A Little More Time

I was supposed to be in a cat show Sunday, but due to last minute turn-of-events ,I decided to stay home and do some household chores instead. I was about to make some guacamole dip for Nicho and my siblings, when it occured to me that I ran out of sour cream. So, I was off to the nearby grocery store.

Nicholas was all quietly seated on my shopping cart, when he yelled the name Uncle Ted. I said to myself, wholly crap! Not today, please, just not today. I really wanted some peace. But it was too late, he was already behind me.

Ted: Hello Nell, Hi Nicho!

Nicho: Hi Uncle Ted, how are you?

Nell: Hello there!

Ted: Lovely weather today, isn’t it?

Nell: Yes, it is. But we better get going now. Have a good one!

Ted: Hey wait!

Nell: Please Ted, not here. And I beg you, please, not today…

I turned my back and did the rest of my grocery shopping. After a good twenty minutes, Nicho and I were done and we drove home right away. Till about noon, when my door bell rang. And guess who?

Nell: Yes Ted! (sounding irritated)

Ted: I just needed ten minutes of your time, can we please talk. (I decided to let him in)

Nell: Your ten minutes starts now, Dude.

Ted: There’s really nothing else for me to say but sorry. I apologize if I ever lied to you.

Nell: Ever? Dude, you lied to me big time! Made me believe you’re all immaculate, all single, and uncommited to anyone but me.

Ted: There really is no excuse for what I did, I’m sorry…

Nell: Thank heavens! Finally, something true came out from your mouth.

Ted: I’m not here to make any excuses, just wanted to say sorry before I leave for Denver.

Nell: You can easily do that by email, and not waste your time coming over. Besides, I knew you were leaving sometime soon. Cee Cee told me all about it. (all of a sudden, tears ran down his face)

Ted: I’m really sorry, Nell. I’m very sincere in that… (I decided to let my guards down after and show some compassion)

Nell: Want some Kleenex? (two minutes after)  

Nell: It’s not my intenton to be cruel, Ted. But you have to realize, it hasn’t been that long since we broke up. And quite obviously, it’s still fresh in my memory.

Ted: If only…

Nell: There really is no need for more bee-ess, Ted. What is done is done, and if you came here for forgiveness. Sorry, but I’m not in the position to give you that right now. (he then stood up and started heading for the door)

Ted: Guess I should go now, thanks for your time. (I walked him to the door)

Nell: You sure have balls coming here, Dude! You sure you’re in the right state of mind? (and gave him a smile)

Ted: Yup, I must have turned psychotic. And it’s cause of you! (he was about to get in his car, when I called for his attention)

Nell: Hey Ted! Don’t you worry, that day will come eventually. (he smiled back and got in his car)

I closed the door after he left and for some strange reason, I felt some sort of inner peace. I don’t know where it’s from, but I didn’t do any deed of kindness to deserve it. I was not exactly nice to Ted, nor did I pardon him. Hmmm, I’m a bit confuse now. But then again, this isn’t the first time my emotions played such a trick on me. Maybe, just maybe, I am starting to move along…

It's That Pink Flower Again



  1. Pinky · March 11, 2008

    Hay naku – you really nailed it on the head when you said that your tales are melodramatic 🙂 Grabe, and I thought things like these only happened in the movies! You do have a very colorful and interesting life, Nell… Thanks for making us part of it 😉

    God bless!

    hello pinky! sabi nga ni cee cee, makulay nga raw ang buhay ko at kumukutitap pa. hahahah! sabi ko naman sayo eh ma-drama ang buhay ko, gusto ko na nga sanang isa-pelikula. pero ayaw ng star cinema at regal films eh, bwahaha. kidding aside, medyo nga melodramatic ang vibe ko pero masaya naman. and your most welcome dear, i love having you guys to share my life story. mas magaan sa pakiramdam when we share it with others, dba 😉

  2. munchkinmommy · March 11, 2008

    Wow, I could just imagine how “interesting” and maybe heartpounding (for so many reasons) that meeting at the supermarket must have been! At may part 2 pa sa bahay. Tatagalugin ko na nga lang pala at baka nagbabasa sya. 🙂 Siguro talagang nakakaramdam din siya ng guilt sa mga nangyari. Pero buti na ring nangyari ng maaga pa, dahil kung mas matagal pa bago nagkabistuhan, e mas masakit lalo yun para sayo. Ikaw na naman ang magiging “damsel in distress” sa huli. 🙂 Kaya sige, gumawa ka na lang ng gumawa ng guacamole dip para kay nicho! Biro lang yung huli. Pero naniniwala ako Nell, na the best is yet to come. Kaya hintay hintay ka lang jan. Dadating din ang prince charming mo na nakasakay sa kaniyang puting kabayo at yayayain ka na niyang bumaba sa iyong tore gamit ang iyong napakahabang buhok. Naks! Corny! Nyahahaha! 🙂 Hugs and kisses to you! Mmmmwah!

    hello weng, thanks for your kind comment. in a way, mabuti na nga ring nagkabistuhan na. cause i’d be wasting my precious time kong nagtagal pa. i do appreciate ted’s courage to confront me, it takes some guts to face a damsel in distress. don’t you worry dear, i am slowly moving on. sabi ko nga kay ted mapapatawad ko rin sya, pero di pa nga lang ngayon. kelangan pa ng konting mental and emotional torture, este panahon pala. hahahah! magdilang anghel ka sana friend, dumating nga sana ang aking prince charming at ng mas lalong humaba ang hair at pilik mata ko. hehehe 😀

  3. Leap of Faith · March 11, 2008

    “Dude”… wow so you, Nell. 🙂

    In case matuloy na siyang gawing movie, Nell, may I suggest the Diamond Star (Maricel Soriano) to play your role? I am sure she is the only one who can play your life well.

    I’m glad that you are starting to heal from that painful event.

    hahaha, loko ka talaga keith. at kong sakali mang gawing movie ang aking naiibang kwento eh talagang si maricel soriano ang personal pick ko, no less syempre. hahahah! i can see so much of me in her, maybe that’s why i’m her biggest fan. ang jologs ko talaga, ever. and speaking of healing, i am in that process. but only time will tell when i’m ready to love again. naks naman, panalo 😉

  4. Meeya · March 13, 2008

    at least you both were smiling when you parted ways. its probably a sign of good faith on both your parts as well as a prelude to healing. i’m very happy that you found peace with this. sana tuloy tuloy na towards the “someday” that you mentioned.

    pero hindi talaga makaya ng powers ko ang init ng tagpuan! grabehhh! hehehe. luvyah, nellie! tama si weng, the best is yet to come. 🙂

    i don’t know why i was kind to him in the end, i should have hit him to get even. but what did i do? wala, hahaha. gumana na naman ang pusong mamon ko, kainis! pero mukha nga syang good sign, meeya. baka eto na yong simula ng healing process. dba? thanks for the well wishes, harinawang dumating na si prince charming. at baka sa tagal eh patulan ko na si tarzan, hahaha 😀

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