lulu

    hello lulu, just love your comment. and im so sorry to hear about that horrible experience you had from your previous job. i am hoping this doesn’t happen to me, and i better get what i deserve cause i definitely don’t mind dragging them to court. specially now that i’m into legal management and labor code stuff, as it’s part of my masteral program. hehehehe! but im thinking naman that i’d get what is due to me and i can transfer my 401k and profit sharing plan with another financial institution. but getting back on my resignation, i think it was for the best. i wasn’t happy with what i was doing, and baka pag nagtagal pa ako sa work eh malamang mental na ang bagsak ko. hahahah, hope you’re having a fabulous week end 😀

  7. morks · March 14, 2008

    wow i think we just went through the same thing… well all i can say is, you’re right in making that decision. happiness in doing something must always be a factor in choosing which career works for us. if doesn’t make you or the people in your life happy, what’s the point? after all, you are working for them naman diba?

    well good luck and i hope things go your way still. i feel like there’s so much for you to do anyway. 🙂

    you are absolute right, morks. it doesn’t benefit anyone, dba? happiness is still essential. thanks for the well wishes and i think i have an idea now for my next career step, God bless 😀

  8. Leap of Faith! · March 15, 2008

    Hi Nell. Wow, I was surprised by this post. It was such a daring move on your part but I know that you have thought about it really hard. You don’t come across as someone who would just make a spur of the moment decision without thinking of the consequences.

    So, after the vacation, have you thought about what you want to focus on as a career? May be expand your jewelry or photography business – I’m sure you would do so well with that. Just a thought…

    hello keith. i’ve been thinking about it for years, but the realization of not putting it on hold any longer came to me after my indiana trip. mom and ate bing also had an impact on my decision, sabi nga nila eh one life to live. dba? so i may as well be doing something i love, or at the very least eh interesting. as for my next career move, i am leaning towards social work. jewelry and photography? i’m not that confident in that field yet. maybe i need to gain more experience, eka nga nila. God bless and thanks for the well wishes 😉

  9. bw · March 18, 2008

    Hey, good luck on your bold decision bro. It looked like you were firm and resolute about your decision after applying all the variables. Once you made up your mind, there is no sense in twiddling your thumbs. You know what you are doing , what you are up to, what makes you happy so you must release yourself from the bind 🙂

    You have skills to be proud of. Good luck and all the best in your future endeavors 🙂

    thank you, bw. i was indeed firm, but that’s because i know exactly which direction i wanted. and tama ka, there is no sense twiddling my thumbs — basta GO! thanks so much for your confidence in my decision, that helps me get rid of my doubts. God bless and have a wonderful week ahead 😀

  10. jakes_mama · March 18, 2008

    I was in the same situation a couple of years back, after working 5 years for Mervyns’ corporate, I had enough, so i resigned. It was a scary decision, going from a two income household to leaving it all up to the husband just like that. But as he said “do what you think is best for you!” So I quit. And I stayed home with our little boy (who was 2.5 then) and I watched him grow and develop into his own little person. I didn’t work for 10mos – and I was very lucky to have a partner who supported me, in more ways than one. After my 10 mos hiatus, I went back to the work force (yes, retail again…and again and again) with renewed energy and passion for my profession. Do what you think is best for you — it will not only benefit you, but everything else around you.

    thank you, josephine. wish i have a wonderful partner like yours, how very kind and understanding of him. i have no doubt naman that i did the right thing, and i tried to reconcile my finances (both income and expenses) and okay naman, medyo tight nga lang. but that’s okay, i looks at the bright side — HOLIDAY! heheheh. thanks so much for giving me an extra boost, that’s very much appreciated. God bless and i hope you’re much happier where you are now 😉

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