Crazy Eights

I’ve been tagged by Meeya and Ninna. Here’s eight random things about my dearest boy, Nicholas

One. He’s birthdate has so many two’s in it — 2/22/2002

Two. He does not like eating the crust. Name it: slice bread, apple pie, pizza…

Three. He only has two fingers on his right hand and no toes on his right foot. Others say he’s a special kid, but we treat him no different. We love him just the same…

Four. He’s a video game aficionado. I think he has every computer game console (something he shares with his father) and knows exactly how to use them — Game Cube, Play Station 2, Wii, Game Boy, Nintendo DS Lite and even Playstation 3. He’s a certified a game freak!

Five. He’s Mister Congeniality. He loves to make connections and start conversations with poeple. Be it a kid, an adult or a pet, he loves them all.

Six. He started writing when he was three, but didn’t start reading till five. And the first words he wrote on a piece of paper, Shawn and Yaya. Need I say more?

Seven. Ask him what he wants when he grows up, he’ll tell you — a NASCAR Driver like Kasey Kahne. For heavens sake, I don’t even know who the guy is. Do you?

Eight. Guess what he’s favorite Filipino dish is— Kare-Kare with Jelly (as he calls it, aka tripe). He love’s it to bits and pieces. I have no doubt, he’s is 100% Pinoy.




  1. Leap of Faith! · March 9, 2008

    Nell, Mr Congeniality nga ata si Nicho. I remember him inviting us to play his video games last time even if we have not met. I believe that children grow up having a good disposition in life if they are sorrounded by adults who shower them with love and respect. Nicho is lucky to have all of you around…

    thanks keith, sa awa naman ni Lord eh disiplinado si nicho. minsan nga lang eh bingi, specially when he’s concentrating on a game. but he knows better na hanggang tatlong tawag lang ako. after that, he knows what’s coming. hahahah! we really need to instill love and discipline with kids even at a young age, then respect comes along after. and he loves people and making conversations, definitely eh namana nya yan sa akin. i mean ang pagiging madaldal, hahaha 😉

  2. tulipfleurs · March 9, 2008

    cute random photos of Nicho !!!

    thanks lulu, glad you like it. need i say flickr toys 😉

  3. Meeya · March 10, 2008

    wow, one, i love nicho’s birthdate! pasok siya sa “coincindental” ko, haha! 🙂 two, ninna, too, doesn’t like crusts! guess kung sino ang taga-kain? 😀 three, amen! what he lacks physically, you fill in with your love. 🙂 four, buti wala kaming game consoles because, seeing how addicted ninna is with pc games, malamang maging addict din siya diyan kaya hindi muna kami bibili, hehe. five, completely opposite sila ni ninna. ninna’s congenial with people she knows, pero pag strangers suplada. at least hindi maki-kidnap di ba? hehe. six, maybe nicho and ninna can write letters to each other, hehe! seven, hay naku si ninna naman si jimmy johnson ang gusto!! kahit na pilitin kong gawing earndhart jr ayaw! 48 forever! 🙂 lastly, si ninna naman adobo ang fave! so pinay din siya hehe.

    thanks for doing the tag nell, ninna and i learned so much about our friend nicho! 🙂 *muah*

    it was a pleasure, meeya. i had fun while doing it, and so did nicho. but still, i’m clueless when it comes to nascar and all that. kong figure skating pa yan eh makaka-jam pa ako. bwahaha :mrgreen:

  4. iris · March 11, 2008

    cute ni nicho, parang bunsong-bunso talaga, super alaga! hehe. and it’s ok, i don’t know either who kasey kahne is 🙂 and it’s so cute that he loves pinoy food!

    thank you, iris. nicho does have this charm with people, he’s able to bring out the best in everyone. as for kasey kahne, i googled him and at least now, i have some idea who he is, hahaha 😀

  5. Pinky · March 11, 2008

    Nicho’s definitely so blessed to have a “Yaya” like you! 🙂 God bless!

    thank you, pinky. that was very nice of you to say that. pero in fairness naman eh good boy naman si nicho, though may kakulitan lang minsan. must be the boy in him, heheheh! but allow me to say that you and keith are wonderful parents as well. you guys have raised kindhearted, loving, smart and beautiful children. God bless 😀

  6. munchkinmommy · March 13, 2008

    it’s obvious from your answers and from the pictures why you are so crazy about nicho. 🙂 not very many titos and titas (yaya in your case) know their pamangkins very well or at least get the chance to do so. may you and nicho continue to bring joy to one another. hugs to you both! pakurot ulit ng pisngi…ni nicho ha!…o sige, ikaw na rin! 🙂

    ayan at naikurot na kita, hahaha. nicho is sleeping here on my lap as i’m typing this and he’s snoring like a hippo, hahaha! alam mo nong una eh medyo allergic ako sa kids, but when nicho came along nawala lahat ng inhibitions ko. at nabuhay ang aking pusong ina, hahahaha. nicho was the best thing that happened to me, he was that piece of the puzzle that made me complete. which reminds me of this lovely poem, it says:

    a child’s love keeps you believing in brighter days,
    believing that dreams do come true,
    giving you hope for a brighter future,
    bring happiness to your heart,
    bringing rainbows to every gray sky,
    it’s the greatest gift in life.

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